Has Kate Middleton Had Plastic Surgery?

By on August 9, 2014

Believe it or not, the mother of the future heir to the throne of England – Kate Middleton has recently come under scrutiny amidst reports that she’s had celebrity plastic surgery. When you think about it, this amazing women is in the public eye each and every day so you wouldn’t be surprised to see her follow the steps of all the other celeb’s before her that decide to go under the surgeon’s knife.

Herinterest decided it was time to take a closer look and see if we can find some truth behind those celebrity plastic surgery reports. Are you sitting comfortably?

These rumours have been ongoing for some time now with people believing she had undergone rhinoplasty (a nose job), Botox in her forehead, lip fillers, and even hair extensions. The hair extensions don’t seem very likely – Kate Middleton has always had a glorious head of hair. The other reports, however, seem rather unlikely, don’t they?

When you take a closer look at the following picture, you are probably going to notice a couple of things. Let us let you look for a second…

Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery

For a start, that reported rhinoplasty might have happened. Either that or she’s learned how to do some pretty amazing tricks to shrink down the size of the tip of her nose. Apparently she does all her makeup herself, so whatever she’s managed to cheat, we’d love to know about!

As well as perhaps confirming the reports of a nose job, the pictures of Kate Middleton also show something else – a normal woman. She DOES have those forehead wrinkles that you would expect a 32 year old woman with a one year old child to have. There is drooping below the eyes, as you would expect from a new mother that has suffered at the hands of sleep deprivation. Aside from the nose, nothing else seems to have changed every much.

Of course, recent photos of Kate Middleton looking less than desirable have sparked a media frenzy too. Recent Wimbledon shots of the beautiful woman showed her looking tired, bloated in the face, and puffy. The rest of her body seemed perfectly fine so it wouldn’t appear that she was bloated anywhere else, and there aren’t enough tell-tale signs to prove that celebrity plastic surgery was the root cause, so with the impending move out of the $5 million palace her and Prince William have just renovated, the current rumours are that she might be pregnant again.

Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery

I guess we’ll just need to watch this space and see what happens.

We personally don’t feel that Kate Middleton has had plastic surgery to the extent of fillers and Botox, but the nose job could be a possibility upon closer inspection. Of course, she hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumours either way, but we wouldn’t expect her to. She’s in the Royal family – she’s not going to admit to have a little nip & tuck work done!

What do you think? Has Kate Middleton had plastic surgery?


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