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At Herinterest, we appreciate high-quality content (sponsored posts) which can provide useful information to our visitors.

About the Content

  • Your content must engage our readers, and that’s why it should be meaningful and informative. It should be completely plagiarism free, should not be spun, must be well-structured and should be written with subheadings for easy understanding. Research the topic well and present the accurate information.
  • Your article must be minimum 800 words.
  • Your content should not have any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, under-quality content. Proofread your content properly and avoid any factual errors.
  • Include the source links wherever necessary and add a featured image to the content which can act as its thumbnail. Do provide the source of the image and don’t use any copyrighted images.
  • Please do not write any abusive, derogatory, fallible or offensive content.

Topics On Which You Can Submit Your Articles

  • Lifestyle
  • Love&Relationship
  • Fashion&Beauty
  • Hairstyles
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Foods
  • Health
  • Fitness&Weight loss
  • Travel
  • Celebrities


  • We only accept paid guest posts
  • We hold the sole right to accept or reject a post
  • Our editorial team will check your article before deciding whether to publish it or not
  • You cannot republish any content which has already been published here without our permission

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