7 Signs From a Loved One in Heaven

By on May 11, 2019

At one point or another, all of us have experienced pain from losing a loved one. It is one of the saddest moments in our lives, and something that we never forget. These loved ones remain in our hearts and we wish more than anything we could just see them, hear them, or feel them one more time.

Did you know there are several ways a loved one in heaven can make a connection? We’re going to discuss 7 different ways in which a loved one in heaven is showing signs that they love you and are nearby.


Cardinals have long been known as spirits from heaven because of their distinct bright red hue. If you notice a cardinal nearby, it could very well be a loved one coming to pay a visit. They are most likely seen after a recent passing of a loved one, as if they are coming by to say they are still there even though you can’t see them.

You may notice that cardinals pop up at certain times during your life when you are in need. If you’re feeling an overwhelming amount of sadness about a passing, a cardinal coming around could be a sign that you should not be in distress, as they are there to comfort you.


You will hear many people say that they see an orb of light and believe it to be their loved one; and this could very well be true. When it comes to a sudden bright light appearing out of nowhere- which could be a streak of light, an orb, or a bright light out of the corner of the eye- it could possibly be your loved on coming to pay a visit.

Sometimes spirits do not have the capability to enhance their energy far enough to turn into ghosts. In this instance, you will see a bright light rather than an actual ghost. If you see a light such as this, rest assured it could possibly be your loved one.

Their Smell

They say that a certain smell can bring back a memory of a certain event or a certain person; and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to departed loved ones.

If you notice a certain smell out of nowhere that reminds you of the deceased individual, they are probably coming to say hello. You see, a spirit can change the air molecules around you for a short amount of time. Therefore, if they are near and trying to visit you, they will change the scent so you can smell them and be reminded of them. This could be anything from a perfume they wore or your favorite meal that they cooked, so pay close attention to what you’re smelling.

Coming as an Animal

Have you ever noticed an animal acting strangely? For instance, you may find a butterfly coming to land right on your shoulder, or a cat that isn’t normally loveable coming up to snuggle with you. When an animal is acting out of its normal character and being extra close to you, it could be that your loved one is channeling their energy inside of the animal in an attempt to get close to you.

Unfortunately signs like these are not noticed usually. Most of the time, people just think the animal has finally come around to being the loving pet they have always wanted. Pay more attention to the animal behaviors around you and you may find out that a loved one is trying to communicate with you, and it wasn’t just random.

Placing Objects For Us

Sometimes our departed loved ones will do something more bold like placing objects that remind us of them, nearby. For instance: if you find a coin on the ground in a very remote and random location and find that the yearor coin has significant meaning, it may be that your loved one placed it there for you to find.

You may also notice something strange like a flower or feather popping up under your pillow when you know you didn’t put it there, or that you find something on a trail that isn’t likely to be there.

These are little gifts from our departed loved ones that they are leaving for us. They are gifts that not only say ‘Hello’, but that they are nearby and with us always. We should keep these gifts as great teastures that came personally from our deceased loved ones.

Appearing in a Dream

One of the most common and prominent ways in which a loved one will connect with us is through our dreams. After all, while we are dreaming we are not in our physical state, but put under a meditative like state that can easily be entered by the spirit world.

It is important to note the kind of dream that will occur when a loved one visits. A dream in which someone from the spirit world is coming to say hello will usually be quite vivid and lively. You should remember what happened and what was said in great detail, as most of the time the spirit will awake you quickly so you remember all of the details of the dream.

It is said that you can even ask a loved one to visit you in your dreams. It doesn’t mean it will happen right away, but if you ask with diligence and stay positive, it’s true that a loved one could possibly visit your dream and leave you with a feeling of their presence.

Hearing a Particular Song

Some songs just bring back memories of loved ones instantly. If you find that you are hearing a particular song more often, it could likely be a loved one trying to reach you by way of music. That is why it is so important to pay attention to the little details day in and day out. You never know if it is a beloved deceased one that is trying to make a connection with us or not.

Departed loved ones will also play songs that they think we need to hear. This could be a song that is uplifting us when we’re down, a song to encourage us to go forward, or a song that will make us feel a certain type of way.

It is true that loved ones who have departed with us, always try to send us signals when we are least expecting it. They want to show us that they still love us and are watching over us, even if we cannot see them. It is up to us to pay attention to small details to recognize when they are trying to communicate with us so we do not miss it.

Remember that there are 7 big ways that a loved one may try to connect with us. One of the biggest ways is by coming to us while we are in a dreamlike state, although other ways of communicating include placing significant objects or smells by us, putting their energy through an animal, or letting us hear a certain song during the day.

Have you ever had a sign from a loved one? What did they do or say? Share your experiences with us below.