20 Business Hairstyles for Women 2016

By on January 26, 2016

Heading to the office? That’s no excuse to not look your best! These 20 hairstyles are SUPER quick and easy- something you can throw together 5 minutes before you head off to work. They are classy, beautiful, and chic, the perfect collection of hairstyles for the work place.

1. Relaxed Curls


Curls are ALWAYS lovely on a lady, whether she is heading to a fancy event or a trip to the beach with her girls- and yes, even WORK. These relaxed curls have the perfect blend of elegance and casualness, a great office look that will only require a bit of curling before heading out to the office. Looks great with your pencil skirt and blazer!

2. Office Chic Spikes


If you’re rocking an adorable pixie cut, you can get creative even when you’re heading to the office. This hairstyle features just a touch of texture that’s funky and chic, but not over-the-top. It’s an easy way to add a little spice to your work life while still remaining sophisticated and hip.

3. Topknot70f61f5b929d80d6ac5cb21ec4fa132c

Ladies, I’m sure you are well aware at this point how insanely popular the topknot hairstyle is. And best of all, it can double as a trendy hairstyle and a great hair option for work! The adorable topknot keeps loose strands of hair out of your face so you can look bright-eyed and perky with customers and business partners. Plus, throwing this style together is a cinch; you could even do it on your way to work in the morning, that’s how easy it is!

4. Super Simple Beach Waves


Have a straightener but no curling iron? No worries! You can still sport some adorable beach waves. Simply throw your hair together into a braid, run the straightener over it, and enjoy some lovely waves. Toss your lengthy side bangs to the side and clip it back to keep your face open and bangs away for an open, friendly look that’s casual yet cute.

5. Chignon


Ah yes, the chignon. It may look like an extremely complicated hairstyle, but this highly refined and polished hairstyle can literally be done in seconds. It’s probably one of the most favored business hairstyle in the industry as it’s gorgeous, classy, and feminine all at once. Best part is, you won’t have to switch up your ‘do from day to night as this lovely style works anywhere.

6. Simple Side Braid


Never underestimate the power of a braid! Yes they may be simple, but boy are they FABULOUS. Side braids are utterly adorable, a great way to showcase those lengthy locks in a feminine and beautiful way. We love how she leaves a big of her bangs out, giving them a gentle curl that really adds to the overall daintiness of her style. Simply gorgeous, you really can’t go wrong with a braid!

7. Textured Ponytail


A ponytail is always a great option for work. However, the typical ponytail can get a little boring if you’re using it several times a week. That’s why adding just a touch of texture is an excellent idea! Here she adds plenty of volume in the front, with some subtle waves in the back to keep things looking elegant and beautiful. Last but not least she adds some twists and clips above the hairband, hiding her hairband for a unique and lovely style that is wonderful for the office.

8. Flower Braid


Can you think of ANYTHING more dainty and elegant than a beautiful flower? I sure can’t; and the fashion world has finally found a way to incorporate flowers into our hairstyles. This lovely flower braid is a LOT easier than it looks and you can do this textured, unique look in a matter of minutes. Incredible! Finish it off with a low ponytail to keep the hair away from your face while you work.

9. Voluminous Waves


Loaded with sexy volume, these voluminous waves can easily double as your date night go-to hairstyle and your charming office style. Clip your bangs bag to really open up your face and let your eyes do the talking. It may be a bit on the sultry side, but it’s downright fancy.

10. Subtle Underflip


So you’re going to work today but don’t want to stick to slick straight locks? Give them a bit of life by simply curling the ends inward for a lovely style that can be worn anywhere. We’re loving her layers of all shapes and lengths, which are heavily amplified by her use of curling.

11. Front Braid


Give your hair just a touch of dimension, style, and cuteness with a front braid. A front braid quickly and easily adds a touch of depth and elegance to your locks, taking your straight strands from boring to trendy and fabulous!

12. Wrap Around Braid


Braids are so beautiful no matter HOW you wear them; but we especially adore this unique, fashionable braided hairstyle. She grabs some strands near the front of her face, drawing them back into a beauteous wrap-around braid that’s tame but trendy. Would look absolutely amazing with all of your business apparel, giving your style some feminine body.

13. Faux Fishtail Braidsfaux fishtail braid

For some people, fishtail braids aren’t the easiest things in the world to put together. If that’s the case- or you simply want to shake things up a bit when it comes to braided hairstyles- than consider this faux fishtail hairstyle. It’s glamorous, luxurious, and downright perfect for the business scene. Tons of texture, loads of dimension, and a really feminine, flawless finish; it doesn’t get any better than that!

14. Twisted Bun

twisted bun

Buns are at their height of popularity for 2016, and they make a really fabulous hairstyle option for the office. They keep all those pesky hairs away from your face and give your look a clean, refined style. This twisted bun gives the typical bun a bit more body and dimension, a great option if you want to switch it up a bit.

15. Twisted Crown

twisted crown

You may want to wear this look to a pool party because it’s SO cute, but paired with the right business apparel, it also works as an excellent option when it comes to business hairstyles. The waves are gorgeous and flirty while the twisted crown is elegant and cute. The perfect combination of textures to create one VERY stylish ‘do.

16. French Twist twisted updo

There is no other hairstyle as exquisite, ornate, and refined as a french twist. It’s simply one of the most stunning hairstyles out there, and it’s a lot easier to put together than you may think. Seriously, if you’re looking for a hairstyle that oozes elegance and class, we highly recommend the french twist. A perfect pairing for your business dresses and skirts.

17. Beach Waves

2d1cad21841fd268d33042d3009acf9c Another gorgeous take on the classic beach waves, these waves are a bit more voluminous and loose for a more casual feel. A cute style that would look lovely in the business world.

17. Curled High Ponytaile4482c9f919eada04312077f61f72ab9

Getting tired of the same ole boring ponytail? Don’t blame you! This hairstyle is SO cute and bouncy, a fresh and perky hairstyle that would work wonders at work. Simply throw your locks up into a flirty high ponytail and give some loose curls to the rest of your main. You could even twirl some of your hair around your hairband to add some subtle elegance and dimension to your hair. Love this style!

18. Curlsf145ab914bc62da907bbefa8b80f000f

You can’t go wrong with curls; it’s as simple as that. These flawless, dignified classic curls are a great option for the workplace as they are delicate yet refined enough for the most important business meetings.

20. Retro Toss BackretroFor my ladies out there who love retro fashion, you can still sport a refined hairstyle with a retro influence in the office. This lovely look is sensational and dignified, and you can put it together really quickly. So wonderful!

Which one of these beautiful hairstyles will YOU sport to the workplace?


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