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    • 50 Balayage Hair Color Ideas

      Are you looking for a cool hairstyle for this year? Do you want to make a change but don’t know where to start? Balayage is a current hair trend that looks absolutely stunning. It will give an...

      • Posted March 16, 2016
      • 8
    • 20 Business Hairstyles for Women 2016

      Heading to the office? That’s no excuse to not look your best! These 20 hairstyles are SUPER quick and easy- something you can throw together 5 minutes before you head off to work. They are classy, beautiful,...

      • Posted January 26, 2016
      • 6
    • 30 Gorgeous Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors

      This summer season strawberry blonde is in trend. The hair color features a warm reddish allure and it looks extremely refined when styled properly. There are numerous variations you can consider, and most women really appreciate that...

      • Posted May 11, 2015
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    • 50 Best Side Swept Bangs

      Side swept bangs can be a great addition to any look. You can style them near countless different ways, making them a great choice for any occasion, and you’ll be pleased to know that depending on how...

      • Posted May 20, 2014
      • 6
    • 50 Best Hairstyles for Thick Hair

      So you’ve got thick hair and aren’t quite sure what to do with it? It can be a nightmare at times, right? For me, the words unruly, untameable, and downright frustrating come to mind when I think...

      • Posted May 15, 2014
      • 6
    • 50 Best Pixie Haircut

      Are you thinking of getting the chop and going for a pixie haircut? They’re one of the most fashionable hairstyles at the moment and rightly so, they look fab! I’ll admit, you have to be fairly brave...

      • Posted May 2, 2014
      • 2
    • 50 Best A Line Haircut

      1. Victoria Beckham A Line Haircut: Short Curls To stop her curls from potentially looking boring, Posh Spice has spiced things up a bit by curling her A Line haircut. Her cut was short in the first...

      • Posted May 1, 2014
      • 2
    • 30 Best Box Braids Hairstyles

      If you’re looking for a hairstyle that is sexy, sleek, and totally exotic, you’ve come to the right place. Box braids are incredibly stylish and create a look with plenty of trend and dimension. Check out how...

      • Posted March 9, 2014
      • 32
    • 50 Best Long Hairstyles with Bangs

      Rocking some beautiful long locks, but don’t know how to style them? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out these gorgeous long hairstyles with bangs, with everything from clasy and elegant to edgy and wild. 1....

      • Posted February 28, 2014
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    • How to keep your hair straight all day

      Struggling to keep your hair looking silky smooth all day long? Check out this list of 7 ways to keep your hair straight, including some incredible styling tips and thing you should avoid. You might be surprised...

      • Posted January 22, 2014
      • 2