The Truth Behind The Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Reports

By on August 9, 2014

She’s better known for her part as Serena van der Woodsen in the hit CW TV show Gossip Girl but Blake Lively has been hitting headlines all by herself and one area in particular that seems to get a lot of the attention is those celebrity plastic surgery rumours.

It has only been fairly recently that it would appear Blake Lively has gone under the surgeons knife, if at all. It was one picture from 2012, when she attend the premiere of the film Savages that everything seems to have stemmed from…

Let’s take a closer look…

Blake Lively Plastic Surgery

There’s clearly false eyelashes here but that’s not really what we’re looking for. It’s her nose that has struck our attention. Does it look more defined to you? Thinner? The tip seems more angular somehow. Even the bridge of her nose looks thinner. Let’s look back to an older photo of her to give you a better idea of what we mean:

Blake Lively Plastic Surgery

It would seem that she hasn’t stopped at a spot of rhinoplasty either. Her eyelids are definitely less droopy these days than they were a few years back. Her eyes look so much bigger all  of a sudden, and her eyelids are much less pronounced than before.

With regards to the Botox, lip filler and breast job reports that we’ve read on the internet, we don’t think there is any weight to these at all. We’ve had a peek at her body in more than a few shots over the last few years and aside from losing some of the puppy fat she held when she was younger (and to be honest there wasn’t a lot to begin with), most of her body has stayed relatively the same.

So a nose job and some eyelid reduction going on… What do you think? Could Blake Lively have had celebrity plastic surgery?

Of course, the beautiful Blake has declined to comment so far. She’s had bigger and better things on her mind, including the release of her new website Preserve, plies the media frenzy surrounding it. With news that Gwyneth Paltrow believes she’s ripping off her one website GOOP, Blake Lively has got enough on her plate. Maybe she went under the surgeon’s knife to make herself feel better? Would you if you could?

When you bear in mind that Blake Lively is only 26 years old, it makes us sad to learn that she might have had a spot of work done. The girl was such a stunning beauty, with quirks to her face rather than flaws. It’s now wonder that girls all around the world are having such a hard time with their body image when they have the impossible dream to look up to.

Maybe an all-natural approach is what these beautiful women should take every once in a while… What happened to growing old gracefully anyway?

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