Amanda Bynes – Plastic Surgery Taken Too Far?!

By on November 11, 2013

Do you remember the cute American girl-next-door Amanda Bynes? She was the star of some of the coolest films of our time including Easy A in 2010, She’s the Man in 2006, Hairspray in 2007 and What I Like About You in 2002. Everyone loved the girl because she was good and wholesome and the “girl next door” type that every guy secretly loves.

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Something has happened to Amanda Bynes it would seem. Some call it crazy. Others call it rebellion. One is for sure and that is the Amanda Bynes plastic surgery list is getting longer and longer. It is possible that this young girl is taking things too far.

She’s only 27 years old but recent photos of her make her appear to be much older than she is. Born in California on April 3rd, 1986 she is not just an actress; she designs clothing too. She even moved from Los Angeles to New York to follow her fashion career… although some reports would suggest it would be so that she was closer to her plastic surgeon. It is easy for us to speculate of course.

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She hasn’t had an easy run of things lately, seeming to go down the same path as Lindsay Lohan and other teen-stars that can’t take the pace and ending up needing rehabilitation from something or other. In March of 2012, she got herself into a bit of trouble when she was caught talking on her cell phone while driving a car. She was then caught and arrested for driving under the influence just a few months later. There was then a couple of hit and run incidents that she was reportedly involved in, and in the end, Amanda Bynes had her license suspended. It wasn’t long before she as back in trouble again – in this year alone she has been caught on a couple of drug offences and even accused a police officer of sexually assaulting her during the arrest process.

Is something happening to Amanda Bynes?

The celebrity plastic surgery list is patently obvious when you look at before and after pictures of the young starlet and one of the first things that you can see she has had is some sort of lip fillers. Her lips are considerably plumper now than they were a few years ago and although this could be down to a serious plumping lip gloss, it would appear that she has had them professionally “done”.

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In the same picture, you can sense some sort of fillers in her forehead as well – this could be something like Botox of Rejuvederm. It would also appear that she has had veneers on her teeth. We talk about veneers in greater depth in our investigation of Emily Maynard’s plastic surgery list.

Looking at the bigger picture and you can see that it looks like Amanda Bynes plastic surgery list is growing by the day. With a recent Twitter rant discussing her plastic surgery obsession, a breast job looks like it’s on the list.

photo 3

They are rounder these days and they definitely appear larger in cup size as well. Although the bra could be responsible for the instant lift, other photos would also suggest that she’s had celebrity plastic surgery done on her breasts.

The Twitter rant suggested that she had some sort of webbing between her eyes that she needed removed so that her nose would stop protruding out. It’s not yet understood exactly what she meant by the rant, and it was only hours before she was due in court for her drug offences, so we will take it with a pinch of salt…

It looks like this girl is in serious trouble and luckily, her parents are taking control of things. She has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and her mother has hold of her financial stuff for just now. Hopefully the girl that was once considered to play the part of Jess in New Girl can get back to health again.

So what else is on the list for Amanda Bynes plastic surgery? 

She has recently delved into the world of dermal piercings choosing to get one on her face; in her cheek. This is a common look for rebelling young girls these days but seems a tad extreme for the starlet that has also gone a rather nasty looking bleach blonde. The once very sexy starlet is starting to look haggard and over-done. Her face is pale in the pictures that she Tweets of herself, and the boobs look too fake. It is as if she is trying to change her entire appearance bit by bit, and doesn’t look like she is showing any signs of slowing down either. Perhaps it was a good thing that her parents intervene when they did!

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