Has Demi Lovato Had Plastic Surgery?

By on January 1, 2014

It seems as if the girls on the celebrity plastic surgery list are getting younger and younger, doesn’t it? We can understand the likes of Joyce Meyer wanting to have plastic surgery because she’s a bit older, but Demi Lovato? She’s only 21 years old!


It would seem that the girls out there are opting to go under the knife younger and younger than they were before these days. We’ve already taken a look at how Zooey Deschanel has reportedly had some plastic surgery work done, and with a quick glance at Amanda Bynes these days, you can easily tell that she’s gone under the knife. Demi Lovato WAS such a beautiful girl and although she still is, we simply don’t understand why a 21 year old girl would have celebrity plastic surgery. In fact, we ask pretty much the same question with our investigation of the Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery reports as well.


Borin Dallas, Texas on August 20th, 1992, her real name is Demetria Devonne Lovato which we think is a beautiful name. What do you think? She’s a Christian and prays before every gig with her band but still has had battles along the way. Even though she is still very young and she considers herself to be a very spiritual person, she has already had a pretty extensive battle with drugs, even admitting to smuggling cocaine onto planes to feed her habit.

It would seem as if Demi has turned a corner, despite some rough rides along the way. In June of 2013, hr father passed away and although she had no interest in forming a relationship with him before he died (he was estranged for many years) she created the Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program to help those with mental health problems to fight their battle; mental health problems was an apparent problem with her father for many years.

Moving back to the topic of celebrity plastic surgery and it is clear from the start that Demi has had a few things… enhanced! Her breasts are definitely bigger now than they were a few years ago back when she was a fully fledged member of the Mickey Mouse Club! Of course, they could have grown with age (she is still in the development process of life) but it would appear that her chest is a great deal larger than before… Surgeons would indicate that breast augmentation has taken place.

photo 1-1

Celebrity Plastic Surgery – Breast Enlargement 

Believe it or not, breast enlargement surgery is one of the most popular forms of celebrity plastic surgery with many women choosing to have this particular type of surgery done to enhance their looks every year. Generally, there are two reasons why someone would opt for this form of surgery – usually it is to cosmetically enhance their appearance but sometimes it can be reconstructive surgery after an illness, for example, breast cancer. In fact, Angeline Jolie recently hit the headlines with her decision to have both breasts removed as tests had shown her to be at a much higher risk for getting the potentially deadly form of cancer.


You will normally opt for one of two forms of implants for your breast enlargement surgery – saline (sterile salt water) implants or silicone gel implants. The latter comes in again, different forms – gel, solid or liquid forms are available.

This is major surgery and you must remember this if you are currently going through the motions of getting your breasts enlarged. It is expensive, and you will need to get your boobs re-done after a few years – these are things (along with surgical risks) that should be discussed with you when you have your consultation.

Back to Demi Lovato and breast enlargement surgery is apparently not the only thing that she has apparently had done. It would appear that her nose has changed shape somewhat, from a puffier, shorter style nose, to a longer and more elongated look. Looking at pictures of her, and hearing what plastic surgeons have come out and said, there is no way that she hasn’t had some form of rhinoplasty done. In fact, we talk about rhinoplasty in greater detail in another plastic surgery investigation – Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery Reports.

photo 2-1

Although she has had a rough time of things with her cocaine troubles, a difficult relationship with her father, eating disorders and bipolar, it would seem that things are on the up for this very talented girl. Whether she has had celebrity plastic surgery work done or not, her confidence seems to be on the up and her music career has gone from strength to strength with a number of hit songs recently released including the new song Neon Lights which we are currently obsessed with!


Let’s just hope the string of good luck carries on for this beautiful girl!

For now, why not have a look around the site to see what else we have managed to dig up in the world of celebrity plastic surgery? You might be surprised as to what you might learn…

**We found Demi Lovato looking beautiful on Pinterest.com


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