50 Best Long Hairstyles with Bangs

By on February 28, 2014

Rocking some beautiful long locks, but don’t know how to style them? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out these gorgeous long hairstyles with bangs, with everything from clasy and elegant to edgy and wild.

1. Cheryl Cole Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Straight with Voluminous Curled Ends

Cheryl Cole Big Hair_Curls

Really- what’s not to love about this gorgeous hairstyle? It’s so simple, yet has so much sexy style it’s ridiculous. To achieve this gorgeous style, start by styling your hair with a generous side part. Thick side bangs are almost essential to this style. Leave the top half of your hair completely straight, giving the bottom half plenty of curls and fluff. This achieves the ‘full’ look that gives your entire head plenty of fullness and life.

2. Jessica Biel Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Straight, Straight, Straight


Jessica Biel’s long hairstyle has one thing on its mind: straightness. And while this long hairstyle is so obviously simple to achieve, it’s also bursting with beauty and elegance. Our favorite part about this style is that it’s so versatile and can easily be worn to any event- from the most glamorous occasions to simple get togethers. Leave your hair straight and pair it with some long, lovely bangs that lay just above the eyes.

3. Ashlee Simpson Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Straight Side Part


Although Ashlee Simpson seems to switch up her ‘do every other month, we aren’t complaining- we love all of her beautiful, sexy styles. And this is just one of those hairstyles we fell in love with. Ashlee Simpson shows off beautiful, long red strands that are completely straight. We’re talking at least a little bit of product and a lot of hair straightening to achieve that soft, perfectly straight style. Paired with a set of sexy side bangs, this lovely long hairstyle is definitely one to try.

4. Carrie Underwood Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Layers Framing


Beautiful layers framing the face, shockingly bright blonde hair, and a set of full side bangs- it’s so Carrie Underwood- and it’s oh-so glamorous. This adorable long hairstyle comes with a series of multi-length layers which give plenty of focus to the face while also giving the hair a bouncy ‘flip’, which we can clearly see in this photo of Carrie Underwood. If you’re a gal who loves flirty hair that is bouncy and fun, this may be the style for you.

5. Mariah Carey Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Curls Galore!

Mariah Carey - Curls Galore

What better to accompany a gorgeous woman than a set of beautiful curls? Here we see the stunning Mariah Carey showcasing a full head of lovely, tight curls- I mean, even her bangs are curled! (Which, of course, we don’t see too often). If you’re thinking of a high-class hairstyle for your next black-tie affair, consider this curly ‘do.

6. Rashida Jones Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Ballerina Bun

Rashia Jones Ballerina Bun

With bun hairstyles being so incredibly hot this year, there’s really no questioning why this lovely style hit the best 50 long hairstyles chart. Here we see the lovely Rashida Jones rocking a very high ballerina bun- so high it’s basically on top of her head! We’re loving this great look with accompanying wispy bangs for a very on-trend look.

7. Anna O’Reilly’s Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Low Ponytail with WavesAnna O'Relly Low Ponytailwith waves

Need a style for busy, on-the-go days? Why not try out Anna O’Reilly’s beautiful down hairstyle. She begins by giving her entire head of hair some loose waves, some of those “I just got out of the beach” waves that we all know and love. She then pulls her hair back into a low ponytail, leaving her cute bangs dangling down the sides of her face. We love this style as it is totally low maintenance and can stick by you through the most enduring activities.

8. Diana Vickers Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Crimped Side Ponytail


What, you thought crimping your hair was out of style? Think again! It might be a flashback from the ’90s, but my oh my is it cute! Diana Vickers is clearly making an adorable statement with her low side ponytail, which is obviously one of the cutest ponytail styles you can achieve. Topped off with crimped ends and loose bangs, this crimped side ponytail is a surefire WIN!

9. Becki Newton Long Hairstyle with Bangs : The Infamous Bun


Here’s another great style that can ride along with you through all your events and errands: the simple, but infamous bun. Again, you can’t go wrong with this style. Why? Because buns are seriously all the rage right now and women can’t get enough of them! This style is so basic, you’d wonder how it got to looking so perfect! Simply tie up your hair in a bun placed directly at the back of your head- not too low, and not too high. Feel free to add some curls or waves, or leave it natural like Becki Newton!

10. Miley Cyrus Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Clips and Waves


It’s been a long while since Miley Cyrus had her long hair, but it’s still a style that is loved by long-haired women around the world. This style gives off a cute, feminine vibe that looks absolutely perfect! For this style, start with a few waves throughout. Then, grab two small strands of hair on each side of the face and pull it back to a very thin up-do, leaving the bulk of the hair to lay beautifully in front. Perfect for classy situations or even roundabouts in town.

11. Ashley Tisdale Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Flipped Sides

14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Are you as obsessed with gorgeous hair that bounces with every step like we are?! Then you’ve got to check out Ashley Tisdale’s stunning ‘do. She’s lined her hair with plenty of layers varying in lengths, and each layer has been blessed with an outwards flip, giving the entire style a bit of oomph! With a bit of teasing for volume at the tops and a few well-placed loose curls, this gorgeous style is definitely one to try.

12. Eva Mendes Long Hairstyle with Bangs : To the Side


There’s something about hair being pulled completely to the side that makes women appear so elegant, so classy- and that’s exactly why your mouth dropped when you saw the stunning Eva Mendes’ hairstyle. She’s pulled her head of hair to one side, adding a few simple waves for dimension and volume. With her bangs flipped nicely to the side, she’s created a long hairstyle fitted for the grammys.

13. Jessi Ware Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Short Bangs Jessie-Ware

Eye-skimming bangs might be at their height of popularity right now, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for the complete opposite. We love Jessi Ware’s for the simple fact that her bangs are cute and seriously edgy. They are cut extremely short while the rest of the locks are left long. Can we say attitude? Why yes, we can! If you’re looking to revamp your look and want something totally different with plenty of attitude, consider these short shorts!

14. Leigh Lezark Long Hairstyle with Bangs : A CombinationLeigh-Lezark angeled cut

If you’re a fan of structure, then this is definitely the look for you. Leigh Lezark shows us a long hairstyle that has attitude and structure- a combination that can’t fail. The hair is cut with extreme angles that can easily be pointed out, leaving the hair looking fuller with plenty of dimension. If you want to pull off this angular, blunt hairstyle, you may consider doing as Leigh Lezark did and dying your hair black for that extra bit of feisty attitude.

15. Nicole Richie Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Accessories! Nicole-Richie-lg

Boho chic. Yes, you’ve heard of it. And you haven’t, let me introduce you to the new era of fashion. Boho chic is basically a cute revamped version of hippie style and it’s seriously taken the fashion world by storm. Here we get a glimpse of boho chic with Nicole Richie’s hairstyle, which includes loose waves throughout, finished off with a gorgeous golden headpiece. Note: This isn’t a headband, it’s a headpiece. It wraps around the top of the head and pulls the hair tight at the top for a really gorgeous look.

16. Taylor Swift Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Ponytail Taylor Swift

Ah, the beloved ponytail. It really doesn’t get any simpler, does it? If you’re in a rush and don’t feel like messing with your hair (but still want to look ridiculously cute), then you definitely need to consider Taylor Swift’s ponytail. It’s pulled back in a ponytail that isn’t too high or too low, giving it a little bounce and perkiness. She leaves the bangs loose to frame her face and give her that flirty, feminine glow.

17. Anne Hathaway Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Small Side Braid

Anne Hathaway Side Braid

Gals with long hair might get in a rut, always putting their hair in the same straight style. If you want to mix it up while still leaving your hair straight down, try Anne Hathaway’s simple small side braid. It’s nothing too fancy or eye-catching, but it gives your locks a nice break in routine and adds a bit of fun and flirty attitude to your look.

18. Rihanna Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Braided Updorihanna-braids-hg-mdn

Through the years Rihanna has continuously shown us sexy hairstyles that we absolutely love- and this just so happens to be one of our absolute favorites. The look is simply gorgeous. Her beautiful brunette side bangs are left to one side of the face while a series of small braids lead back to a glamorous up-do that is ridiculously hot. The alluring ‘do is polished off with some lovely loose curls, making this long hairstyle suitable for the fanciest of all occasions.

19. Haley Strode Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Volumed Half Up-DoHaley Strode

If you’re getting tired of the same ‘ole half up-do day after day, then you might want to take a page out of Haley Strode’s hairstyles book and try this hot look. This half up-do is really just like every other up-do, except for one key feature: volume. Haley Strode leaves her bangs out with a cute middle part and teases her hair up high to create plenty of volume before clipping up her half up-do. If you love half up-dos and your crazy about volume, give this style a try. You won’t be disappointed.

20. Beyonce Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Large Side Braidrexfeatures_1448694acWith braids being so incredibly popular this year, who wouldn’t want to rock one? Here we see Beyonce showing off a thick, large side braid that is absolutely stunning. The cute, yet elegant look goes from day to night with ease. Not to mention we love the blend of blondes and browns being combined in her braid. It’s obviously a winner in our books!

21. Janet Jackson Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Volumed Top Bun

Janet Jackson volume bun

If you want a hairstyle that draws attention and is seriously hot, we highly recommend Janet Jackson’s up-do, the volumed bun. This oversized ‘do has a very full and thick appearance that takes the average bun one (or maybe two or three) steps further. It’s absolutely gorgeous and with a few bangs left loose, the style becomes soft and ladylike. Definitely one to try, especially during the warmer seasons!

22. Kaley Cuoco Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Braided Crown

Kaley Cuoco crown braid

If you can combine two of the latest hair trends, braids and buns, into one awesome hairstyle, there’s no doubt of its amazing quality. Here we see Kaley Cuoco sporting a beautiful bun up-do which is accented with a thick, stunning braid at the crowd of the head. She leaves her long bangs loose and gives them a few very loose curls, thus providing a romantic style that is suited for a queen. An absolutely gorgeous look, it is definitely one to try this year.

23. Christina Hendricks Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Mad Volume

christina hendricks - mad volume

Itching to give your hairstyle a little sex appeal? Then consider the voluminous hair of Christina Hendricks. With the right methods of blowdrying, the right products, and tons of teasing and hairspray, Christina Hendricks takes her hair from flat and lifeless to volumized and alluring. Not to mention her stunning red locks add a significant boost of hotness.

24. Jennifer Lawrence Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Messy Side Bunjennifer lawrence messy side bun
No words can describe this messy side bun other than beautiful and elegant. The simple styles adds plenty of femininity to the entire style and is a simple hairstyle any lady can do. Pull the hair a bit looser for a relaxed style you can wear anywhere or keep it tight for fancy affairs.
25. Jessi J Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Double Color
 Jessie J
Feeling funky? Love color? Jessie J’s got you covered. Her ‘double trouble’ color is totally hot. Here she shows us fiery red tips and mysterious black roots for a combo that is nothing short of sexy and fun. Try other wild combinations to give your hair some serious oomph!
26. Kelly Osbourne Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Cool Color
Kelly Osbourne
If you are bored with your current hair color, why not try something totally different and cool like Kelly Osbourne? Here we see the beloved actress sporting a lovely violet color which is something totally out of the norm- seriously edgy. Try some wacky colors like platinum pink, bright blue, or even the newest hottest trend- gray!
27. Lea Michele Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Ombre
lea michele
Ombre hair color. Undoubtedly one of the hottest hair trends, and probably the most popular hair color choice for women around the world. To put it plainly, ombre color is just awesome. Whether you opt darker roots leading to lighter ends like Lea Michele or do the exact opposite, you can rest assured you’ll be looking sexy and stylish with ease.
28. Kendall Jenners Long Hairstyle with Bangs : High Bun & Bangs Kendall Jenner
For starters, we love the combo of black hair with red lips. Secondly, we love her high bun hairstyle which is obviously chic. Lastly, we love her loose bangs with a simple curl for that feminine, elegant effect. The outcome? An entire look that is tremendously sexy and hot. Definitely a look to try this year!
29. Paris Hilton Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Braided Side BunParis Hilton Braid Side Bun
When it comes to buns, everyones going low bun, high bun, or side bun. Nobodies talking about braided buns! And let’s just be serious for a second: braided buns are ridiculously cute and a total fashion WIN. Paris Hilton shows us how cute these little buns can be. Simply wrap your hair in a lovely braid and pin it in a bun. For extra style points, place it in a side bun just like Paris Hilton. You can’t lose with this lovely style!
30. Nicole Kidman Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Elegant Side BunNicole Kidman side bun
Nicole Kidman is no amateur when it comes to gorgeous locks- and her elegant, low side bun is no exception. Here we see the beauty taking the typical side bun one step further- by including plenty of twists and turns in her hair to create dimension, depth, and of course- beauty. The bangs are left slicked to the side leading back to a very lovely low side bun, leaving the look perfect and stunning.
31. Tyra Banks Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Bump it BangsTara Banks bump it bangs
Sometimes when you have bangs, you just want to get them out of your face. Yes, they are cute, but they can get annoying! If you’re feeling frazzled by your bangs, take a page from fashion diva Tyra Bank’s book and pin them back for a change. Don’t forget to tease your bangs for some ‘bump it up’ volume, and for some extra luscious locks, try adding plenty of curls, just like Tyra!
32. Natalie Portman Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Slicked Back Up-do
When looking your absolute best is a must, there is only one hairstyle to choose: an classic up-do, preferably a bun. But here we see Natalie Portman taking a stylish, elegant bun to the next level: by sleeking her hair super straight, giving it a ‘wet’ and chic style that is romantic and beautiful. Let’s just say Natalie Portman definitely turned heads with her slicked back up-do, and for all the right reasons. Pair this sleek hairstyle with a little black dress for a breathtaking look.
33. Patricia Arquette Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Dorothy Braidspatricia-arquette-braids-hg-mdn
Take a look at this hairstyle. What comes to mind? If you said ‘Dorothy’ or ‘The Wizard of Oz’, you are correct! Patricia Arquette puts her hair in two adorable braids on either side of her head, leaving her blunt bangs out to play. This cute, girly hairstyle is great for summertime dates and is definitely a winner in the hair trends world.
34. Penelope Cruz Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Bump it BunPenelope Cruz volume bun
What could possibly be hotter than Penelope Cruz? How about, Penelope Cruz sporting a sexy bun? Yeah, that’s just the icing on the cake. We love Penelope Cruz’s lively bun. First she teases her hair so there’s plenty of volume on top. Next she wraps her hair up into a semi-high bun, letting the teased part bump up high. The outcome? A sexy bun hairstyle with plenty of volume and height to catch the eyes of the crowd.
35. Bella Throne Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Center Parted Bangs
Bella Throne Center Parted BangsWhen it comes to bangs, the majority of women choose side bangs; the second option being full, thick eye-skimming bangs. Nobody really opts for middle parted bangs. But judging from how adorable and cute Bella Thorne looks with her cute middle parted bangs, we’re guessing this trend will pick up speed in no time. If you want to lay your bangs differently from the rest, and still look incredibly adorable doing so, consider parting your bangs down the middle. Style your hair in a ponytail like Bella Thorne for extra cuteness!
36. Angelina Jolie Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Straight Half Up-Do
Angelina Jolie straight half updoGah! Just take a look at this elegant hairstyle from Angelina Jolie. Can she ever do wrong? This lovely hairstyle is rather simple to put together but comes with so much sophisticated appeal you just have to fawn over it. Leave your hair straight (use a straightener if you’re not gifted with naturally straight hair) and pull your hair up into a half up-do using clips or bobby pins. No special effects or fancy accessories and she still looks fabulous. Wow is all we can say!
37. Emma Stone Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Simple CurlsEmma Stone Curls
If you are in a rush or just want your hair to be amped up with some basic curls, try Emma Stone’s adorable set of simple curls. A regular curling iron will do the trick, or use curlers overnight to achieve this cute style. Even give your bangs a little bit of curl to really give your head of hair a cute boost!
38. Vanessa Hudgens Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Curled Ponytail
Vanessa Hughens Curly Ponytail
Nothing says feminine quite like a beautiful set of curls, so why not rev up your average ponytail with some tight curls? We love this style from Vanessa Hudgens and is a great style to rock all spring and summer long when you want your hair up but still want to look absolutely adorable.
39. Jessica Szohr Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Fishtail Braid
Jessica Szohr Fishtail Braid
So by this point in time it’s safe to say that braids are at their epitome of popularity- everyone is wearing them. But if you want to mix up your typical braided hairstyle, why not try the fishtail braid? Although a bit more complicated to create, it’s dimension and uniqueness is worth the challenge. Jessica Szohr proves how awesome and gorgeous the fishtail braid is and we can’t wait to give it a try!
40. Taylor Momsen Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Headband     Taylor Momsen Headband
There are very few things cuter or more girly than a huge headband- especially when its purple. The next time you’re craving an adorable hairstyle to wear out on the town, consider using a thick headband. Add some curls like Taylor Momsen for a bit of fullness and bounce, and leave your cute bangs dangling on your face for a trendy finish.
41. Keri Hilson Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Curly Bun
Keri Hilson Curled Bun
Keri Hilson is an obvious gorgeous woman, but when she ties her hair up in an elegant side bun and lets a few curls hang loose, she just gets that much more sensational. Her long hairstyle is definitely one for formal events when you need a hairstyle to suit your fanciest attire. Simply wrap your hair into a side bun and let some curls hang loose. The outcome? A devistatingly gorgeous ‘do that everyone will love.
42. Blake Lively Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Messy Up-do
Blake Lively messy updoWho said ladies always have to be so uptight and refined? Let loose like Blake Lively and throw your hair up into a cute, messy up-do. The cuteness factor is way high with this style, which means you can wear it just about anywhere! Throw some waves or curls into your hair and give this messy hairstyle a try.
43. Carly Rae Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Far Back Bangs
Carly Rae Far-Back Bangs
There are blunt, thick bangs. And then there are seriously blunt, thick bangs. What’s the difference? Just take a look at Carly Rae’s set of bangs and she’ll show you. Her far back bangs are incredibly hot and grungey, giving her the edgy attitude we love. Not to mention the far back style gives her bangs some serioues thickness that looks magnificent pinned against her forehead. If you’re thinking of the perfect next haircut for your bangs, give these far back devils a shot. You won’t regret it. (By the way, far back bangs look AWESOME with a ponytail!)
44. Edie Campbell Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Lady Mullet
Edie Campbell Mullet
Here’s one for my girls who are feeling edgy and funky: the lady mullet. Yeah, that’s right- I said mullet. And as you can clearly see from Edie Campbell, mullets don’t have to be all bad. In fact, we love her rockin’ do and expect to see a lot more mullets popping up in the upcoming months.
45. Kim Kardashian Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Blunt Length
Kim Kardashian Long and Straight
It’s simple, yet sultry. It’s none other than Kim Kardashian’s super straight locks and super blunt cut- the key word here being blunt. As you can see, it’s not just her ends that are cut blunt straight across, but her bangs too. The whole style is undoubtedly sexy and appealing, and the simple factor makes it a style every girl should try at one point or the other. You might wanty to stock up on straightening products to achieve this super sleek ‘do!
46. Lady GaGa Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Bow Tie
Let’s face it: when we saw Lady GaGa with a giant bow on top of her head, we didn’t know how to react. But it wasn’t long until we fell head over heels for this adorable style- and now it seems like everyone wants a cute little bow in their hair. If you want to try a cute style that is definitely different from the rest, consider Lady GaGa’s bow tied head. If you want to be a bit more subtle with your bow, try adding it in your ponytail or bun.
47. Lindsay Lohan Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Hat
Having a bad hair day? Just don’t feel like dealing with your locks today? Save yourself time, trouble, and hassle by throwing on a hat- just like Lindsay Lohan. This way you will be sure to look stylish without having to worry about straightening, curling, adding products, styling- you know, the nine yards that every lady dreads going through every morning.
48. Adele Long Hairstyle with Bangs : 60’s Bouffant
Adele decided to turn back the hands of time with this gorgeous ’60s bouffant- but hey, no complaints from us- we LOVE her look! This style is all about VOLUME, so if you’re a lover of tons of height like we are, you’ll love adding this hairstyle to your collection of must-trys. Leave the bangs loose for a little playfulness while the rest of the hair is tied back to a bun. Oh, and of course, don’t forget to TEASE that hair! (And we mean really tease- don’t be afraid of tons of volume!)
49. Cher Lloyd Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Shaved Side
There’s no denying that there is one super trendy hairstyle being seen more and more in the fashion world- and that’s the shaved side ‘do. At first it was like, “Woah, what?” But now it’s like, “I want that. So hot.” The shaved side hairstyle is seriously edgy and not for the weak of heart. Add some extra edge and attitude with sultry hair colors like this dark brown, or go wild with ombre or pastel locks.
50. Solange Knowles Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Tight Curls
Solange Knowles Tight Curls
Have natural tight curls, or maybe just sick of loose curls/waves? Then why not rock beautiful tight curls like Solange Knowles! They are super chic and sexy and look good just about anywhere. Not to mention her tight curls have some serious thickness attached to them. Talk about a knockout!

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