Joyce Meyer’s Face: The Plastic Surgery Reports

By on December 10, 2013

Things have gone a bit… weird with Joyce Meyer. The once “normal” looking Christian speaker and author now looks a little… well, not quite so normal! This beautifully charismatic woman seems to have had a little celebrity plastic surgery done and the professionals out there seem to be agreeing with this report!


She’s 70 years old so you can’t blame her for wanting to look more youthful for longer. She is an inspiration figure for so many – she’s always in the public eye for one thing or another… not always good, it must be said. She certainly looks good for her age but it would appear that the ageing process has not been quite so natural for this lady.


Her lips have most definitely changed shape over the course of the years. They were once “normal” looking with a thinner top lip and thicker bottom lip. she had a lovely smile – one that won the hearts of so many. It would appear that she has had some sort of lip augmentation surgery here – there is talk of possible filler injections, but the celebrity plastic surgery has had such an effect on her face, the results seem to suggest either a lot of fillers, or a lot of nipping and tucking!

A lot of surgeons would suggest that Joyce Meyer’s plastic surgery list might even include a facelift, which has given her the sort of face that you may have spotted on other famous over-boarding celebrities. Melanie Griffiths, for example, is a star well known for her love of plastic surgery as is Donatella Versace, Joan Rivers and Farrah Fawcett! Jackie Stallone is just another celeb famous for her celebrity plastic surgery!


The good thing about Joyce Meyer is that she has actually opened up and admitted to having celebrity plastic surgery done to her face. she even went as far as to say that God didn’t love her any less because of it. We are sure that God doesn’t care but the question must be asked – did Joyce Meyer go too far? In her defence she did say that she did it so that she would look better to God. Isn’t he meant to love you regardless of what you look like anyway?

There have been mentions of filler injections in the forehead to add to the Joyce Meyer plastic surgery list. It is either the reported face lift or the Botox that has given her the shiny, smooth forehead that she has achieved at her ripe age, according to reputable surgeons. It seems to point more towards the idea of the face lift, however, as her cheeks don’t seem to be as evenly balanced as they did a few years ago… Could this be the sign or poorly completed celebrity plastic surgery?

Unlike people like Zooey Deschanel and Kerry Washington, Joyce Meyer’s plastic surgery went too far – to the point where people could clearly see that work had been carried out. The best of of plastic surgery is the sort that you can’t easily spot. With Zooey Deschanel, for example, we are constantly kept guessing as to whether or not she has work done… If it has, it has been done very, very well! Perhaps Joyce Meyer should have started off slow?