How To Deal With Your Parents Recent Divorce While In College

By on April 17, 2019

All it takes is a phone call from parents or a family meeting for the world as you know it to change. Dealing with parents’ divorce, however old you are, is never easy. For many, it is the turning point of life.

Being in college, away from home, the support of the family might seem more important than ever. Throughout lives, one might have seen other parents’ divorcing and friends going through the same. Nevertheless, when it happens to you, it might make one feel utterly lonely and unsure of what is happening around.

Along with that, the added pressure of getting through Universities would all make it seem like a never-ending nightmare. But with some support, every student can get through this phase. Let us take a few things into consideration that could help to deal with it.

Dealing with the Questions

The almost immediate reaction to hearing the news of parents’ divorce is “why?” Every parent has their own reasons for getting separated. In some cases, the children might have even been expecting the news.

Many parents who have already been struggling with their relationships might decide to get a divorce when their kids move out to college. It is common for the children to feel responsible for this separation. It might make one feel that if they were still at home, the divorce might not have happened. It is important to remember that the split between parents happens because of the issues between them and not because of anything you did or did not do. This decision was their own, not because of your behavior or actions.

Parents’ divorce can affect someone both emotionally and physically. One might feel abandoned, overwhelmed, frustrated, angry and every other emotional overload could happen all at once. These feelings are unavoidable and talking about them with someone you trust could help.

How to avoid Academics getting Affected

The emotional upheaval is not always a strong backing for college. Some might put their frustration into academics and turn it into a drive for achievement. However, that is not the common case. The more students are upset about something emotionally, the more it will reflect on their academics.

At times, it is thus essential to take a break from the clutter around. This does not have to mean that students have to fall back in line when it comes to studies. There are many websites that help students to deal with college work. They might need help because of any emotional trauma or just from the stress of being in school itself.

One such established website is With 20 years of expertise in the industry, the service has been offering excellent assistance to students in need. If in need for some back up in handling in assignments or papers, you can approach the team of who will deliver the work precisely as per the instructions.

Emotional stress is inevitable when family issues keep occurring. But it also imminent not to lose sight of the bigger picture and not to let go of the future along with it. One has to keep hold of all other aspects of life and try not to let the divorce of parents get in the middle of everything you have worked hard for.

What to do to make it Easier

When a tragedy like a divorce happens, there are also challenges that come with grief and frustration. You might get caught in the turmoil of having to take sides, lose emotional support, have financial problems, and dealing with the future. Though it works differently for each individual, there are ways to approach to ease the impact.

1. Keep the Peace

The first that that would occur is the need to choose sides. But try your best not to get caught in between the disputes. Make it clear that you would like to stay away from the drama of divorce and talk to parents as their kid alone. Avoiding parents will only lead to more confusion within. Keeping in touch even with a quick SMS or email will give the emotional relief without having to get into the details.

2. Become Financially Independent

Amidst everything that has been happening in your parent’s life, they might even forget about helping you with many things. Becoming financially independent is a wise thing to do either way. This will also help to stay away if needed and distance yourself from the struggles of divorce.

3. Find Support in College

Most campuses have someone to help students get through family trauma. It could be a counselor or a support group of students itself. Talking to them would help in many ways to get adjusted to the circumstances. It would be much helpful to talk to others who are going through the same thing.

4. Keep Busy

While such a life-changing event could make you want to curl up under the bedsheets, it is crucial to stay active in the chaos. Getting engaged in activities between classes will lessen the time to brood, overthink and planning how scenarios and family meetings would pan out in your head. Try to redirect the negative energy into something positive and productive.

5. Develop Extended Family

College is the time when one develops life long friendships. An incident such as divorce could lead to strengthening these relationships. Your partner, friends and even their families could be a part of the extended family. It will help to overcome the sense of abandonment.

6. Consider the future

There will be a point when it is no longer possible to put off a discussion about how the divorce will affect you. Pick a time to talk to parents and let them know any concerns. It is better to communicate them than keeping things to you that could only harm the relationship. Furthermore, this could throw light into many things and help to look forward to the future.

Above all, you have to live your life. Don’t let divorce stop from being who you are or alter any way on how you want your life to be. Give it time, accept the support when needed and get past the things to make way for new memories.

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