50 Best Pixie Haircut

By on May 2, 2014

Are you thinking of getting the chop and going for a pixie haircut? They’re one of the most fashionable hairstyles at the moment and rightly so, they look fab! I’ll admit, you have to be fairly brave to get one though. I mean, you’ve spent countless years growing out your hair and now you’re just going  to chop it all off? I love pixie haircuts but I’ll admit I’m not quite brave enough to get one, though I’m seriously considering it. Considering the fact I can nearly sit on my hair it’s a pretty big commitment to make so I’m sure you can understand why I’m dithering…

Anyway, for those of you who are somewhat braver than me, I’ve rounded up the fifty hottest pixie styles for you to gather some inspiration from. Enjoy!

1. Ashlee Simpson Pixie Haircut: Long and Sideswept

Ashlee Simpson Pixie Haircut

I loved Ashlee Simpson’s long golden locks as I’m sure most of you did but I’m sure you can still appreciate her beautiful, sweeping pixie cut. She’s opted for a long pixie cut, something which works well with her long face, and the sweeping bangs mean it’s a bit more ‘stylable’ (yes, I’m inventing words now!). The length means she has much more freedom and isn’t stuck with the same short but until it grows out.

2. Emeli Sande Pixie Haircut: Shaved and Styled

Emeli Sande Pixie Haircut

I love Emeli Sande’s variation of the pixie haircut. In true Emeli style, she’s shaved the sides of her hair leaving only the top of it in tact. I’ve seen her wearing what’s left of her her in numerous different ways but this style is by far my favourite. The mountain of curls adds life to her hair and really makes her stand out in a crowd.

3. Miley Cyrus Pixie Haircut: Blonde and Beautiful

Miley Cyrus Pixie Haircut

I’ll admit it, I preferred Miley’s hair before. It was simply gorgeous and her flowing, brown hair made me utterly envious. That said, this new style really suits her and given her personality shift it suits her all the more. Here she’s gone with an almost ‘short back and sides’ look and diet her hair a lovely blonde. I’d also like to point out all those gorgeous earrings she’s wearing, something that definitely goes in favour of pixie cuts. You can never see my earrings because of all my hair yet here Miley’s are on show for all the world to see.

4. Kiera Knightley Pixie Haircut: Side Swept and Highlighted

Kiera Knightley Pixie Haircut

I absolutely adore this look on Kiera Knightley. She’s so petite of face that she definitely suits short hair and here she’s proving the shorter the better. She’s kept her pixie cut reasonably long however yet the way it’s swept to the side makes it seem shorter. I love the textured look she’s given it, stopping it from looking limp. Her mix of highlights and lowlights looks amazing too, it brings a warmth to her face and makes her hair look completely natural.

5. Hayden Panettiere Pixie Haircut: Swept Back

Hayden Panettiere Pixie Haircut

Hayden is another celebrity who I was devastated to see have their haircut. She had gorgeous long locks that again I was completely envious of. That said, her new hair really suits her! She looks fantastic here with her hair styled back off her face, revealing her beauty. The great thing about the length of her pixie cut is that it’s long enough for her to wear it in various styles and therefore not look the same day after day.

6. Carey Mulligan Pixie Haircut: Luscious Waves

Carey Mulligan Pixie Haircut

Since getting her pixie haircut, Carey Mulligan really seems to have come into her own. She did it way before it became stylish to do so and really owned the style. It’s now become her signature look. Here she’s wearing her pixie cut reasonably long which has allowed her to add light waves to the style. The gentle waves add texture and life to her hair, ensuring it doesn’t look limp, and her hair has also been side swept to add a bit of extra volume.

7. Vanessa Hudgens Pixie Haircut: Long and Sweeping

Vanessa Hudgens Pixie Haircut

This style looks incredible on the former High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens. I love how she’s got her hair sweeping in two different directions, once across her face and the second time backward. It really makes for a unique look. Vanessa has also stayed true to her roots and kept her hair her natural colour, something I’d like to commend her for as we really don’t see it enough these days.

8. Rihanna Pixie Haircut: Sweeping Bangs

Rihanna Pixie Haircut

Here Rihanna sports a look similar to Emile Sande’s with short sides and a sweeping mount of hair atop her head. I love the way her bangs sweep across her face, directing attention to her eyes. I’d also like to commend her as I did with Vanessa for her natural colour. As you can see it really brings out her skin tone and makes her eyes pop. Going natural is definitely something you should consider if you’re thinking of getting a pixie cut.

9. Evan Rachel Wood Pixie Haircut: Curls

Evan Rachel Wood Pixie Haircut

This is by far one of my favourite pixie haircuts and I’m sure you’ll love it too! Curls, who’d have thought it? Her hair has been left long enough to allow her to curl it, making way for this fantastic look. One of the best things about curls is the way they bring out your highlights too. It really helps to add a textured look to your hair. This style simply wows me!

10. Carey Mulligan Pixie Haircut: Plaited

Carey Mulligan Pixie Haircut

Just because you have a pixie haircut doesn’t mean you have to give up doing girly things to your hair such as adding plaits. Carey looks beautiful here having added just a few simple plaits into her otherwise natural hair. This look is unbelievably simple to create yet the effects are undeniably fantastic. I told you Carey had made the pixie cut her own, didn’t I?

11. Miley Cyrus Pixie Haircut: Side Swept and Shaven

Miley Cyrus Pixie Haircut

This is one of Miley’s best looks if you ask me. Her hair has been swept over to one side, creating volume and texture, while the other side of her head has literally been left bare having been shaved. This style is chic, edgy, and really makes her look like a rockstar. Again, I’d like to point out her earrings which are fully on display, a fab pro to the pixie styles.

12. Rihanna Pixie Haircut: Windswept

Rihanna Pixie Haircut

Similar to Miley’s previous picture, Rihanna has her hair side swept and has had the side of her head which has been left bare shaved. Not so similar to Miley however, the part of her hair which has been swept across hasn’t been combed neatly, it instead looks incredibly windswept. This look is probably not something you could wear around the office but there’s no denying it’s perfect for hitting the town with.

13. Anne Hathaway Pixie Haircut: Neatly Does It

Anne Hathaway Pixie Haircut

After cutting (or rather shaving) her hair for her role in Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway chose to keep her new look and rock the pixie cut. She’s done it incredibly well if you ask me. Here she looks lovely with her neat hairstyle, marking her as a true beauty and a professional. I do hope to see her with her long locks again at some point but for now I love her pixie cut.

14. Frankie Sandford Pixie Haircut: Side Swept and Flicking

Frankie Sandford Pixie Haircut

Frankie Sanford has been rocking the pixie cut for way longer than most celebrities out there. This look is one of my favourites on her. She’s kept her cut slightly longer than most which has enabled her to style it to one side and finish it with a gorgeous flick which really highlights her eyes. It’s such a simple addition but it really changes her look.

15. Natalie Portman Pixie Haircut: Accessorise

Natalie Portman Pixie Haircut

When Natalie Portman shaved her hair for her role in V for Vendetta I was devastated. I mean, completely and utterly in pieces. But once again I got over it as yet another celebrity showed how awesome pixie cuts truly are. Personally, I don’t think enough pixie cuts are accessorised. I mean, just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing hats, hairbands, and all the rest, right? Here, Natalie shows just how great and how simple accessorising your new style can be.

16. Rihanna Pixie Haircut: Bold and Beautiful

Rihanna Pixie Haircut

Bold is beautiful, something which Rihanna really proved here. She’s swapped the natural colour of her pixie cut for startling, fiery red which really sets her look alight. It’s bold, it’s unmissable, and it looks great. Well done, RiRi!

17. Anne Hathaway Pixie Haircut: Blonde Bombshell

Anne Hathaway Pixie Haircut

Anne Hathaway? Blonde? I never thought I’d see the day yet I’m so glad I did! Anne looks absolutely stunning in her new shade, especially since she’s roughed her hair up a little too and stepped away from her usual prim and proper look. I can’t get over how incredible she looks here. Perhaps we all ought to be a little more bold and swap our natural colour for something a little more alive. You never know what it could do for your look.

18. Emma Watson Pixie Haircut: Combed

Emma Watson Pixie Haircut

Okay, so I admit it. I’m still crying over Emma Watson’s long, lost locks. I love her new look but if I had a magic wish I’d wish her old hair back in a heartbeat. Still, let’s focus on why she looks fantastic here! She’s smoothed her hair down and combed it out, pulling it to the sides to create a parting which you don’t see too often in pixie cuts.

19. Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Cut: Blonde and Sleek

Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Cut

Here J.Law has opted for a slightly lighter tone of colour than he usual, something which is great to see. It’s just a simple change but it has had a big effect on her look. She’s also smoothed her hair down nicely, making of a great professional look or, in this case, a perfect red carpet style.

20. Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Haircut: Swept Back

Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Haircut

This look is incredibly on J.Law and again she’s wearing it on the red carpet. Her hair looks fantastic swept off her ace as it reveals her eyes, bringing out her true beauty. She’s also managed to capture a great deal of texture in her hair which gives her look a little something extra if you ask me.

21. Anne Hathaway Pixie Haircut: Natural and Neat

Anne Hathaway Pixie Haircut

Here our film star beauty is back to her natural colour but doesn’t she look lovely for it? This is a great everyday pixie haircut style, one which is simple to create, maintain, and one which looks fab even if you just rolled out of bed. That’s the great thing about pixie cuts, they’re quick and easy to style, not a faff like if you have long hair.

22. Emma Watson Pixie Haircut: Growing Out

Emma Watson Pixie Haircut

This picture shows Emma with her pixie cut at it’s best if you ask me. This slightly grown out style really suits her. She’s combed it back, making it look neat and also showing off its length. The cut of it means you can see hair which is usually hidden too, showing off Emma’s natural highlights. The star looks fantastic here, so elegant and chic.

23. Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Haircut: Styled

Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Haircut

Here’s another great look for J.Law. She’s simply taken a bit of gel or hair putty and styled her hair like most guys do. Sounds simple? Well, that’s because it is but my she looks fantastic for it! This style really brings her hair to life and adds volume, texture, and even makes her look a bit edgy. She truly is rocking the pixie cut!

24. Emma Watson Pixie Haircut: Long Pixie

Emma Watson Pixie Haircut

I suppose this is about the longest your hair can be before you have to start calling it a pixie haircut. This is one of Emma Watson’s best looks if you ask me. She’s had her hair swept in all directions, giving it lots of texture, and the longer length of it frames her face perfectly. It really shows off her delicate features while still making her look like a rock chick.

25. Rihanna Pixie Haircut: Highlighted

Rihanna Pixie Haircut

Again Rihanna’s back with her pixie haircut with shaved sides but this time she’s done it with a twist. She’s stuck with her natural black colour however has added some distinct blonde highlights to liven up her look. She looks incredibly beautiful here, as well as quirky, edgy, sharp, and like a style goddess. Is there any look she can’t pull off? I’m beginning to think probably not!

26. Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Haircut: All Natural

 Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Haircut

Here Jen has opted for quite a natural look and one which requires minimal styling. This style proves why pixie cuts are so great: they’re so easy to maintain and styling them doesn’t even require styling them. They look great all on their own. She has her hair slightly shaved/shorter at the back to really bring out the edge in her look but the longer parts of her hair are just left to flow freely, ending in a beautiful result.

27. Keira Knightly Pixie Haircut: Long Pixie

Keira Knightly Pixie Haircut

Keira is another star that really suits the long pixie look. She’s straightened her hair, making it look incredibly fine, however this doesn’t spoil her look. In fact it only serve to enhance her delicate features. She’s arranged her hair beautifully around her face to frame it and added slight flicks in the ends of her hair for a little extra style. I’m failing to see a downside to this look. It really suits her.

28. Miley Cyrus Pixie Haircut: Spiked 

Miley Cyrus Pixie Haircut

Here Miley starts to show off her truly individual style which is often questionable. Well, often questionable, not in this picture however. I never thought a spiked, slightly mohican hairstyle could work on a girl yet Miley has pulled it off flawlessly. The fact that she’s died the spiked her a contesting colour to the rest of her hair really makes it stand out. If you’re feeling really brave, then this may be the style for you. It sure looks fab!

29. Carey Mulligan Pixie Haircut: Short and Sharp

Carey Mulligan Pixie Haircut

Carey Mulligan is on fire with this fantastic haircut. The way her hair has been styled makes it look alive and it’s filled with texture. The addition of a twisted piece of hair really enhances the style, completely changing it despite how simple it is to do. This style is quick, easy, yet wields fantastic results.

30. Natalie Portman Pixie Haircut: Short and Simple

Natalie Portman Pixie Haircut

This is another short and simple style which can be worn everyday with minimal effort. It looks great whether you’re heading for a night out, going grocery shopping, going to work, or sitting on a talk show like Natalie here. I wasn’t sure at first, but she’s definitely pulled off the pixie style.

31. Charlize Theron Pixie Haircut: Waved Back

Charlize Theron Pixie Haircut

Charlize looks fantastic here as her short pixie cut shows off her delicate features. The way her hair gently waves back is superb. I love how it rises and falls, giving her look volume, texture, and showing off all the subtle colour differences in her hair all at once. This style is a real winner and one I’m surprised we don’t see a lot more of.

31. Coco Rocha Pixie Haircut: Styled and SLeek

Coco Rocha Pixie Haircut

Coco looks amazing here with her styled and sleek look. I love how she’s added a parting to her hair, soothing I already mentioned we don’t see often with pixie cuts, and then slicked all her hair to the sides. She’s paired this looks with absolutely stunning makeup which makes her look chic, elegant, and like an absolute angel.

32. Coco Rocha Pixie Haircut: Styled and Free

Coco Rocha Pixie Haircut

If you weren’t a fan of the slicked back look Coco was going for in the previous picture then it’s likely you’ll like this picture better. She’s gone for a similar style just without all the slick, making for a more natural look. This allows her hair to rise and fall naturally, bringing volume to her look. Her hair looks lovely and fluffy, I’d love to know what she styled it with, I could certainly do with some.

33. Dannii Minogue Pixie Haircut: Side Styled

Dannii Minogue Pixie Haircut

The Minogue sisters always look beautiful. Fact. Even with her pixie haircut Dannii is no exception to this rule. Here she’s gone for a simple side swept style which curves her bangs gently around her face. While this isn’t my favourite look on her, she still looks incredible as I’m sure she will for many years to come.

34. Natalie Portman Pixie Haircut: Pinned Back

Natalie Portman Pixie Haircut

This is one of my absolute favourite Natalie Portman looks! Believe it or not, she’s still wearing the pixie cut we saw earlier but she’s somehow managed to bundle it back and pin it behind her head, making it look much longer than it actually is.  As you can see, a lot of her hair has been left loose atop her head and simply pinned in place by hairspray which is the secret to this look. Wow, simply wow!

35. Evan Rachel Wood Pixie Haircut: Hair Accessories

Evan Rachel Wood Pixie Haircut

Here’s yet another celebrity proving that you can still accessorise even with a pixie haircut. This is so simple yet it completely changes your look. All Evan has done is slid a hatband into her hair, pushed her hair back, and voila! She looks so different to the star we saw earlier yet it’s still the same haircut. Amazing!

36. Emma Watson Pixie Haircut: Red Carpet Ready

Emma Watson Pixie Haircut

37. Emma Watson Pixie Haircut: Super Short

Emma Watson Pixie Haircut

When your hair is this short there’s not really much styling can be done with it however provided it’s the right dolour to bring our all your features as Emma’s is then I don’t think you ought to worry. The key is to go with a natural colour that you know will suit you and keep your hair well groomed.

38. Frankie Sandford Pixie Haircut: Mismatched Legnths

Frankie Sandford Pixie Haircut

I absolutely adore Frankie’s hair! She was one of the first celebrities to really rock having one side of hair longer than the other and in my opinion it was her that kickstarted the who pixie cut trend. This is great as it gives her hair volume, texture, truly bring out her highlights, and frames her face beautifully without falling over it.

39. Frankie Sandford Pixie Haircut: Curled

Frankie Sandford Pixie Haircut

Here Frankie is wearing the same cut except she’s curled her hair, adding a tonne of volume to it and making her look like a totally different person. It’s amazing how such a simple change can totally transform your look. Frankie looks so elegant here, perhaps even like a stylish nineteen twenties woman if that makes sense!

40. Halle Berry Pixie Haircut: Stort and Styled

Halle Berry Pixie Haircut

While the majority of Halle’s hair is really short here, she’s kept a few strands longer which has allowed her to create this fabulous look. She’s gently teased her hair into various positions, really bringing her look to life and adding a deal of texture and volume to her style. I don’t think many women suit hair this short but Halle certainly pulls it off.

41. Halle Berry Pixie Haircut; Highlighted

Halle Berry Pixie Haircut

Here’s Halle again wearing a similar style. The major difference however is the colour of her hair. She’s had the tips of her hair highlighted a lovely caramel colour which sits in stark contrast with her naturally dark hair. This contrast really catches the eye but still she’s gone easy on the change and hasn’t overdone it I’m pleased to say.

42. Isabel Lucas Pixie Haircut: Hattitude

Isabel Lucas Pixie Haircut

Not enough women with pixie cuts wear hats if you ask me. Why this is the case remains a mystery however as Isabel proves just how great the style works. Provided you leave some of your hair on show and choose a hat that works with your outfit, there’s no reason that this style won’t work. Try it, you’ll see!

43. Michelle Williams Pixie Haircut: Choppy

Michelle Williams Pixie Haircut

This is a near perfect look for Michelle Williams. Her hair is delicate, choppy, windswept, and utterly beautiful. Her hair doesn’t seem to know what direction it’s going in but yet it works. Pixie styles are perhaps one of the only styles this works for so I’m pleased Michelle is taking advantage of that fact.

44. Michelle Williams Pixie Haircut: Neatly Styled

Michelle Williams Pixie Haircut

Here in contrast to the previous photo Michelle has styled her hair neatly. I’ll admit, I preferred her look in the previous photo but if you’re heading somewhere important then I suppose this should be your go to style. It’s simple, it’s sweet, and it’s professional.

45. P!nk Pixie Haircut: Messy 

P!nk Pixie Haircut

P!nk has sported many styles over the years but none of which have suited her better than her pixie haircut. Being P!nk, it’s unlikely we’ll see her looking prim and proper any time soon but we don’t mind, not when she pulls off this messy pixie style so well. This style is fab and it really suits her personality and her music.

46. Pixie Geldof Pixie Haircut: Pretty In Pink

Pixie Geldof Pixie Haircut

Here’s Pixie sporting a style that perfectly matches her name! She’s said no to the natural look and has absorbed a gorgeous pink style. She’s chosen her colour carefully, making it not too bright to be inappropriate but bright enough to make a statement. I love it! This washed out shade is great if you’re thinking of dying your hair any colour.

47. Sarah Harding Pixie Haircut: Waves

Sarah Harding Pixie Haircut

This pixie haircut is absolutely fabulous! Sarah’s gently waves completely transform an everyday pixie cut into something truly special. Notice that they’re not too tightly woven and not too loose either. It’s the fact that her waves are perfect that really makes this style work. I also love her side swept bangs which slightly touch over one eye but not enough to obscure it.

48. Sarah Harding Pixie Haircut: Styled

Sarah Harding Pixie Haircut

In contrast, here Sarah has her hair completely straight yet still beautifully styled. She’s puffed it up at the back to add heaps of volume and swept her bangs off in a totally different direction, making for a unique and beautiful style.

49. Valorie Curry Pixie Haircut: Simple

Valorie Curry Pixie Haircut

When she starred in the Following, no one could get over how fantastic Valorie Curry’s pixie haircut was, even if she was playing a murderous character. Her style is so simple yet it works. For the most part, she pulls this off so well because of her incredibly slight frame and delicate features. Her pixie cut helps to show off the rest of her fab body and highlights all her best features. Sure, she looks great with longer hair too but in my opinion it hides away some of her natural beauty.

50. Valorie Curry Pixie Haircut: Highlighted 

Valorie Curry Pixie Haircut

Finally let’s end on Valorie Curry. Here she’s wearing the same style as she was previously but the big difference is her hair colour. By adding blonde to her hair she’s completely changed her look. Notice how she’s still kept brown undertones however. They’re especially prominent on the under-layers of her hair, as they would be if her hair were natural. This is such a simple trick but it really makes her look glow opposed to having all blonde hair.

Have you enjoyed this article? If so I’d love to hear from you! What are your favourite celebrity pixie style and who wore them best? If you’re thinking of getting the chop then I’d also love to hear how you found the courage to do so – my courage is still somewhat lacking I’m afraid to say but hopefully I’ll manage to force myself to the salon soon!

If you’re not ready to commit to a pixie cut then why not try an A line style? If you check out my author page you’ll find ’50 Best A Line Hairstyles’ which is sure to give you heaps of inspiration. You’ll also find loads of other articles which will give you lots of advice on love, life, beauty, and just about everything else you could possibly think of. Enjoy and have a lovely day!


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