Top 100 Short Hairstyles for Women

By on October 5, 2013

The start of a new year is the perfect time to mix things up and change your look. Make fabulous by finding a fresh new hairstyle to suit your unique personal style. Whether you’re updating your current short hairstyle or cutting your hair short for the first time, you’re sure to find a look you adore in our Top 100 Short Hairstyles for Women. Choose from cute pixie cuts, daring close cropped hairdos, edgy bobs, and short romantic curls to reinvent yourself. With 100 hairstyles to choose from, in all styles and many gorgeous colours, you are guaranteed to find the perfect hairstyle to start new year off with a bang.

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1. Anne Hathaway Short Hairstyles: Platinum blonde pixie crop with soft side-swept bangs 

Since parting with her long locks for the movie Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway has embraced her short hair and briefly rocked a platinum blonde pixie cut. She’s since gone back to brunette, but we think she looks equally gorgeous as a blonde. If you’re brave enough to cut your hair this short and  try a drastic colour change, find a hairdresser you trust and go for it!

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_01

2. Emma Watson Short Hairstyles: Sleek faux bob with a side parting

Gone are the days of Harry Potter and her wild head of frizzy curls – actress Emma Watson is all grown up, and stunning with her polished bob.  Her “faux bob” is achieved by tucking long hair underneath itself so it appears shorter – clever! Understated and flattering, this hairstyle is easily manageable with a supply of smoothing anti-frizz serum.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_02

3. Rita Ora Short Hairstyles: Blunt bob with long side-swept fringe

British singer Rita Ora sports a  blunt bob that frames her face beautifully. This simple and classic hairstyle keeps the hair all the same length, and it can be tweaked to suit any face shape. However, this sleek hairstyle grows out quickly, and you should visit a salon every 4-6 weeks to keep your bob in perfect shape.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_03

4. Rihanna Short Hairstyles: Close-cropped hair with short soft waves 

Hair chameleon Rihanna seems to suit every hairstyle and every hair colour, and over the years she’s delighted fans and the paparazzi with her every-changing personal style. Here she has closely-cropped black hair with short sides and subtle soft waves on the top. This short hairstyle opens up her face and allows her stunning natural beauty to shine through. An effortless and feminine ‘do, it’s perfect for summer.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_04

5. Katy Perry Short Hairstyles: Electric blue angular bob

Katy Perry is another songbird who loves to experiment with different hair cuts and bold hair colours. She looks amazing with this bright blue angular bob which complements her sea-green eyes. This hairstyle works particularly well for round faces, as it creates the illusion of a longer, more oval-shaped face. As for choosing a new, bright colour – ask your stylist to choose a shade that complements your skin tone.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_05

6. Carey Mulligan Short Hairstyles: Wispy romantic bob

The Great Gatsby star Carey Mulligan looks ethereal with her soft and wispy blonde layered bob. This hairstyle is great for thin hair, as it creates subtle volume and gives hair great texture. It’s also a very feminine style which softens facial features and gives your look a romantic touch.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles_06

7. Vanessa Hudgens Short Hairstyles: Voluminous tousled bob

Actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical left her long curly hair behind and opted for a bouncy, tousled bob. This is a gorgeous hairstyle for thick hair, and it also works particularly well for naturally curly or wavy hair. For a night out, you can use a curling iron to give your tousled bob extra vivacity.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles_07

8. Kelly Osborne Short Hairstyles: Edgy mini-mohawk

Daughter of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne has recently reinvented herself as a fashionista. Her jet-black mini-mohawk suits her alternative and edgy look, and the glossy waves of hair atop her head add a touch of glamour. This hairstyle is very versatile, and can be adjusted for any occasion – be creative and have fun with it!

Top 100 Hairstyles_08

9. Emma Watson Short Hairstyles: Cute cropped pixie cut

Emma Watson’s super-short pixie cut is sophisticated and classic, and a bold step forward towards a more mature and confident personal style. This hairstyle can also be surprisingly feminine and very flattering for oval, square, and heart-shaped faces. As your hair grows out of a pixie cut, embrace the opportunity to experiment with many different short hairstyles.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_09

10. Hayden Panettiere Short Hairstyles: Angular asymmetrical bob 

Hayden Panettiere, actress from sci-fi series Heroes, rocked her angular asymmetrical bob with a side-swept fringe. Shorter at the back and longer in the front, this hairstyle is very flattering for round faces. The side-swept fringe further elongates a rounder face,  and elegantly softens features.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_10

11. Scarlett Johansson Short Hairstyles: Messy textured lob

Scarlett Johansson looks radiant with her messy “lob” (long bob) hairstyle. This hairdo is fun and flirty, with choppy layers and loads of texture. It’s also a low maintenance hairstyle, allowing your hair the freedom to take on its natural texture without additional products or heat styling.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_11

12. Keira Knightley Short Hairstyles: Long pixie cut with shaggy bangs

Actress Keira Knightley sports a longish pixie cut with messy, shaggy bangs covering her forehead. This sexy and unstructured hairstyle creates a strong contrast with her flawless makeup, and draws attention to her facial features. It’s also a “just-rolled-out-of-bed” look, so it’s low maintenance and effortlessly stylish.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_12

13. Miley Cyrus Short Hairstyles: Funky platinum blonde mohawk

Miley Cyrus recently chopped off her long hair for this modern, edgy mohawk. Her new, daring ‘do suits her bold and confident personality, and also draws attention to her face. If you’re brave and looking for a striking new look, a mohawk may be a good choice for you.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_13

14. Katy Perry Short Hairstyles: Playful blonde bob with pink streaks

Katy Perry looks young and fresh-faced with her cute pink-streaked bob. With a side-parting and hair cut to roughly the same length, this bob really suits all face shapes. You can also vary the length of the bob, choosing between a  shorter chin-length cut or a longer cut that just touches your shoulders.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_14

15. Rihanna Short Hairstyles: Bold angular bob with blunt fringe

Rihanna looks fierce with her Cleopatra-inspired angular bob. The long blunt-cut fringe gives her ‘do a mysterious edge by hiding half of her face. This hairstyle is best suited to straight, thick hair, which is easier to keep sleek and in place. However, if you’re talented with heat styling and hair products, you can recreate the look no matter what kind of hair you have!

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_15

16. Katherine Heigl Short Hairstyles: Voluminous short curls

Actress Katherine Heigl, from drama series Grey’s Anatomy, looks radiant with romantic blonde curls and stunning red lips. This is the perfect short hairstyle for a date or a special occasion, as it’s ultra-feminine and very glamorous. To recreate the look, keep your eye-makeup minimal and go all out with a bright red lipstick.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_16

17. Rita Ora Short Hairstyles: Wild  and tousled mohawk

Rita Ora is no stranger to quirky, alternative hairstyles, and here she’s owning her unique look with a carefree, tousled mohawk. This short hairstyle is very versatile, so feel free to experiment with different lengths on top, and different textures – for example, slick your hair back for a more polished look, or use sculpting wax for a fun and punk-y look.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_17

18. Rachel McAdams Short Hairstyles: Curled bob with bangs

Actress Rachel McAdams looks alluring with her brunette curled bob and wispy bangs. Although we think that Rachel looks more striking as a blonde, she totally pulls off the girl-next-door look with this pretty bob.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_18

19. Michelle Williams Short Hairstyles: Simple blonde pixie cut

Who said pixie cuts don’t suit round faces? Actress Michelle Williams shows us how it’s done with her simple blonde pixie cut. Her boyish ‘do is a wonderful contrast to her round feminine face, and it accentuates her best facial features.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_19

20. Kelly Osbourne Short Hairstyles: Lavender candyfloss bob

Kelly Osbourne’s signature lavender locks have been curled and pumped full of volume in this “candyfloss” looking bob. Whimsical and pretty, this hairstyle gives your look an alternative edge while keeping it feminine.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_20

21. Jessie J Short Hairstyles: Daring shaved head  

British pop-star Jessie J recently shaved her head for a charity fundraising campaign for Red Nose day. Her brave act is not only incredibly generous, but surprisingly stylish too. It takes loads of confidence to pull off  this look, but Jessie J has shown us that you can still look fabulous even without a flowing mane of hair.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_21

22. Jennifer Lawrence Short Hairstyles: Tousled lob with bangs

The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence is bang on trend with her shoulder-length lob. A lovely combination of tousled, glossy locks and short, wispy bangs, this ‘do is young, fresh, and feminine. You can also add some subtle highlights to give your hair even more impact.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_22

23. Anne Hathaway Short Hairstyles: Sleek and polished cropped ‘do

As actress Anne Hathaway’s hair grows longer, we have been delighted to see her experimenting with many different short hairstyles. Here she simply oozes sophistication and glamour with her sleek and polished cropped hairstyle. We’re excited to see what Anne tries next!

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_23

24. Katie Holmes Short Hairstyles: Playful long pixie cut

Actress Katie Holmes shed her “good-girl” Dawson’s Creek image and opted for a more mature yet playful pixie cut. Short at the back and long on top, this short hair style is fresh and allows your hair freedom of movement, making it seem healthier and more alive.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_24

25. Angelina Jolie Short Hairstyles: Sexy bob with middle parting

We’re used to seeing actress and super-mom Angelina Jolie with her long, flowing hair, but here’s proof that she looks just as stunning with a shorter hairstyle. This short bob is sexy and suits most face shapes. Once again, the beauty of any bob is that you can tweak it to better suit your own face shape.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_25

26. Rihanna Short Hairstyles: Bright red blunt bob with fringe

Effortlessly beautiful, Rihanna is one celebrity who certainly looks phenomenal with fire-engine red hair. Once again she has a chunky fringe skimming her eyes, which are accentuated and played up with her flawless eye-makeup.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_26

27. Natalie Portman Short Hairstyles: Cute natural pixie cut

How cute is actress Natalie Portman with her short pixie cut? Keeping it natural, Natalie has chosen a very simple, boyish pixie cut and complemented it with subtle make-up. The result is a youthful glow, and a gorgeous no-fuss look.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_27

28. Paris Hilton Short Hairstyles: Quirky asymmetrical bob

Socialite Paris Hilton’s quirky blonde asymmetrical bob flatters her square shaped face by elongating it and drawing the eye downwards. The uneven hair lengths of her bob further break up her strong jawline, and subtly soften her facial features. Keep this one in mind if you have a square shaped face!

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_28

29. Hayden Panettiere Short Hairstyles: Ultra modern slicked back ‘do

Actress Hayden Panettiere looks particularly striking with her short hair combed back and out of her face. Her short hair makes her face the main focus of attention, and so Hayden’s makeup accentuates her eyes whilst keeping the rest of her face fresh and neutral.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_29

30. Rihanna Short Hairstyles: Short angular bob with long bangs 

Rihanna looks très chic with her short angular bob and long bangs. This glamorous variation of the classic bob is well suited to thin, straight hair, and it’s easy to perfect with a hair straightener and some high-shine serum.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles_30

31. Kelly Osbourne Short Hairstyles: Platinum blonde chin-length bob

Rock-chick Kelly Osbourne looks divine with a platinum blonde chin-length bob. This short hairstyle is very flattering for her pear-shaped face (a face shape where the widest points of your jaw are a bit wider than the widest points of your hairline), as it creates the illusion of a more oval-shaped face.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_31

32. P!nk Short Hairstyles: Big platinum blonde mohawk

Singer Pink (or P!nk) rocks a springy, sky-high mohawk that may have been the inspiration for a similar ‘do on Miley Cyrus (see no. 13). Unsurprisingly, feisty Pink owns this edgy hairstyle and lets her bold and confident personality shine through.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_32

33. Halle Berry Short Hairstyles: Spiky short pixie cut

Bond girl and Catwoman actress Halle Berry looks gorgeous with her spiky, short pixie cut. Her hairstyle has loads of texture and brings her look to life. Quick and easy to style, this short hairdo is perfect for women who are always on the go.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_33

34. Scarlett Johansson Short Hairstyles: Wavy red lob

Scarlett Johansson’s red, long bob (lob) really suits her skin tone and her eye colour. With soft waves and a middle parting, this hairstyle is understated and easily maintained as it grows out. If you’re looking for a change, ask your stylist to choose a new hair colour that suits your skin tone.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_34

35. Jessie J Short Hairstyles: Candy-pink close-cropped ‘do

Jessie J has clearly been having fun with her hair as it slowly grows back – here she sports a candy-pink close-cropped ‘do. Super-short hair isn’t for everyone, but it’s clear that it can look pretty awesome indeed.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_35

36. Shakira Short Hairstyles: Longish bob with side-swept fringe

Columbian singer Shakira is known for her long, wild mane of blonde hair; but here we can see that she looks just as good with a longish bob and side-swept fringe. This short hairstyle suits most face shapes, and is relatively easy to maintain.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_36

37. Kirsten Dunst Short Hairstyles: Girl-next-door classic bob

Spiderman actress Kirsten Dunst has perfected the girl-next-door look with her polished, classic bob. The side parting and side-swept bangs create the illusion of a longer, more oval-shaped face – great for a round face shape like Kirsten’s.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_37

38. Willow Smith Short Hairstyles: Buzzcut with pink mini-mohawk

Teenage pop-star and daughter of actor Will Smith, Willow Smith looks edgy and confident with her pink mini-mohawk. This short hairdo is funky, low maintenance, and full of personality. She may not be able to “whip her hair back and forth”, but she sure looks stylish.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_38

39. Rihanna Short Hairstyles: Short and red with huge side-swept fringe

Radiant as usual, Rihanna showcases another variation of her short and bright red hair. Short at the back and long in the front, this hairstyle is all about the colour: the solid block of red contrasts beautifully with her minimal makeup.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_39

40. Katy Perry Short Hairstyles: Chin-length curly bob

Katy Perry goes back to black hair and indulges in 1920’s pin-up girl glamour with her curly chin-length bob. If you don’t have natural curls, get this look with a curling iron and some maximum-strength hairspray to keep your perfect curls in place.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_40

41. Charlize Theron Short Hairstyles: Boyish pixie cut

South African-born actress Charlize Theron looks just as gorgeous with this boyish pixie cut as she did with her long curly hair. This short hairstyle really opens up her face and accentuates her strong jawline.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 100_41

42. Ashley Greene Short Hairstyles: Sleek and shiny bob

Twilight actress Ashley Greene has nailed the “effortlessly glamorous” look with her sleek and shiny bob. With hair all one length with a side-parting, this bob is flattering and pretty and suits most face shapes. Keep things natural with shiny, healthy hair and minimal makeup.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_42

43. Jessica Alba Short Hairstyles: Honey-blonde short bob

Jessica Alba mixes it up with a sweet and sexy honey-blonde bob. Quite a change from her normally long and brunette hair, this style suits her oval-shaped face and plays on her best features.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_43

44. Lily Cole Short Hairstyles: Short strawberry-blonde curls

Model and actress Lily Cole found a short hairstyle that complements her round face: a short bob with gorgeous curls. Take care with how you part your hair – a middle parting is not very flattering if you have a round face. Rather opt for a side-parting.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_44

45. Kristen Stewart Short Hairstyles: Grungy long bob

If your look is less girly and glamorous and more alternative, you may want to look at Twilight star Kristen Stewart for inspiration. Here she is with a grungy long bob that reaches her shoulders. A slightly shorter cut may be more flattering, depending on the shape of your face.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_45

46. Taylor Swift Short Hairstyles: Curly tuck-up

Country star Taylor Swift appears to have cut her hair, but here’s her secret: by tucking her hair up and underneath itself, she has achieved a slightly-sneaky short hairstyle. This is a perfect hairdo for you if you’re not quite ready to commit to cutting your hair short.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_46

47. Rihanna Short Hairstyles: Hardcore black mohawk

Not your everyday hairstyle, Rihanna’s extreme mohawk looks pretty impressive with her refined and flawless makeup. This ‘do takes a lot of styling, but the dramatic effect is totally worth it.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_47

48. Rita Ora Short Hairstyles: Messy bob with long bangs

Rita Ora keeps it cute and casual with her messy blonde bob and long uneven bangs. Paired with a slick of bright red matte lipstick, a crisp white shirt, and a black jacket, she looks every bit the casual-chic pop-star.


49. Lily Cole Short Hairstyles: Textured blunt bob

Lily Cole’s gorgeous textured blunt bob makes us envious of her perfect round face shape. This short haircut frames her face beautifully, and the long bangs further complement her face shape.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_49

50. Reese Witherspoon Short Hairstyles: Girly blunt bob 

Actress Reese Witherspoon shows us that girls with heart-shape faces (i.e., with a more pointy chin and wide forehead) can also rock a blunt bob. Just be sure to choose the right length for your face!

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_50

51. Hayden Panettiere Short Hairstyles: Braided bob

Girls with short hair can have braids too! Hayden Panettiere looks cute and casual with her messily braided bob. You can recreate this look with your own bob if it’s long enough – find some tutorials online and get experimenting.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_51

52. Katy Perry Short Hairstyles: Retro crimped bob

Katy Perry loves pushing the boundaries of her personal style, and here she’s showcasing a retro twist to her blunt blue bob – crimping! It may be old-school, but we have to say we admire Katy for her creativity.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_52

53. Bonnie Wright Short Hairstyles: Pretty, sophisticated bob

If you didn’t recognize Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter) with her short hair, don’t worry – neither did we! She looks stunning with her sophisticated bob, although we do kind of miss her fiery ginger locks.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_53

54. Ashlee Simpson Short Hairstyles: Super-short bob

Singer Ashlee Simpson has changed her look drastically several times in the past. Here she has a super-short blonde bob which is tucked neatly behind her ears. Her side-swept fringe neatly frames her face and softens her features.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_54

55. P!nk Short Hairstyles: Voluminous short lavender ‘do

Rocker-chick Pink prefers short hair, and she’s definitely found a short hairstyle that suits her. With her lavender hair short on the sides and long and bouncy on top, her bubbly personality shines through.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_55

56. Kirsten Stewart Short Hairstyles: Tousled lob

Alternative as always, Kirsten Stewart has a different take on the lob, wearing long strands of hair obscuring her face. She manages to pull off a glamorous-yet-unkempt look, with her dewy skin glowing from underneath her bangs.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_56

57. Carey Mulligan Short Hairstyles: Plaited short bob

Carey Mulligan updated her short layered bob by introducing a small and intricate plait. A quick and easy way to dress up a short hairstyle, plaits are currently in fashion and there are many styles to choose from.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_57

58. Ashley Olsen Short Hairstyles: Dreamy shoulder-length bob

Actress and fashionista Ashley Olsen is always bang-on trend, and her shoulder-length bob is no exception. The center parting of this short hairstyle is very flattering for her heart-shaped face.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_58

59. Jessica Chastain Short Hairstyles: Cropped and simple ‘do

Simple and practical, actress Jessica Chastain’s cropped hairdo shows off her natural beauty. If you’re not keen to go so short, you can tweak this short hairstyle and turn it into a short bob by keeping more of your hair’s length.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_59

60. Zooey Deschanel Short Hairstyles: Romantic chin-length bob

Kooky New Girl star Zooey Deschanel looks radiant with her chin-length bob. The slight curl in her hair gives this short hairstyle a romantic twist, and her glossy locks perfect her subtly glamorous look.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_60

61. Miley Cyrus Short Hairstyles: Refined blonde mohawk

Miley Cyrus looks cute and quirky with a more refined version of her wild blonde mohawk. With short sides and soft tufts of hair on top, she manages to look alternative and adorable at the same time.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_61

62. Olivia Wilde Short Hairstyles: Futuristic bob

Actress Olivia Wilde embraced a short jet-black bob for sci-fi movie Tron. This futuristic ‘do is edgy and mysterious, and the perfect short hairstyle for poker-straight hair.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_62

63. Cara Delevigne Short Hairstyles: Choppy, angular bob

British super-model and actress Cara Delevigne wore this choppy, angular bob during fashion week. It may have been a wig, but we think the over-the-top blonde bob really suits her. This style works best with thick, straight hair.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_63

64. Jessica Biel Short Hairstyles: Short and curly

Actress Jessica Biel took a break from her usually poker-straight long hair and went for a short curly ‘do. Her bouncy curls just touch her shoulders, and they frame her face beautifully. No curls? No problem: use a curling iron to recreate this romantic short hairstyle.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_64

65. Rihanna Short Hairstyles: Short angular bob with crazy curls

Rihanna puts a new spin on her black angular bob and introduces cute, flyaway curls into her short ‘do. This short haircut flatters her perfect oval-shaped face, and gives her a fun and flirty look.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_65

66. Cameron Diaz Short Hairstyles: Short blonde bob with side-swept fringe

Actress Cameron Diaz also jumped on the bob-bandwagon and looked stunning with her short blonde bob. The side-swept fringe really flatters her heart-shaped face, and gives the illusion of a more oval-shaped face.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_66

67. Anna Faris Short Hairstyles: Sleek blunt bob

Scary Movie actress Anna Faris looks adorable and glamorous with her straight and sleek blunt bob. She keeps it simple with a blunt fringe that skims her eyebrows, and perfectly smooth hair.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_67

68. Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyles: Pretty, slightly-curled bob

Spice Girl and fashionista Victoria Beckham is well known for her perfectly styled bobs. “Posh Spice” looks gorgeous here with her slightly-curled short bob. The soft waves soften her angular inverted-triangle shaped face and give her a romantic look.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_68

69. Charlize Theron Short Hairstyles: 1920’s Structured curls

Before cutting her hair into a pixie ‘do, Charlize had a short curly bob. Here she’s wearing it with glossy structured curls and a sparkly hair-clip as an accessory. We think she looks like she’s stepped out of the 1920’s with this glamorous short hairstyle.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_69

70. Jennifer Love Hewitt Short Hairstyles: Short bob with blunt bangs

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt looks smoldering hot with her short bob and blunt bangs. Her bob is cut to just the right length at her chin to complement her heart-shaped face.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_70

71. Emma Stone Short Hairstyles: Long blonde bob

Actress Emma Stone is equally stunning as a blonde or a redhead, and she looks simply stunning with her long blonde bob. Bordering on a mid-length style, this bob rests on her shoulders and features a slightly curled side-swept fringe.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_71

72. Emma Watson Short Hairstyles: Cute braided short ‘do

Actress Emma Watson shows off her expertly braided short hairstyle, looking elegant and glamorous. No matter how short your bob is, you can find a way to integrate a pretty plait into your ‘do.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_72

73. Michelle Williams Short Hairstyles: Short blonde ‘do with side-swept fringe

Michelle Williams is a great inspiration for short, sassy hairstyles for 2014. She’s constantly changing and updating her gorgeous short hair, and here she’s sporting a side-swept fringe that suits her round-shaped face perfectly.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_73

74. Christina Hendricks Short Hairstyles: Short bouncy bob

We just love actress Christina Hendrick’s stunning red hair. She looks radiant with a short, bouncy bob that ends just below her chin. This short hairstyle requires loads of volume, so be prepared to spend some time in front of the mirror with your styling tools!

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_74

75. Katherine Heigl Short Hairstyles: Short bob with deep side-parting

To get extra impact from your short bob, follow actress Katherine Heigl’s example and wear a deep side-parting with lots of volume. Her hair looks dynamic and very pretty with a few soft curls at the back.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_75

76. Evan Rachel Wood Short Hairstyles: Boyish pixie ‘do

American actress and singer Evan Rachel Wood gives the pixie cut a masculine twist with her short, textured hairdo. She perfects the “casually-beautiful” look with simple yet flawless makeup.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_76

77. Rihanna Short Hairstyles: Spiky red ‘do with accessory

If you’re wondering what else to do with your short hairstyle, try an accessory! Rihanna sports a glittery hair-clip in her short and spiky red hairdo. You can also try flowers, headbands, or whatever else takes your fancy.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_77

78. Gwen Stefani Short Hairstyles: Big blonde bob

Rock-chick Gwen Stefani is all dreamy, voluminous curls with her big platinum blonde bob. A perfect hairstyle for a big night out, Gwen’s bob is glamorous and reminds us of a modern-day Marilyn Monroe.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_78

79. Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyles: Super-short pixie cut 

Victoria Beckham’s super-short pixie cut looks sleek and stylish with smoky eyes and minimal makeup. Consult with your stylist about how short to go when getting a pixie cut.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_79

80. Claire Danes Short Hairstyles: Faux bob

Actress Claire Danes caused quite a stir with her (allegedly) faux bob, as fans questioned whether she’d really cut her long hair. Whether it’s real or not, Claire looks quite striking with her pretty, short hairstyle.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_80

81. Christina Hendricks Short Hairstyles: Curls and more curls

Christina Hendricks lets her ginger curls loose with this gorgeous short hairdo. Curl hair, spritz lightly with hairspray, and pile on top of your head for a wild and glamorous hairdo.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_81

82. Drew Barrymore Short Hairstyles: Layered short bob

Actress Drew Barrymore looks quite adorable with her simple layered bob. Cut to chin-length with long bangs, this short hairstyle is both carefree and very flattering.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_82

83. Lady Gaga Short Hairstyles: Bright blue blunt bob

Alternative fashion queen and pop-star Lady Gaga never disappoints when it comes to spectacular hair. Her bright blue bob is no exception, and we love how bold and striking this short hairstyle is.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_83

84. Evan Rachel Wood Short Hairstyles: Cropped ‘do with wavy bangs

Actress Evan Rachel Wood sports a short hairstyle with tousled, wavy bangs over her forehead. This hairstyle suits most face shapes, and the side-parted wavy bangs can be very flattering.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_84

85. Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyles: The posh bob (pob)

Victoria Beckham’s signature angular bob is affectionately know as the “pob”, or the “posh bob”. This side-parted asymmetrical bob is short at the back and long in the front, and it’s super-stylish. This short hairstyle is ideal for thin, straight hair as it looks best worn dead-straight.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_85

86. Nicki Minaj Short Hairstyles: Long poker-straight bob

Rapper and singer Nicki Minaj looks elegant and polished with her long and poker-straight bob. Her thick blunt fringe boldly frames her face and draws attention to her eyes and mouth.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_86

87. Kelly Clarkson Short Hairstyles: Simple asymmetrical bob

American singer Kelly Clarkson looks youthful and fresh with her simple asymmetrical bob. The long pieces in the front (including her side-swept fringe) draw the eye down past her strong jawline, making this short hairstyle great for heart shaped faces.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_87

88. Paris Hilton Short Hairstyles: Short bob with sweeping bangs

Paris Hilton looks very professional and classy with her short blonde bob. This hairstyle suits her square-shaped face as the long sweeping bangs soften the angles of her jaw.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_88

89. Ginnifer Goodwin Short Hairstyles: Messy razor-cut pixie

American actress Ginnifer Goodwin clearly knows how to rock her short pixie cut. With uneven layers and plenty of texture, this short haircut is playful and edgy. Short, straight bangs help to balance out Ginnifer’s round face.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_89

90. Mila Kunis Short Hairstyles: Ombre faux bob

We suspect that Mila Kunis loves her long hair too much to cut it short, and we don’t blame her. Here she looks stunning with her wavy “faux bob”, with very subtle ombre (gradual fading from a dark colour to a light colour) at the tips.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_90

91. Drew Barrymore Short Hairstyles: “Big hair” bob

Drew Barrymore went all-out with this Hollywood “big hair” bob. With layers, dark roots, and loads of texture, this short hairdo is full of life and will definitely get you noticed!

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_91

92. Beyonce Short Hairstyles: Blonde angular bob

Songstress Beyonce Knowles looks striking and chic with her blonde angular bob. She mixes things up by having one side of her bob longer than the other, and keeps her makeup dewy and natural for a gorgeous summer look.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_92

93. Kate Winslet Short Hairstyles: Messy platinum blonde pixie cut

Titanic movie star Kate Winslet left behind her long red hair and gained a whole new look with her short, messy pixie cut. Her now-platinum locks look phenomenal, and we think this short hairstyle really suits her.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_93

94. Leighton Meester Short Hairstyles: Blunt brunette bob

Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester looks elegant and refined with her one-length blunt bob. With her hair out of her face, she draws attention to her facial features and finishes the look with an eye-popping red lipstick.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_94

95. Megan Fox Short Hairstyles: Totally bare-headed

It’s quite a shock to see sex-siren Megan Fox sans her long, flowing brown hair. She shaved it all off for a movie role, and even though it’s an unconventional choice for a short hairstyle, we think that her face is stunning enough to pull it off.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_95

96. Mandy Moore Short Hairstyles: Layered bob

Actress Mandy Moore looks radiant and relaxed with her multi-layered, chin-length bob. Great for naturally wavy hair, this short hairstyle is easy to maintain and flattering for almost every face shape.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_96

97. Scarlett Johansson Short Hairstyles: Modern mullet

It’s generally considered a fashion faux-pas to go out with a mullet (short in front, long at the back), but Scarlett Johansson’s funky ‘do makes us think: why not? Make sure you have your mullet styled professionally to avoid any unfortunate style mishaps.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_97

98. Nicole Richie Short Hairstyles: Shoulder-length bob

Social butterfly Nicole Richie looks elegant with her strawberry-blonde, shoulder-length bob. She has a very subtle ombre tint to her hair, and her side parting softens the outline of her face.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_98

99. Linda Evangelista Short Hairstyles: Ultimate bob

Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista looks phenomenal with her asymmetrical short bob. With soft curves and side-swept bangs, this ultimate bob makes Linda’s round-shaped face seem more oval.

Top 100 Short Hairstyles 2014_99

100. Karlie Kloss Short Hairstyles: Beautiful wavy bob

American fashion model Karlie Kloss is fast becoming the “it-girl” when it comes to short hairstyles. Her beautiful wavy bob is envied and praised as being a perfect example of glamorous yet everyday short hairstyle.

Top 100 short Hairstyles 2014_100

So there you have it: our Top 100 Short Hairstyles for Women! Once you’ve chosen your new dream ‘do, be sure to take several pictures along to your hair stylist – both of what hairstyles you like, and don’t like, That way you’re less likely to leave in tears. We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing our Top 100 Hairstyles for Women – hopefully you’ll be looking and feeling fabulous with your new short hairstyle next year!


  1. Avatar


    August 16, 2015 at 7:46 am

    All the hairstyles are really cute. But I wonder if I could carry hairstyle #24 and #100. I have a thin hair which is really hard to make textures. And also, I have a long and inverted-triangle face…

    • web admin

      web admin

      August 16, 2015 at 4:54 pm

      Hmm…perhaps you could try asking your hair stylist if they think that it would look good. There are also some software programs that allow you to input your picture and then switch the hair style–this could be a great way to see if it would end up looking good.

  2. Avatar

    Kamri Rowlings

    March 27, 2015 at 7:45 pm

    I love #2 and #22.

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 1:06 am

      Thank you for the feedback, Kamri! I am glad to see that you enjoyed the article!

  3. Avatar


    May 5, 2014 at 3:44 pm

    Rachel McAdams’ hairstyle is so cute. I’ve actually always wanted to try a short hairstyle myself as well, but so far I haven’t dared to go through with it.

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 1:10 am

      You have to be careful with super short hair. If you get a pixie hair cut, it will look amazing and take forever to grow back. Rachel McAdams’ cut is so cute that you should go ahead and risk it. 🙂

  4. Avatar


    May 3, 2014 at 6:22 pm

    Such a Very Beautiful and Different Short Hairstyle Look. Emma Waston and Rihanna is Very cute Collection on every Pictures.

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 1:14 am

      I agree. They both have very beautiful, cute hair cuts. I wish that it was possible to use the same stylist as the celebrities–I would kill for their hair!

  5. Avatar


    May 2, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    Nice hairstyles, will tell my stylist to come check this out.

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 1:18 am

      Thank you for sharing HerInterest with your stylist, Whitney! If you have problems describing a specific cut, you can always bring the pictures from this article to the salon with you.

  6. Avatar


    May 2, 2014 at 2:44 am

    A lot of these are super cute but I think it all depends on your face shape. I know I could never pull off anything shorter than shoulder length. The shaved head is cool, but not something I could do. I really like Anne Hathaway’s cut with her brunette hair, she looks super pretty with that style.

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 1:56 am

      You are right. The cuteness of any cut will really depend on how your face is shaped. If your face is shaped wrong for the cut, it will end up looking terrible. Anne Hathaway, for example, can pull off a lot of great cuts because of her thin, heart-shaped face and large eyes. I am not sure if I could pull of some of the same cuts though!

  7. Avatar


    April 29, 2014 at 8:44 am

    Having just moved to a tropical country, humidity is wreaking havoc on my long tresses. I’ve not been blessed in terms of face structure and have used long hair to frame my face. Now I see a few short face framing hairstyles I quite like, especially Katie Perry’s electric blue one, Hayden’s and especially Kelly Clarkson’s. Good tips about highlights too! Looks like I’m off to the salon!

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 2:00 am

      Humidity is truly the worst! It seems like your skin is drenched in sweat the moment you walk out of the door. Plus, your hair ends up going wild instantaneously. I am happy to hear that this article will help you navigate through the unenjoyable parts of living abroad. Enjoy life in another country!

  8. Avatar

    Shelley dudley

    April 25, 2014 at 9:33 am

    Carmen, you have put together a great list here. This provides women with an excellent list to choose from. Anne Hathaway looks so great in her Platinum blonde pixie crop with soft side-swept bangs. This will be excellent for ladies who want to look smart in a gorgeous outfit. Carey Mulligan Short Hairstyles can be seen as a variant of Anne’s hair do, adding a bit of more flair. Do you want know my pick, I’ll choose Keira Knightley Short Hairstyles: Long pixie cut with shaggy bangs, it rocks.

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 2:03 am

      I agree, I think that Carmen did a really great job. There were so many different styles available, and they were all completely adorable. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed them as much as we did.

  9. Avatar


    April 24, 2014 at 9:16 pm

    I have worn my hair short for about 5 or 6 years now and I love it. Short hair is comfortable, and it doesn’t take long to get ready in the morning. The one thing that I don’t like is that I always get the same haircut. With this fantastic list, I’ll have plenty of alternatives to choose from when I get my next haircut, I’m kind of leaning towards Emma Watson’s cut. Thanks, great job on the list.

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 2:24 am

      That is such a long time to wear your hair short! I bet you saved a ridiculous number of hours over the last six years by not having to really style your hair. Are you going to cycle through the cuts on this list and keep your hair short? Or will you end up taking the risk and going through the awkward growing out phase?

  10. Avatar


    April 24, 2014 at 4:50 pm

    I envy anyone who can pull off a short haircut…so much easier to take care of! Looking at this list though, there are definitely some bobs I might try out next time I head to the hairdressers. Katherine Heigl’s hair styles rock…so pretty and feminine! Now, if only the rest of me could look like her after.

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 2:29 am

      Short hair is much easier to take care of, but you really miss out on a lot of the different hair styles that you can do. I had short hair for years, and I was unable to do curly styles or even basic ponytails. You can definitely enjoy some of the styles on this list. If you are afraid to switch to shorter styles, there are always some HerInterest blogs about medium length and long hair.

  11. Avatar

    Norah R.

    April 24, 2014 at 10:35 am

    The Textured blunt bob of Lily Cole is definitely my favourite short Hairstyle.I have a round face shape and I strongly believe it will make me look pretty. It’s simple and practical 🙂

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 2:31 am

      Finding hairstyles is easy, but finding the right hairstyle for your facial shape is really difficult. I am glad that you are smart enough to look for a simple, practical style that suits your face. Enjoy your new cut, Norah!

  12. Avatar


    April 24, 2014 at 7:50 am

    This post comes at a good time for me. I especially love Kelly Clarkson’s hair style. You see, due to a chronic illness, I’ve lost some hair and now some of it is growing out.

    Although I have always been a long haired girl, the list of examples here have inspired me to go short, not just because it’s easier to manage and is fresh, it also will help me deal with the lost of my hair and help me gain my confidence again!

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 2:33 am

      Switching from being a long-haired girl to a short-haired girl is never simple. Luckily, you now have 100 different styling ideas that should help you ease into the transition. Also, you should check out the article that we have on medium-length hairstyles. In a few months, you may start to need those ideas as well!

  13. Avatar

    Purvi Kantariya

    April 22, 2014 at 2:23 pm

    When I saw the hair style of Jessie J Short Hairstyles (21), it scared me.
    I love the emma watson’s short hairstyle (2) and scarlett johnsson short hairstyle (11). I also like the katy perry’s short hairstyle but with black color not with blue.. :p

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 2:37 am

      If Jessie’s hairstyle scared you, you should definitely try one of the other ones, Purvi! I am happy to hear that you enjoyed at least some of the styles on this list!

  14. Avatar


    April 22, 2014 at 1:18 am

    I agree! This list should be used by salons! My salon never has any good photos to look at prior to my appointment and many of these are timeless cuts that will never go out of style. I have always loved Victoria Beckham’s cuts but if I was brave enough, I would love to try Jennifer Lawrence’s!

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 2:41 am

      You are completely right! Whenever I go to the hair salon, they always have hairstyles from the last decade. It seems like those books are never updated! I feel like hairstylists should just use photos from celebrities to create a folder of the latest cuts. That would make their job easier.

  15. Avatar


    April 21, 2014 at 3:55 pm

    I pinned #30 to my daughter’s Pinterest board. She’s getting married this fall and is looking for a shorter, spunkier style than her shoulder-length one. I think this would be awesome with her tiara and veil. Plus she has the same color hair color and face shape as Rihanna, so it would fit her well. Adorable!

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 2:42 am

      Will she be getting the shorter style before or after her wedding? I love that she will be using a tiara. They are so much fun to wear! Thank you for your feedback, Christine, and tell your daughter congratulations on her nuptials!

  16. Avatar


    April 21, 2014 at 2:27 am

    Wow – salons need to keep this list handy to show clients! Even though I could never go as short as a pixie cut, some of these are really cute! My favorites are #18 Rachel McAdams, #64 Jessica Biel, #66 Cameron Diaz, #96 Mandy Moore and all the Katy Perry styles. These are all in the fairly short/close to medium length styles, which is the shortest I have gone.

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 2:45 am

      Pixie cuts are so adorable, but they are a pretty intense decision. Once you decide to grow out the pixie cut, you have an extremely awkward time period while your hair grows out. During that in between time, your hair styling choices will be drastically limited.

  17. Avatar

    Jane White

    April 20, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    Thanks for these recommendations. You have listed a lot of styles here that would accommodate all classes of women, from the corporate working mother to the baby care giver. It’s all about the looks, once the hair is perfectly done, we have the perfect looks. If you ask me, I’ll go with number 14 when going to work and number 18 when I am on vacation.

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 2:49 am

      Our writers work really hard to produce interesting, unique content. I think this article was more than successful. There were so many interesting ideas and pictures that it would literally take a lifetime to try out every style. We also have a couple of articles with ideas for medium and long hair, so you have other choices as well. Enjoy!

  18. Avatar


    April 16, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    It is obvious why celebrities use professional and experienced hairstylists. Their hairstyles are fantastic. My personal favorite is Taylor Swift’s hairstyle because I have similar curly hair and similar color of hair. Plus it really suits her face. By the way Mila Kunis looks beautiful no matter which hairstyle she tries!

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 2:53 am

      You are absolutely right! I wish that hair styling was an elective in high school or college. Really, it would have been more useful than some of the classes we had to take in high school. I agree with you completely about Mila Kunis–she really does look good in all of her styles.

  19. Avatar


    April 16, 2014 at 3:29 am

    This is an awesome list of short hairstyles. Short hairstyles can never get outdated due to the fact that most of the women prefer having short hair as it is easy to handle and take care. Moreover, if you are getting late then it just takes a few seconds to comb short hair in comparison to the longer ones.

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 2:54 am

      I am glad that you enjoyed this list. Although long hair is often prettier, short hair is so much more fun and convenient. With short hair, you can literally splash water on your hair and comb it to get it to look okay.

  20. Avatar

    Libby Wilmont

    April 15, 2014 at 9:41 pm

    These hairstyles are AWESOME! By far Rhianna and P!nk’s styles are the most edgy, fun, playful of them all! Wish I could count on a hairstylist to pull them off! Goodness knows I wouldn’t be able to afford whomever their hairstylist is – but I have some good ideas to attempt!

    • web admin

      web admin

      April 8, 2015 at 2:59 am

      Rhianna and Pink seem to change their hairstyles everyday. Really, I cannot even count the number of haircuts, styles and colors they have had in the last decade. If I had the money, I would join you in trying out some of the playful styles on this list.

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