30 Gorgeous Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors

By on May 11, 2015

This summer season strawberry blonde is in trend. The hair color features a warm reddish allure and it looks extremely refined when styled properly. There are numerous variations you can consider, and most women really appreciate that this hair color is so versatile. Famous celebrities like Amy Adams, Sienna Miller, Nicole Kidman, and Isla Fisher are fond of strawberry blonde highlights. There are numerous tones you can try out. Experiment with color and find the one that best compliments with your skin, face and hairstyle. Here are 30 gorgeous strawberries hues you can try out to look fabulous for the warm season.

1. Rosie Huntington Whiteley Strawberry Blonde Hair Color: Rose Gold


Rose gold is an excellent color for the summer. Paired with a light blonde, the combo will instantly grab attention. If you have beautiful bone structure like Rosie Huntington then a middle parting would work perfectly with the style. Opt for loose layers and you’ll have the most elegant and refreshing rose gold locks.

2. Jessica Chastain Strawberry Blonde Hair Color: Wavy Curls


Classic mermaid waves are an excellent choice if you have medium-length hair and you want to make a change without cutting it. Consider a warm blonde color with reddish hues for an added effect of glamour, and have your hair curled up on one side. The style is chic and fashionable, perfect for hot summer days.

3. Emma Stone Strawberry Blonde Hair Color: Copper Blonde

Gorgeous_strawberry_blonde_hair_colors_03Reddish bronze is such an enticing hair color. It is a soothing mix between blonde highlights and red; the end result is a truly glamorous shade that will look perfect with a loose-fitting hairstyle. Messy waves are excellent for the beach. They look effortless and really graceful. Pair the hairstyle with a nude makeup and a long, fluid dress, and you’ll be ready to hit the beach.

4. Nicole Kidman Strawberry Blonde Hair Color: Peachy Blonde


Curled hair can be easily dyed in a reddish color providing that you preserve dimension within you locks. It is important to have a shoulder length that compliments the size and shape of your face. Keep the blonde highlights but make sure the ends are lighter. The color combo will have a great impact, not to mention that the bouncy curls will most likely turn everyone’s heads around.

5. Blake Lively Strawberry Blonde Hair Color: Honey Blonde


These incredible tones of honey blonde with hints of strawberry exude clarity and radiance. The hairstyle is beautifully layered and it packs lighter tones at the roots to add depth and fullness to the color. To make your locks appear chic, you could opt for a few waves in the front.

6. Molly Gardner Strawberry Blonde Hair: Shoulder Length Bob with Curled Ends


Business women who are a bit more conservative will adore this super sweet strawberry hair color and style. Bring more texture to the shoulder area and have your hair trimmed at the ends. Opt for a long bob with a middle parting and have the tips curled. Extremely discreet and feminine, this strawberry blonde won’t pass unnoticed and everyone at the office will notice the pleasant change.

7.  Julia Roberts Strawberry Blonde Hair: Loose Curls with Middle Parting


This style goes really well on women with longer hair. The blunt cut is stylish and elegant, and the face framing layers will fix any existing flaws that your face may have. Furthermore, the middle parting makes the style appear fuller and a lot more sophisticated. However, if you have a cheeky face you might want to consider a side part, and not a middle part. Strawberry blonde matches with darker, creamy blonde too, although the end result might be pale reddish with cute, strawberry layers.

8. Strawberry Blonde Hair: Two-Toned with Long Bangs 


Rather than opt for ombre hair, take a chance and play with two different color hues. Place the lighter tone on top and save the darker one for the tips. Blend blonde and red altogether and the end result will be the most interest combination of strawberry blonde with caramel ends.

9. Strawberry Blonde Hair: Layered Locks with Light Strawberry Ends


Strawberry blonde highlights go really well with a warm blonde hair color. Show off a versatile style and consider a sided fringe. Keep the cut traditional and flirty, and you’ll have beautiful locks perfect for any occasion. A sweeping side fringe is ideal if you have a round face; the style fits the complexion perfectly and it should be paired with a sleek cat-eye makeup for an added effect.

10. Michelle Williams Strawberry Blonde Hair: Short Bob with Sided Fringe


Consider a chin length bob and make your face appear more structural. Consider face framing strawberry layers and you’ll have the most romantic French-inspired cut. This hairstyle is perfect for women with heart shaped faces because it accentuates your best features (cheekbones, eyebrows or eyes) while hiding small imperfections. A chopped cut might be exactly what you need for this summer.

11. Heather Graham Strawberry Blonde Hair: Medium Length with Middle Parting 


Wavy highlighted blonde is the newest trend for the summer. Style it without struggling too much, and opt for a side or middle part to give it an extra air of coolness. Let the hairdo breathe, and allow it to be messy and chic. Consider several strawberry blonde hues just to make the style appear fresh and ready for the beach.

12. Strawberry Blonge Hair: Short Layered Bob


When mixed with a side fringe red hair can have the most powerful effect. The look seems modern in appearance because of the wavy effect, but it also has a vintage allure thanks to the romantic and seductive bangs. Extremely edgy and avantgarde, this style is sophisticated but with a sweet, cheeky side. A lot of women can rock the red hair, however it really pops when you have porcelain skin.

13. Rachel McAdams Strawberry Blonde Hair: Light Strawberry with Reddish Highlights 


Super long hair should be valued and cared for. Loose curls are so trendy and stylish, although for a bohemian, romantic look you should totally change the color. Keep the platinum blonde and consider reddish tones at the ends. The final color will be a strawberry blonde ombre that will instantly draw people’s attention and will make you feel sexy.

14. Deborah Ann Woll Strawberry Blonde Hair: Dark Blonde and Reddish Hues 


Women with dark blond hair should definitely consider strawberry highlights. The style is a good match if you have long locks because it adds fluency and continuity to the face while also lengthening it and making you appear taller. Opt for natural waves and make sure the strawberry highlights are really striking. This way your dark blond will turn into caramel, and the hairstyle will appear more elegant than ever before.

15. Scarlet Johansson Strawberry Blonde Hair: Refined Beige 


Darker, redder roots mixed with caramel blond will help you look impeccable for the summer. The hues blend beautifully and they work really well with loose, curvy layers. The hairstyle is subtle and discreet, and it can be worn in numerous ways. For example, you can opt for a romantic side parting to give the hair a modern, fresh allure.

16. Connie Britton Strawberry Blonde Hair: Strawberry Ombre 


We can’t get enough of the hombre especially when it comes in strawberry hues. If you have beautiful, long locks then this style will suit you flawlessly. Long layers can match any type of face providing that the parting is swept and not made in the middle. Loose and bouncy, flat long locks will lighten your entire appearance.

17. Strawberry Blonde Hair: Reddish Ends


Let your inner punk rocker shine through and consider dyeing your ends in a reddish color. The blend of strong red with lighter copper hues will instantly draw attention to the face. For a more prominent effect, you could opt for a flushed lipstick color too. The combination will make your hairstyle seem cheeky, fun and really chic.

18. Christina Hendricks Strawberry Blonde Hair: Bouncy Waves 


Women with really light skin should embrace the light strawberry blonde nuance. The color is incredibly romantic, and it will really bring out your delicate face features. If you have blue eyes for example, this light blonde with strawberry hints will make them appear even bluer.

19. Leslie Mann Strawberry Blonde Hair: Straight with Side Parting 


We can’t get enough of the hombre especially when it comes in strawberry hues. If you have beautiful, long locks then this style will suit you flawlessly. Long layers can match any type of face providing that the parting is swept and not made in the middle. Loose and bouncy, flat long locks will lighten your entire appearance.

20. Jessica Chastain Strawberry Blonde Hair: Cool Toned 


Strawberry blond can be such an enticing hair color when dyed properly. Opt for a cooler tone at the roots and a stronger one at the ends. The result will be a light strawberry ombre with warm honey hues you will absolutely adore. The style is great for women with long, wavy locks, but it can also work with shorter haircuts too. For some more originality you could opt for a middle or side parting.

21. Debbie Ryan Strawberry Blonde Hair: Tangerine and Pastel Hues 


This summer season the classic blonde hair gets a complete makeover. Add tangerine and pastel strawberry highlights to make it appear fresh and ready for the beach. Consider several flowing curls and maybe a layered fringe for an added level of originality. Whether you have short or long hair, this color combination will definitely make you feel confident and sexy.

22. Evan Rachel Wood Strawberry Blonde Hair: Creamy Blonde 


The ideal hair color is neutral. For your blonde hair to appear naturally-looking you can consider a creamy nuance with strawberry ends. Together, these colors create harmony and you will be able to style it anyway you like. Have your hair split in half, and create a perfect middle parting to make the style seem chic and romantic.

23. Strawberry Blonde Hair: Medium Length with Side Swept Fringe


Intense strawberry blonde is almost red; however, the color hasn’t lost its warm blond hints at the roots. The style is ideal for a classic party or formal event, but also for the beach. Sweep your fringe and use some mouse to create bouncy, loose layers on the back. This hair color works really well in women with pale skin; but it can also work on darker skin tones providing that you consider a really intense strawberry nuance.

24. Strawberry Blonde Hair: Pearly Strawberry with Curls 


Using a shine enhancer to add a pearly finish to your strawberry blond will make your locks seem healthy and naturally looking. Shining hair exudes lavishness, and it makes it look precious. The fragrance is really delicate and the 3D effect created will surely turn some heads around.

25. Sienna Miller Strawberry Blonde Hair: Straight Blonde with Sided Bangs 


Bold and incredibly stylish, the bright strawberry suits straight hair beautifully. The hairstyle works really well with women with porcelain skin and blue/green eyes. Wear your locks straight, and consider a layered bangs or at the very least, a side part for an added effect of originality. Bright strawberry is an excellent hue for the summer; it looks fresh and will instantly bring your lively personality to life.

26. Strawberry Blonde Hair: Middle Parting with Curled Pastels 


Pastel pink is without a doubt a striking hair color that can only be achieved if your current color is already light blonde. The end result is a superb rose hue that will instantly grab people’s attention. Seductive and sweet, this color goes really well with a side bang, and is ideal for women with larger foreheads or with longer, more prominent face shapes.

27. Strawberry Blonde Hair: Straight Fringe with Curled Sides


Strawberry blonde is such a romantic hair color that goes perfectly with medium length hair. Opt for a side parting and have it curled. Consider some more reddish highlights and you’ll have a perfect hairstyle for a cocktail party. Since we’re talking about a sexy vintage-like style, you should consider statement earrings to lengthen the face and create balance. The flirty curls add movement and the enticing color mix will make your whole style stand above the crowd.

28. Emma Stone Strawberry Blonde Hair: Reverse Ombre with Bangs 


Ditch the highlights and consider a straight, medium-length bob with two tones of red mixed with classic blonde. The reversed hombre is daring and incredibly enticing to the eye. Basically the fading starts from the ends to the roots; make sure the passing from really dark strawberry to blonde is no too abrupt though.

29. Julia Roberts Strawberry Blonde Hair: Curls with Middle Parting


This extravagant hairstyle is excellent at a wedding or mega party because it’s really creative and eye-catching. The style comes with a heavy dose of curls that will instantly put you in the center of attention. Women with green or blue eyes should take advantage; copper blonde with curls is the way to go if you’re going on a hot date this evening. The copper nuance goes really with a tanned skin too; the golden undertones will really make your whole outfit stand out.

30. Bake Lively Strawberry Blonde Hair: Long Curls with Side Swept Bangs


This idea of a strawberry blonde is both coloristic and ingenious. The rainbow effect is obtained by mixing golden blond at the roots with strawberry blonde in the middle, and once again golden shades at the ends. The end result may a bit unusual, but if you’re a bold woman with lot of imagination, this hue will beautifully compliment your personality.

Side swept bangs are so sexy; they instantly transform a dull cut into a chic hairstyle. For some added volume consider full waves in the front; heavy layers have the power to create a feathered effect that fills a look and makes it seem increasingly more dramatic. If your locks are light blonde, then you should consider adding strawberry highlights, just to spice things up a bit.


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