50 Balayage Hair Color Ideas

By on March 16, 2016

Are you looking for a cool hairstyle for this year? Do you want to make a change but don’t know where to start? Balayage is a current hair trend that looks absolutely stunning. It will give an edge to your current hairdo, and it will surely make it stand above the crowd. Here are 50 of the most amazing balayage hair ideas you can choose for this season.

1.Marooned Subtlety Balayage

balayage hair 1

via Pinterest/neilgeorgeblog

A soft combination of deep maroon and auburn hair shades gently flowing out from the roots and gradually passing to the curly tips. Surprisingly shaded curls have several light brown and white color hues. They dance and mix among themselves in the sun. Such a hairstyle remains within the fine conventional styling but shows us that brilliant simplicity, which is much more than boring total brightness.

2.Brown-to-White Beach Balayage

balayage hair 2

via Pinterest/Kyra Williams

Brown balayage ombre helps to create light and comfortable beach waves at the hair tips. The most relaxing combination of mild colors ever.  Just look at these cozy curls of golden straw color! One of the most popular summer tune ideas today combined with smooth ombre effect.

3. Balayage Layered Bob

balayage hair 3

via Pinterest/StayGlam

Layered bob haircut combines perfectly with balayage ombre even for a very short hair. In result, there is a straight, bold and even haughty image. Many girls want to look just like that but cannot formulate a hairstyle. Let us help them now – make a layered bob look with bold color contrasting in highlighting ombre.

4. Chocolate Hair Dimension

balayage hair 4

via Pinterest/Valloveshair

Deep and dark brown balayage combined with chocolate strands opens a new dimension to your hair. A unique depth and volume of smooth hair waves may be achieved with medium-toned maroon dyeing. Short haircuts look more saturated and perfectly focus the chocolate waves of hair. If you want to keep your original color and make it interesting this method is for you!

5. Conservative Brown Summer Balayage

balayage hair 5

via Pinterest/Morgan Kleppe

Such summer hair painting as brunette balayage can show the beauty of the natural chocolate hue of your hair. Why summer? Because it is saturated. A large variety of soft shades, such as reddish brown, deep burgundy and pale yellow are just as colorful as the very nature of the summer. If you want to bring spice into the hairstyle, feel free to try this tip.

6. Brown Subtle Ombre Balayage

balayage hair 6

via Pinterest/Fashion Spot

What can be more pleasant that having a long bob blonde ombre hairstyle? Almost invisible balayage effect comes into subtle highlighting of a straight hair. This image is so gentle and so soft that you may not be afraid of dramatic changes in hair caused by new popular technique. Just to try balayage in virgin hair and change the boring business image.

7. Choco-Coffee Balayage)

balayage hair 7

via Pinterest/won bond

A weave of chocolate and coffee colors creates a very smooth transition of one hue to another and gives the hair visual volume and natural look. An effect of deep shade creates a unique appearance. You may experiment with different chocolate and coffee variations of dyeing I order to find something special.

8. Fresh Light Strings

balayage hair 8

via Pinterest/Mane Interest

Light brown shade is perfectly complemented by blonde highlighting. This balayage solution is an ideal option for women with blue or gray eyes and light skin. Such a hairstyle looks very natural and beautiful. Use it if you want to fresh up, renovate, and complement your own hair color.

9. Pearl-Gray Indie Ombre

balayage hair 9

Pinterest/Trista Shoop

Dark blonde hair beautifully looks with pearl-grey accent throughout their length starting from the scalp zone. Such dyeing would be perfect for girls with light skin and gray eyes to create a unique aristocratic and even a bit indie appearance.

10. Wild & Mild Brunette

balayage hair 10

via Pinterest/pinderful

The brightness and the depth are fascinating. Free and wild atmosphere reflected in this hair color idea shows a restive and peculiar woman’s soul. Crisp brunette color just says that she likes to win, but short ombre at the hair tips in a light reddish manner calms this temper smoothly.

11. Blonde Magnificence

balayage hair 11

via Pinterest/howtochic

Do you know what «blonde magnificence» is? This is a classic Ombre made in soft colors, starting from deep light brown roots to large pearly white curls. This is a perfect hairstyle for women with beautiful long blonde hair.

12. White Wavy Strings

balayage hair 12

via Pinterest/Total Beauty

Bright ombre lowlighting with varying individual waving strands of color. This dyeing perfectly suites blonde-haired women wishing to distinguish their own hair color. In order to emphasize its uniqueness, the hairstyle combines deep brown dyeing in the scalp area and incredibly bright curling strings contrasting with the roots.

13. Gentle Lowlights or True Sombre

balayage hair 13

via Pinterest/VPfashion

Super delicate perfect lowlighting for blonde-haired women. The balayage effect is achieved through individual hair coloring over the entire length. The wide scope of shades outputs the maximum of unique shades as the light plays with the hair.

14. Caramel Ombre Highlighting

balayage hair 14

via Pinterest/Total Beauty

Traditional balayage ombre with dark brown hair complemented by golden tones from below. Such caramel hue features flowing colors and makes dark hair alive. Dark hair is an ideal basis for any balayage.

15. Short Haircut Glamorous Bright Blonde

balayage hair 15

The masterful passage from light brown to bright blonde will be a great solution for such a haircut. The hair does not look tight-fitting and creates a glamorous image of a strong woman. 

via Pinterest/instagram

16. Bold Purple Intensive Balayage

balayage hair 16

via Pinterest/instagram

Good choice for those who like experiments but have certain limits for creativeness. Different shades of purple and blonde are a great solution if made carefully. Combining two or more colors in hair enjoys the same success among young girls and mature women.

17. French Brown Sombre Balayage

balayage hair 17

via Piterest/instagram

Become brunette with a twist through joining French brown dyeing trend and soft ombre technique. It is enough with such color to lighten up brown strands slightly and you will get a multidimensional natural effect. It is quite in the spirit of French women, who, as we all know, are so adorable without embellishment.

18. Bronde Juste Milieu or Gisele Bundchen Color

balayage hair 18

via Pinterest/StayGlam

Brond hue or brown blonde is juste milieu between blonde and brown colors. Well known trend created by famous supermodel Gisele Bundchen. The main condition for creating an ideal shade is to lighten the hair by selective dyeing the upper layers of hair in two different colors with lightening cream dye.

19. Deep Bordeaux Balayage

balayage hair 19

via Pinterest/Carly Bostonian

Bright-red shades suit well for bold and self-confident persons mainly. Not every girl is ready to for such a bold experiment. Nevertheless, if you want to attract the attention and choose your own bright color there also is saturated bordeaux. With professional dyes and gentle hair treatment, light burgundy strands would become your own spectacular way to distinguish.

20. Red-Bordeaux Shatush Highlights

balayage hair 20

via Pinterest/Jeanie Chasteen

Two-tone coloring gets more popular. Due to interesting dyeing techniques, every fashionista has the opportunity to experiment. In order to get brilliant contrasting shades many women choose shatush – another trending highlighting technique. It suggests two-tone hair shading, for example, contrast strings of light red and deep purple.

21. Deep Brown Bronding

balayage hair 21

via Pinterest/VPfashion

Imitation of deep dark hair roots is a separate technique called bronding. This option looks especially pretty in dark-brown hair. Off course, the roots are dyed with darker color compared to the major tousle. Bronding technique lies mainly in roots-zone highlighting or lowlighting.

22. Incredible Deep Violet Ombre

balayage hair 22

via Pinterest/CoCo & Company Hair Salon

For black hair, you can choose a classic ombre with chocolate edging, fiery and light tones, as well as a combination of deep blue, pink, emerald or incredible violet. Modern hair coloring technique is a symbiosis of dyeing and tinting. It is not only standard black-and-white combinations but also natural hues. Color borders are not clear. They are smooth and soft.

23. Mysterious Deep Gray Balayage

balayage hair 23

via Pinterest/junia ailon

Gray hair is so mysterious and elegant. Grey color can truly be called one of the most fashionable, extravagant and intriguing shades. In clothes, gray color has always been very special: versatile, trendy, elegant, and some snazzy. In hair, this color looks particularly impressive.

24. Ashy-Black Straight Ombre

balayage hair 24

via Pinterest/Ida M

Ashy color with brightened straight strands is a beautiful result of balayage and ombre techniques use. This image seems to say to us that gray or ashy dyeing is not necessarily the color of age. Look how aristocratic and stylish this hairstyle may appear.

25. Red Roots White Tips Ombre

balayage hair 25

via Pinterest/StayGlam

If the base color for ombre is dark red, it can be complemented with a white gradient. You can add a three-color gradient with the inclusion of a copper tint. Hair, decorated by this technique looks fantastic, bright and very attractive.

26. Cosmic Oil Slick Balayage

balayage hair 26

via Pinterest/Tredora Salon/Spa

Psychedelic and cosmic colors combination, such as deep purple, deep blue and deep bordeaux tinted through the bleach-free technique of oil slicking are an incredible example of balayage fusion. Oil slick hair is a new trend in the beauty industry and you just have to try it!

27. Crazy Color Ombre

balayage hair 27

via Pinterest/Hailey Chevalie

Such a combination is called “crazy color ombre” because of seemingly incongruous bright colors. This option is suitable for bright and extravagant natures. It looks very advantageous in black hair ombre with a smooth transition from rich burgundy to deep blue at the tips.

28. Blue Tips Ombre or Blue Hair Beauty

balayage hair 28

via Pinterest/Amy Cowden

Blue hair tips dyeing or blue ombre. Such an idea will please those who always keep up with the times. The most successful hairstyles, in this case, are “Hollywood” curls or high ponytail. The bi-tonal coloring of bangs is another interesting idea, suggesting bangs coloring in a bright blue color.

29. Divine Lavender Ends Ombre

balayage hair 29

via Pinterest/Valeree Conner

The unearthly combination at first sight, but it has the right to exist and even more – it is a trend! Lavender shade on the tips and yellow blonde roots look just perfect together. Add beach waves of violet color widening through the length of the curls and you will get a “divine lavender ends ombre”.

30. Long Hair Reverse Black-Brown Ombre

balayage hair 30

via Pinterest/westwoodhair2

In every sense original and interesting solution. Imagine classic ombre, only upside down. What do you get? That is right – Reverse Ombre. Just look how perfectly shades are combined with a gradient: pure black, chestnut and straw-blonde! That is incredible high-quality hairstyle work with a very long hair.

31. Candy Three-Color Balayage

balayage hair 31

via Pinterest/artfire

What is the last word in the world of hairdressing today? Off course, candy colors! A search in this style can transform any outfit and make it all the rage. This is a bold and stylish way to show your personality and engage all eyes. You can make your experiment not so outrageous. Just use colors that are more sophisticated.

32. Red Hair Tips Ombre

balayage hair 32

via Pinterest/wavygirlhairsyles

Beautiful long red streaks underneath perfect blonde hair may reflect your internal state the best way possible. You have not just simple blonde two-color balayage. You have a unique and complex hairstyle combining such different shades as deep red and straw-blonde!

33. Sensuality Explosion Ombre

balayage hair 33

via Pinterest/pophaicuts

Imagine that your hair it would be painting and you are an artist. What would you like to reflect on it? Of course, it would be peculiar to all women classic blond chastity and modesty, but also no less peculiar bright purple and violet emotionality and sensuality. Look what we get!

34. True Fiery Ombre

balayage hair 34

via Pinterest/pophaircuts

A real fire in her hair… A direct reflection of the element in the modern technique of dyeing. The roots have a rich depth of maroon, and the tips as if bleached by the sun have bright pale pink and white shades. A true masterpiece in modern hair styling!

35. Purple Blue Dip-Dye Ombre

balayage hair 35

via Pinterest/cute-colored-hair

Dip-dye is such a temporary or permanent coloring in which the hair looks as if being “dipped” into a jar of paint. Ombre technique is applied here to separate smoothly the areas of different colors and add a third neutral tone.

36. Galaxy Hair Balayage or Pretty Mermaid Balayage or Cosmic Waterfall Balayage

balayage hair 36

via Pinterest/weheartit

Are you looking for absolutely amazing hairstyle looking like a cosmic waterfall or unicorn mane? Look what we got here! It is also called “pretty mermaid” if you wish. Anyway, after such an experiment with hair image, you will start to attract the same fairy-tale characters, and stylists and hairdressers would be just glad to make a free styling for you!

37. Asymmetric Haircut Ashy Balayage

balayage hair 37

via Pinterest/Brit Morin

Such hair coloring makes your hair irresistible. A contrasting hairstyle in young girls becomes more expressive and multifaceted along with asymmetric haircuts. Balayage technique makes all the work instead of you: volume, dimension, combination of shades, wavy curls. Just think about it.

38. Ultra Bright Red Ombre or Magma Red Ombre

balayage hair 38

via Pinterest/panthagems

Benefits of red ombre are undeniable: improved hair volume and expressiveness of women’s facial features; for young women preferring classic ombre, there is no need for periodic visits to the hairdresser; this method of dyeing attracts everyone’s attention to the person; red ombre is the most memorable option because in it hair ends take on a reddish tint.

39. Blue Rainbow Balayage

balayage hair 39

via Pinterest/Cuded Art & Design

Blue rainbow hair dyeing style is characterized by memorable image, deep colors, ranging from bright balayage isolation of pure blue shade and ending with deeper shimmering purple shades. One must be brave for such a hairstyle!

40. Raven Ashy Reverse Ombre

balayage hair 40

via Pinterest/indulgy

Reverse black & white ombre with ashy white roots and raven black hair tips. It is an extreme and strong solution just for true leaders, the women preferring gothic elements to boring colorful unicorns and butterflies.

41. Celestial Blue Tips Ombre

balayage hair 41

via Pinterest/Style News Newton

Listen how it sounds: “And the sky was in her hair, just as blue and clear as the eye can catch it”. Indeed, this is a masterful ombre worthy of the highest praise, because the eyes really “feel about heaven”. Hair tips color is made on the verge of ashy color, but we see the only deepest celestial blue.

42. Masked Expression Balayage

balayage hair 42

via Pinterest/

Gentle lavender and blue shades in a short haircut style! At first glance, it may seem that the expressive shades can be seen quite clearly. Then, it turns out that this balayage masks pastel colors and leaves blond interspersed with dark light brown in the foreground. Great job!

43. Balayage & Oil Slick Wise Combination

balayage hair 43

via Pinterest/instagram

A wise combination of the oil slick and balayage techniques with deep green and dark violet colors and waving tips shows us a quite mature image of a successful and spiritually rich woman. Do you think Aura Friedman could imagine how popular will be his well-forgotten new things even in such a conservative implementation?

44. Bright Color Tints

balayage hair 44


via Pinterest/vpfashion

Bright color tints in black hair now are trending once again. Therefore, if you are a happy owner of deep black hair it is a good time to experiment with it. Finely chosen appropriate colors as in our example, will make hair dyed a product of contemporary art, without exaggeration. Rough tapering of hair tips just emphasizes the boldness and originality of your hairstyle solution.

45. Charming Granny Hairstyle

balayage hair 45

via Pinterest/vpfashion

Trending “granny hair style” may also be interesting combined with classic black hair ombre. Of particular interest is straight hair, because the resulting effect is just unbelievable and filled with great charm.

46. Purple Retro Curls Balayage

balayage hair 46


via Pinterest/buzzfeed

Purple retro hair extension combined with chaotic splashes of expressive color balayage can open a new creative world for good taste owners. It is a sort of a fusion. Retro curls, modern methods of hair coloring and styling on the verge of a magic.

47. Acid Violet Hairstyle

balayage hair 47

via Pinterest/Branded Girls

Another trend of hair fashion 2016 – complete hair coloring in a bright color. Most Hollywood celebrities have long demonstrated their originality, emphasizing their beauty by bright blue or pale pink hair color. In our case, it is an interpretation of acid violet.

48. Classic Gray Ombre Straight Long Hair

balayage hair 48

via Pinterest/wonderfulhair

Classic black and gray ombre combined with figured hairstyle can create an incredibly attractive image that fits perfectly both in personal life and in business life. Straight hair is very useful in creating such an image because the symmetry or asymmetry of bangs should be balanced with straight long hair from the sides.

49. Geisha Raven Hairstyle

balayage hair 49

via Pinterest/hubpages

Geisha hairstyle featuring black-and-white coloring and good ombre areas zoning may jointly create something special. A raven is a symbol of this hairstyle in the world of nature. Professional hairdo and unique ombre are a symbol of this hairstyle in the fashion world.

50. Creative Short Zone Coloring

balayage hair 50

via Pinterest/visualizeus

Creative hair coloring is a newborn trend based on modern dyeing techniques, advanced materials, and sophisticated equipment. Zone coloring is what we see here. Not only the strands are dyed but complete separate hair zones.

Which of these amazing balayage hair ideas would you like to try out first


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