Frances Bean Cobain – Plastic Surgery at 21?!

By on November 14, 2013

Let’s be honest about this; Frances Bean Cobain is basically Rock Royalty. The only daughter of the sadly deceased Kurt Cobain and the very much alive Courtney Love, she was born in Los Angeles on August 18th, 1992 and stands at a rather young 21 years old. Despite her young age, there are repeated rumours of Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery and Herinterest decided to take a closer look.

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Frances Bean Cobain – Plastic Surgery Reports

There are more than a few suggestions in the celebrity plastic surgery list that Frances has reportedly had. The first of which is lip fillers – you can clearly see from the before and after pictures that her lips are considerably plumper than they were before. This could be down to a good lip gloss of course, but the added volume literally speaks volumes and plastic surgeons have come out to visually confirm these reports.

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She’s lost a lot of weight recently and we would just like to say well done to her! Despite the weight loss, her cheers appear to have got puffier in nature and this has lead to surgeons suggesting that she might have had some sort of cheek work done; possibly cheek fillers.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery – Cheek Fillers

In much the same way as lips are filled or Botox is injected into the forehead, you can have something called cheek fillers done. Lip fillers can help to get rid of the wrinkles around the mouth but those lines around the cheeks are not so easily removed… until cheek fillers came about, it would seem. In fact, recent newspaper reports would suggest that this placement of fillers such as Botox or Rejuvederm is becoming one of the most popular forms of celebrity plastic surgery undergone by women. It’s on the up, much like the cheeks!

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As women age, the cheeks have a tendency to “deflate”. In turn, this leads to sagging skin around the mouth, jaw and neck. Once upon the time the wider part of the females face would be at the top. As they age, the sagging skin leads to the wider part of the face being at the bottom – the jawline. This is why facial work is so popular among older women. If something as simple as having a few filler injections into the skin could leave you looking as young as the likes of 55 year old pop star Madonna.



Going back to the Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery reports and it would also seem that she has had some sort of nose work done too. The celebrity plastic surgery list just seems to be growing by the minute for this girl, doesn’t it?

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Although she has lost weight and therefore certain parts of her face are now more defined, it would certainly appear that her nose has more definition now than it did before which surgeons have suggested could be down to rhinoplasty. We talk about rhinoplasty in more detail in Kerry Washington – Plastic Surgery Reports! 

On top of this, the Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery list is getting longer… According to reports, she has also had celebrity plastic surgery on her chin. Her chin definitely looks more defined these days but this could be down to her recent rather drastic weight loss rather than celebrity plastic surgery.

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She has never come out to confirm nor deny the rumours of course; it keeps things entertaining when these girls keep us guessing. It would certainly appear that younger and younger girls are feeling the need to turn to drastic measures such as celebrity plastic surgery in a bid to look beautiful though. With girls like Frances Bean Cobain and Zooey Deschanel coming under scrutiny for reportedly having plastic surgery, it makes you wonder what the next step is…?