30 Best Box Braids Hairstyles

By on March 9, 2014
If you’re looking for a hairstyle that is sexy, sleek, and totally exotic, you’ve come to the right place. Box braids are incredibly stylish and create a look with plenty of trend and dimension. Check out how these celebrities rocked their box braids- and if you’re feeling like a new ‘do is in store, give them a try!


1. Beyonce Box Braid Hairstyle – Voluminous TopknotBeyonce Voluminous Top Bun
We were extremely impressed when we first saw Beyonce’s new box braid ‘do, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the gorgeous hairstyles she sported. One of the hottest box braid hairstyles worn by Beyonce is this hip voluminous topknot. She piles her box braids on top of her head with tons of sexy volume. The outcome? A highly trendy and awesome hairstyle that can be worn anywhere- even when you’re trying to take your precious newborn out for a stroll and want to look your best!


2. Brandy Box Braid Hairstyle – High PonytailBrandy High Ponytail

We’ve always been in love with Brandy’s box braids since the moment we laid eyes on them, many years ago. And this is undoubtedly one of our favorite styles. Here we see Brandy rocking box braids that are gorgeously long, tied up into a very high ponytail- giving it that sassy cheerleader edge. This cute hairstyle is definitely one to try, especially during the warmer seasons.


3. Brandy Box Braid Hairstyle – Loose Side PartBrandy Volume Side Part

Another favorite from beloved Brandy, she shows us with this loose set of braids that box braids don’t always have to be synched up tight. Her loose braids are simply fabulous and with a trendy side part, her entire style comes together magnificently. And don’t even get me started on the amount of volume in her hair- talk about sexy!


4. Chrisette Michele Box Braid Hairstyle – Blonde Highlights + BunChrisette Michele Color

Getting tired of the same old hair color? Then why not take a page out of Chrisette Michele’s book and spice up your locks with a bit of blonde highlights? Her stunning blonde highlights accent her skin tone perfectly and blend beautifully with her darker hair. Oh, and of course we are loving her low side bun, which only adds to the overall beauty of this lady. Definitely a trendy hairstyle that every lady should try out!

5. Chrisette Michele Box Braid Hairstyle – Topknot"Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection" New York Premiere - Outside Arrivals

We spotted Chrisette Michele rocking another hot hairstyle and couldn’t resist but add it to the list. Here we see the beauty without her blonde highlights, rocking her natural dark hair color. She ties it up into a trendy topknot with plenty of dimension and volume. And as we all know buns are at their height of popularity, this is obviously a big hit in the fashion world.


6. Christina Milian Box Braid Hairstyle – Crazy StyleChristina Milian Details

Christina Milian’s crazy checkered hairstyle is obviously detailed and nothing short of amazing. It has plenty of creativity wrapped up into each separate square, and let’s face it- this style definitely sets itself apart from the rest. If you’re looking for a wilder take on the typical box braid hairstyle, try out this crazy and detailed look from Christina Milian.


7. Eva Marchille Box Braid Hairstyle – Side SweptEva Marchille Side Swept

Nothing says classy, elegant, and sophisticated quite like gorgeously side swept hair- and Eva Marchille proves this statement. Here we see the gorgeous woman sporting her long, luscious box braids with a generous side part and side sweep that is nothing short of stunning. This is obviously a hairstyle suited for the highest of class events, but can easily be worn to even simple get togethers with your gal pals.


8. Goapele Box Braid Hairstyle – Back with AccessoriesGoapele Head Accessories

Feeling like your hairstyle is just missing ‘something’? Then why not take some advice from Goapele and add some accessories to your hair? Goapele simply added a small piece to her pulled back hairstyle to give it a little bit of oomph- and we’re absolutely loving it!


9. Jada Pinkett Smith Box Braid Hairstyle – Faux Hawk PompadourJada Pinkett Smith Faux Hawk Pompadour

Leave it to Jada Pinkett Smith to come up with a hairstyle unlike anything we’ve seen before, right? But hey, we aren’t complaining. In fact we’re madly in love with her totally edgy and hot faux hawk pompadour. The next time you’re feeling edgy or want to add some attitude to your mane, try this awesome style.


10. Jill Scott Box Braid Hairstyle – Half n HalfJill Scott Half n half

If you can’t decide whether you want a full set of box braids or want to leave your hair loose, then you’ll definitely want to give this wild style a try. It’s definitely a style that is a little wild and crazy, but needless to say it’s also incredibly awesome! There’s so much versaility with this look, too. Try adding more or less box braids to your style and switch it up whenever you feel like it!


11. Jill Scott Box Braid Hairstyle – Simple UpdoJill Scott Updo

Updos and buns are seriously so hot right now. And if you thought you couldn’t pull it off because you have box braids, think again. This simple updo from Jill Scott is subtle yet sophisticated and can be worn anywhere- from walks in the park to Hollywood movie premiers. We’re obviously in love with this style as it’s incredibly basic yet offers so much dimension and class.

12. Joy Bryant Box Braid Hairstyle – Low PonytailJoy Bryant Low Ponytail

If you don’t feel like dealing with your hair or are in a big hurry, every woman turns to a low ponytail. And as seen here with Joy Bryant, low ponytails can be incredibly chic and classy. Wear this low ponytail with box braids on to the basketball courts or wear it with your little black dress- there’s really no way to go wrong with this incredibly easy style. Plus it only takes, what, five seconds to wrap your hair in a ponytail? No excuses for poor looks, ladies!


13. Kandi Burruss Box Braid Hairstyle – Lovely Long Half UpdoKandi Burruss Long Half Updo

Kandi Burruss is a beaut, isn’t she? But with those stunning long box braids, she’s only that much more beautiful. And of course she’d put her hair up in one of our favorite hairstyles: the half updo. This style is easy and cute, and is the perfect go-between when you’re not sure whether you want a full on updo or want to leave your hair straight. The half updo is the epitome of cuteness (obviously, just look at this girl!) and is definitely one to try.


14. Kelly Rowland Box Braid Hairstyle: Loose Braids Pinned BackKelly Rowland Pinned Back

There’s no way around it: we love Kelly Rowland’s hairstyle! Her cute look leaves the top of her head tied down with tight box braids while she lets the rest run wild. The outcome? A seriously hot style that offers plenty of funk and serious volume- and what lady doesn’t want that?


15. Keri Hilson Box Braid Hairstyle: Elegant Half UpdoKeri Hilson Elegant Updo

Keri Hilson is always making our jaws drop with her stunning beauty- but when we saw her waltz out with this elegant half updo, I think we may have started drooling. I mean, seriously. It doesn’t get any more sophisticated or classy than this. Her gorgeous long box braids are tied up into an elegant half updo that is high on the trend list. She parts her hair to the side for an extra boost of trendiness and style. The next time you’re thinking of the perfect hairstyle for a fancy occassion, definitely turn to this elegant half updo.


16. Keri Hilson Box Braid Hairstyle: Simple PonytailKeri Hilson Ponytail

Not too high, yet not too low- that’s the best way to describe Keri Hilson’s simple ponytail. It’s really a synch to put together: just wrap your hair at the very center of the back of your head and tie it up with a band. The outcome? A seriously sleek and smooth style that can be taken to the city streets or the Oscar’s with ease.


17. Janet Jackson Box Braid Hairstyle: Long with a HatLatoya Jackson Hat

While this hairstyle might spark flashbacks of the popular movie ‘Poetic Justice’, let’s also keep in mind that this hairstyle is undeniably adorable and sexy. It’s just an accessory- but for some reason a hat plus luscious box braids is just a serious hot combination. Plus you don’t have to worry about designing your hair in any special way. Just throw a hat on and you’re good to go!


18. Naturi Naughton Box Braid Hairstyle: High Bun"Sparkle" - Los Angeles Premiere

With buns being all the rage this year, there is really no quesion why Naturi Naughton’s box braid hairstyle would make the top 30 list. Her high bun is pulled out on either side to give it a fuller effect that looks absolutely fabulous. The voluminous sides gives her high bun plenty of dimension that you don’t typically see with most buns, and that’s just the reason why we love it.


19. Regina King Box Braid Hairstyle: Cornrows52nd Monte Carlo TV Festival - 'Southland'

If box braids aren’t quite what you are looking for, why not try the box braids sister: cornrows. Cornrows are totally fun and exotic and provide a cool, slicked back style that is sleek and sexy. I mean, just take a look at Regina King and tell me she doesn’t look intoxicating! Plus there are so many different ways to style cornrows- definitely a style for a lady who loves versatility and a sleek look.

20. Solange Knowles Box Braid Hairstyle: Long and StrongSolange Knowles Long and Strong

So, this is obviously the simplest hairstyle on the planet. But that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful beyond belief. Solange Knowles lets her amazing box braids dangle gracefully to her sides, giving her a breathtaking style that can literally be worn anywhere. If you don’t have long hair. try adding some box braid extensions to achieve this look- you won’t be disappointed.


21. Fergie Box Braid Hairstyle: Wild Half Updofergie wild half updo
Tired of the same old half updo? Looking for something with some serious edge and funk? Then why not look to Fergie! You know she’s always rocking styles that are out of the norm’, just like this wild half updo with plenty of crazy twists and turns that are sure to grab attention.


22. Beyonce Box Braid Hairstyle: Textured Topknotbeyonce textured topknot
It’s obvious to us at this point that Beyonce is the queen of topknots- especially topknots involving our beloved box braids hairstyle. This topknot differs from the rest as it involves plenty of twists and flips to give it some diversity and dimension. Note how her topknot is given plenty of detail, drawing even more attention to the style. It’s definitely one of our ultimate favorite topknot ideas- box braids or not!


23. Bo Derek Box Braids Hairstyle: Beadsbo derek beads
If you’re ever feeling like your box braids are missing something, then you need to take a look at how the beauty Bo Derek amped up her braids with some beads. We love how she incorporated the feminine beads at the end of her braids, giving them a huge boost in cuteness and creativity. Just taking a look at these lovely braids, why wouldn’t you want to try it out?


24. Brandy Box Braids Hairstyle: Pigtail BunsBrandy ponytail buns
One, we love box braids. Two, we love pigtails. And three, we love buns. Brandy seriously put together a killer hairstyle that is cute and fun, wrapping three of our favorite styles into one awesome style. This look is totally adorable and as you can clearly see, gives Brandy that innocent and feminine look we are all dying to achieve. If you’re seeking an innocent style with plenty of spunk, try on Brandy’s pigtail buns. Pair it up with a cute, feminine outfit like short shorts and a tank for a really adorable appearance that just won’t quit.


25. Christina Aguilera Box Braids Hairstyle: Wild ColorsChristina aguilera wild colors
Forget boring hair colors. If you’re tired of dealing with the same ole, same ole, why not try adding some awesome colors to your locks like Christina Aguilera? Not to mention crazy and wild colors are totally hot this year. Shoot for blues, pinks, and reds of all different shades to really take your hair up a notch, and if you’re really feeling crazy try pastels.


26. Gwen Stefani Box Braids Hairstyle: Half Colorsgwen stefani wild colors
With Gwen Stefani’s spicy attitude and undeniable sex appeal, it’s only obvious that she would make the list of top 30. Here we see this rockin’ singer sporting some braids that are especially unique and funky. She’s left her roots one color (which just so happens to be an attention-grabbing hot pink color) while the other half of her hair is a contrasting black. The result? Rockin’ hair full of life and color that looks especially good in a topknot like the one she’s wearing.


27. India Arie Box Braids Hairstyle: Voluminous Updoindia arie voluminous updo
Do you love volume? (Of course you do). Do you love updos? (Who doesn’t love updos?) Then you will surely fall in love with India Arie’s braided hairstyle just like we did! She adds plenty of volume to the top of her head before pulling her hair back into a high updo. This, of course, results in an updo that’s piled up with plenty of height and volume- which is something we absolutely adore. This hairstyle is a fashion WIN.


28. Tae Heckard Box Braid Hairstyle: Jumbo SizedTae Heckard Jumbo box braids
Box braids don’t always have to be tight and small, and Tae Heckard proves this statement. Her box braids are jumbo sized, giving her style a full and thick look that is amazingly gorgeous. We love how the braids have plenty of life in them, and we can only imagine what they look like in a number of other hairstyles. If you want a box braid hairstyle that is different from the norm’, try making them super sized like Tae Heckard.


29. Stephanie Okereke Bx Braid Hairstyle: Voluminous Half Updostephanie okereke voluminous half updo
Remember that long talk we had earlier about how much we absolutely love tons and tons of volume, especially on the top of the head? Well here’s another great hairstyle showcasing one of our favorites: serious volume. Here we see Stephanie Okereke sporting a sexy half updo that works great in every social situation. But as you can clearly see, it’s not just another boring updo. She adds plenty of height to the top of the head, giving her a fabulous look that can’t be missed. We’re loving your look, Stephanie!


30. Janet Jackson Box Braid Hairstyle: Bold Accessoriesjanet jackson accessories
It’s been said that Janet Jackson is the queen of box braids. After all, why wouldn’t she be? She looks absolutely stunning with them and looks amazing no matter how she wears them. In fact, women everywhere are constantly trying to replicate her style- who could blame them? Here’s just another hairstyle from Janet Jackson that we fell in love with the moment we saw it. She throws her hair up into a stylish high ponytail, one with plenty of chic attitude and hotness. But she doesn’t stop there. She adds a gorgeous accessory around the ponytail, which adds to the immense volume of the ‘do while also spicing up her entire look. Don’t let your ponytail go bare- try some bold, thick accessories like Janet Jackson for a look that really pops.



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