Rose McGowan – Busting The Plastic Surgery Rumours

By on August 9, 2014

Right, we’ll get straight to the point here. Rose McGowan HAS come clean about some of the work she has had done to her face. She has actually admitted plastic surgery on her face. However, before you jump to any conclusions, you should probably hear all the story first.

The actress in Charmed, The Black Dahlia, and Grindhouse seems to have changed ever-so-slightly with every film she has starred in, and it would seem that is not just all about hair and makeup. She did admit to having surgery to correct a scar underneath her eye after a car accident. A piece of glass cut her face and she needed to undergo a certain amount of cosmetic surgery in order to fix it, and ensure that it scarred as little as possible.

Despite her admittance of this however, the reports suggest that she has gone above and beyond what would be expected for minor surgery on her face including reports of face lifts, cheek fillers to make them appear rounder, eyelid surgery, breast enhancement and more.

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery

When you look at Rose McGowan back in 2005, she looks fresh faced. There’s not a wrinkle to be seen. Further on into 2010, she still looks hot as hell, but it does appear that her cheeks have become a tad fuller perhaps?

When you get in 2019, you can see how things have changed quite dramatically. She’s 46 this year, and for the first time in years, she might actually be starting to look her age. Now don’t get us wrong – she still looks stunningly fabulous to all of us, but out of nowhere she does seem to have aged somewhat.

The lips look like they’ve had a little work done, and the eyelid sagging she was showing in 2010 seems to have completely disappeared. Could this have been a clever makeup trick? Her cheeks definitely do look a lot puffier these days. Maybe there was some truth to the whole cheek-filler rumours that were going around. Celebrity plastic surgery seems to have a way of sneaking up on people. Your favourite celeb can look fabulous for what feels like eternity and the one day you wake up and they don’t look quite so young and fresh-faced anymore. Sadly, we think that’s called the ageing process.

Personally, we can’t see a lot of change in her face over the years, with the exception of fairly recently. The last photo we feature could just be a bad photo. We all get them – that one shot that makes you seem to have aged a thousand years in a single flash of light. Maybe that happened here? Maybe that happened in 2014? Who knows? One thing is for sure – she has kept her mouth shut about those Rose McGowan plastic surgery so far with the exception of admitting to the surgery under her eye. We can’t see her coming out and speaking about the reports anytime soon…


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