Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Shocker

By on August 11, 2014

Megan Fox – the superstar behind such films as This Is 40, Transformers, and Jennifer’s Body. She’s one of the most stunning women on the planet with her long brunette locks, and her plump lips. At one point, with her jagged sex appeal and tattoos, she was dubbed to be the next Angelina Jolie on the scene.

She is only 28 years old so it is inevitable that her appearance wold change over the years but despite this, there are still Megan Fox plastic surgery rumours doing the mill. If, like us, you were willing to brush them one side and put them down to just rumours, you should probably take a peek at this:

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

The first picture was taken back in 2005 before Megan Fox became the superstar we know her as today. She was young and fresh faced, something she still is today, but when you take a closer look, you can see that certain things have changed quite dramatically.

Her nose, for example, is constantly coming under scrutiny. Look at the 2005 picture, and then take a look at the 2014 picture next to it that we have unearthed. Hasn’t the shape of her nose changed? It’s narrower along the bridge these days, and the tip seems so much more defined than it was too. There’s definitely something changing here, and we’re not sure that it’s completely makeup caused.

Her lips have changed too. They seem to be a lot thicker these days than they were back in 2005, but this could be just down to plain ad simple makeup trickery – trickery that most of us have learned… Using lip liner on the bottom lip, for example, and having a lighter, glittery shade in the middle of the top lip to illuminate it and make it look bigger. Maybe it could just be makeup that has changed Megan Fox’s lips?

Now look at one of the most recent pictures of Megan Fox…

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

Doesn’t she look completely different now to what she did back in 2005? If you were to believe the rumours, she’s had an awful lot of face-filler work done. It all looks a bit alien, doesn’t it? A little bit too puffy to be believable? The cheeks look much plumper than before, there are no wrinkles or lines in her forehead and it’s slightly puffy towards the hairline which would suggest Botox or other fillers, her lips are much thicker (especially the top lip) which again, suggest lip fillers have taken place, and her brows look lifted too. When you look at the pictures side by side like this, the Megan Fox plastic surgery shocking rumours don’t seem quite so unjustified, do they?

The final celeb plastic surgery report to come from the world of Megan Fox is that she could possibly have had some sort of laser resurfacing around her face. When she was younger, she had a fair few acne scars, and more than a few freckles spattered across her nose and cheeks. Although laser work is not technically surgery in a sense, it is still cosmetic enhancement. Did Megan Fox really need it?

With rumours of a boob job, and all of the above doing the rounds, it is strange to hear that Megan Fox has not come out to confirm nor deny the reports.

Perhaps it’s because she can’t?


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