How to Get Free Makeup From Companies

By on February 24, 2019

Figuring out how to get free makeup from companies isn’t always easy, but it is definitely something that you can do. One of the most common ways to do this is by reaching out to the company directly. While there are plenty of survey companies and free sample websites, many of them do not actually lead to getting any free stuff.

You don’t even have to write a snail mail letter and spend money on postage to do this. Many companies already have online forms and email contact options, so you can send out your letters for free and see what you get back.

There seems to be a certain technique that works best for getting a company to send you one of their PR packages, testers or samples. As long as you pick the right companies to write to, you will be surprised by how many respond with an actual free sample. These samples are great for whenever you want travel-sized products. Plus, some companies will even send you full-sized products. What do you have to lose?

How to Get Free Makeup From Companies

Skip out on all of those spam-like survey companies. You don’t have to give your email address to questionable surveys online to get free stuff. Instead, just go to the company directly. Figure out a list of businesses that you would like to get free things from and find their contact information.

Start by making a list of the companies. Then, go to their website to find their mailing or emailing address. Next, write out your message to them and send it off. Afterward, you only have to wait for your mail to arrive.

Different companies send out different samples. Even the time of year can determine the samples you get since some companies focus on sending out samples of their most recent product line or promotion.

Companies like Bare MInerals send out samples of lipstick, eyeshadow and lip gloss. From REN, Juara and DermOrganic, you can expect full-sized or sample-sized products of skincare items like cleansers or moisturizers. DermOrganic will also send out samples of hair care products, although you can also check out samples from Living Proof as well.

For perfume options, try reaching out to Boss and Lacoste. Perfume companies tend to be great for free samples, although their samples tend to be for one use only. Still, enough free samples will definitely give you a decent stockpile of your favorite scents!

1. Figure Out Who You Should Contact

You probably don’t want to email the billings department if you want free samples. Your message is more likely to get lost instead of getting forwarded on to someone who can actually set you up with samples. Start by making a list of which companies you actually want samples from. There are countless makeup companies online, but you should probably start with ones that you either use already or that you already know will actually send you a free sample.

Some companies will not write you back at all, so treat this like a numbers game. The more messages you send, the better your chances that someone will send you quality free samples in the mail. If you are in the UNited States, Burts’ Bees and Carmex will both send you samples.

Juara and REN are two other companies that are great for getting free samples. For skincare items, reach out to DermOrganic. Don’t feel limited by just the companies that you know will see a free sample because you could end up getting surprised.

2. Get an Address

Your next step is to figure out who to message at the company and the address you need to use. The easiest way to do this is to go to the “Contact Us” page on the company’s website. If you don’t find any contact details on that page, try looking at the “About Us” or “Help” pages.

You need to make sure that you are choosing the right email address. Most larger businesses will have different departments, and you don’t want to accidentally message a department that will never actually message back or send a free sample. Normally, the media relations, public relations or customer service departments are the best choice.

While some companies still use a postal address, most businesses use email addresses for customer contacts instead. In some cases, the company may even use a simple online form for reaching out to customer service. As long as you have a way to send the company a message, you are on the right track.

3. Decide on What You Want to Say

There are many different ways that you can write out your letter, but you don’t have to get crazily creative with it. If you are a blogger who writes about makeup, you already have an in. You want the company to either be excited about getting free publicity from you or interested in further developing a customer relationship with a loyal client.

Start your message with a formal, polite greeting. Then, tell the company that you are writing because you wanted to tell them how much you like their range of products. Pick whatever your product is and tell them your genuine opinion. Not only is the company happy to hear back from their customers, but this is one of the best techniques for figuring out how to get free makeup from companies.

To make your letter more personal and authentic, add a personal experience. This can be as simple as saying how their hand cream finally got rid of the cracks in their hands or how you only use their brand’s eyeshadow when you go out on the town. You might also want to sneak in your skin or hair type into the personal experience because this will make it more likely that they send you a free sample that actually works for your skin type.

Now, it is time to ask for free samples. Try not to be too straightforward or blunt about it. Instead, you can mention that your hair stylist talked up their range of conditioners or you wish you could try a product before you buy it to see if it really works.

Thank the company for reading through your message and express gratitude for any free samples that they send you. After you sign off the message, write out your address so that they know where they can send you free samples if that’s what they want to do.

Start Brainstorming

If you have never message a company before or haven’t written at all since grade school, here is a sample message to get you started. While you will need to change up the message to match the company you are corresponding with, the general idea is the same.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been such a fan of your company for years. I love using your skincare products because they are the only thing that rehydrates my skin in dry weather. All of your products really work, so I never have to try out anything else.

Recently, one of my friends said that your bath products are just as good as your skincare line. I’d love to try these out, but I’m hesitant to just buy the entire product before I know which one I like and which one works best for me.

If possible, could you send me some products from your bath products line? I would be so thankful if you could help out. You can send any samples to my address at _____. Thank you so much!



Remember, focus on the positive. Unless you have a legitimate complaint about the business and need to address it, don’t fill your letter with problems or issues. Companies would much rather help out loyal, returning customers with free stuff, so focus on the positive.

Why Would a Company Send You Free Things?

Figuring out how to get free makeup from companies seems like magic. After all, you wouldn’t just give away your things to strangers, right? Free samples are free for you, but they cost money for the company.

The reality is that sending out free samples is actually in the company’s best interest. Even if you plan on stockpiling free samples and never actually buying any product, the reality is that you will have to buy full-sized cosmetics at some point. Plus, most people end up falling for a product if it is really good and want to buy it. Companies want people to try out their makeup and cosmetics, so they try to entice customers with free samples or even full-sized cosmetics.

It also does not cost nearly as much money as you would imagine to send out free samples. Often, cosmetic businesses will send out these samples anyway when you buy something online of in the store. These samples are just lying around in the hopes that they will be sent to someone who will try them and want to buy them.

If you are a blogger or a makeup artist, you can even get PR packages instead of just free samples. Companies like to do this whenever they have a new product launch or season. Sometimes, they will even host events for bloggers and makeup artists. They want to promote their items, so they send out PR packages in the hopes that you will write about their company for free.

If you ever write reviews about makeup products or blogs, you may be able to get a generous PR package from companies. When you write to the PR department, include the URL of your blog, company or YouTube channel so that they know you are a legitimate blogger who can help advertise their company.

Then, ask the company if they are launching a new product line or if there are any blogger events coming up. If you recently used a company’s makeup at an event, send the company a picture and tell them thank you for the makeup.

4. Get Ready to Send Away Your Message

The time has finally arrived. You have found your list of companies and carefully crafted a message to each of them. Now, you just have to send off your email or letter and wait to see what happens.

When you send your message, make sure that you have written the physical or email address correctly. If your email gets lost in the internet ether, you will never, ever get free makeup from the company. The same is true if you send it to the wrong department. The person who receives the email is unlikely to remember to forward it to the right department, so you could be out of luck if your message does not automatically go to customer service or the PR department at the company.

Now that all of your messages are safely in the mail, the hard part is waiting for a response. Don’t panic if you do not get any response for a few days. If you sent an email, it will probably take at least a couple of days for the company to respond by email. Obviously, snail mail will take even longer. If the company decides to mail you the samples instead of emailing you, you might not have any clue about how your plan is coming along for a few months.

Learning how to get free makeup from companies is an art in itself. In some cases, it can even take as much as two months for a company to receive your letter, respond and mail you free samples. The good news is that makeup, skincare, perfume and cosmetic companies always have free samples lying around that they want potential or current customers to fall in love with. While your results will vary depend on which company you message, you can generally expect about half of your messages to bring you a free sample in return. Plus, if you are messaging a perfume company, you will almost always get a free sample in the mail!