How to keep your hair straight all day

By on January 22, 2014

Struggling to keep your hair looking silky smooth all day long? Check out this list of 7 ways to keep your hair straight, including some incredible styling tips and thing you should avoid. You might be surprised how easy it is to contain even the craziest ‘dos!




1. Straightening Shampoo & Condition Combo

As most hair starts getting unruly the moment water touches it, why not battle the frizz and curls right from the source: the shower. Find a straightening shampoo with a complementing conditioner and notice a considerable change in your hair. If you don’t have additional styling products, add conditioner to your hair after your shower for an added boost of straightening power and moisture. For many, this is enough to handle slight curls and waves. However, if you still find your hair is a bit crazy, continue on to the next tips.


2. Straightening Styling Products

There are a lot of great products on the market that battle curls and frizz from the outside. These products are to be applied to the hair after showers or really anytime throughout the day when your hair starts to get messed up. As aforementioned, there are a ton of products geared towards straightening hair, from low prices to incredibly high prices. Try out different products until you find the one that can take care of your locks.


3. Natural Remedies

There are a lot of natural remedies that aid in giving your hair a straightening boost. The most popular one is the milk and honey mixture, mainly for the fact that they are both very common ingredients found in most kitchens. All you need to do is combine one cup of milk with one tablespoon of honey. Mix the ingredients into a mask and apply to your hair. Leave the mixture in your hair for two hours and then rinse. You will notice your hair is not only incredibly straight and smooth, but also has an intense boost of shine that you will love. You can also try out other popular mixture like adding almond oil to conditioner, lemon and coconut milk mixtures, and lots of others until you find one you absolutely love.


4. Flat Brush & Blow Dryer

If you want straight hair, there is one item in peculiar you need to own: a flat brush. Other than typical hair brushes, a flat brush glides through each strand of hair, pulling it generously into a straighter physique. It’s undoubtedly a must-have item and you’ll notice a significant difference after a single use. But to make it work even better, use a flat brush combined with a blow dryer (on low heat) facing downward, pulling away from the head in a straight motion. Continue until hair is completely dry.


5. Stay Out of Humidity

Humidity causes frizz. And that’s just that. There is really no way to escape it. If you want to enjoy beautifully straight hair, you need to stay as far away from humidity as humanly possible.


6. Using Towel Correctly

Keep this in mind the next time you shower: Don’t- and I mean absolutely DON’T- use the towel roughly on your hair, pulling and swishing every which way trying to draw out moisture. All of the friction and intense movement will surely add some curls and waves to your hair- not to mention give it a little tangle action (which we all love, right?). Rather than using your towel in a rough manner trying to dry your hair as quick as possible, simply wrap the towel around your hair and give it a gentle squeeze. This will take the water out of your hair without rummaging it up. After you’ve done that, ditch the towel and use a hairdryer and flat brush to dry your hair. If you don’t have time or don’t want to use a hairdryer, use your straightening styling product and your flat brush until your hair has dried completely.


7. Use a Straightener

When all is said and done and you are still struggling with hair that isn’t straight (or you just want a really easy fix to unruly locks), use a straightener. Straighteners are undoubtedly one of the easiest styling equipments to use and will give you flawlessly smooth, straight hair. The only downside to using a straightener is the extreme heat can damage hair in the long run. To avoid this, try either using the straightener on the lowest heat setting (which may take a bit longer) or buy a special product that will protect your locks from heat damage. Again, there is a lot of protective hair products on the market and they are a seriously good purchase if you want flawless looking locks. As an added measure of protection, try finding a straightener that is designed to help give your hair nutrients and moisture while it straightens with heat. A win-win!


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