How to Dye Hair Purple: Tips and Tricks You Must Know

By on May 30, 2017

If there is one trend that is taking the hair industry by storm, it is undeniably PURPLE! Purple hair- whether it’s a bright and vibrant shade or something more mysterious and relaxed- is something that is very intriguing to the eye. It’s quite a shocking shade, and a good shock at that. If you’re dying to dive into this hair trend, you will need to know ALL of the tips and tricks to achieving your perfect shade.

Can’t wait to dye your hair purple? Here’s what you need to do first:

Know the Shade of Purple That You Want

With tons of different shades of purple to choose from, it can be quite a challenge just deciding on a single shade. Well, the good news is you don’t necessarily have to settle for one shade- mixing and blending two shades together for a more unique blend of purple hues is totally acceptable. But knowing how bright or dark your purple is going to be is a definite must-know before you buy the hair dye.

If you have light brown or blonde hair, options are limitless. Light brown hair (that is almost verging on blonde) and blonde hair (any shade from dark to light) can quickly be transformed to literally any shade of purple. Go dark for something more mysterious and sultry, or go vibrant and out-of-this-world. Even a fun lilac or pastel purple is easily accomplished when dealing with a light hair base.

If you have dark brown or black hair, you are more limited with options: If you have dark hair, you won’t be able to just run to the beauty supply store and take your pick. Unless you are choosing a dark shade of purple, you will have to lighten up your locks before even attempting a light shade of purple.

Bleaching Your Hair Before Dying

As aforementioned, if you have dark hair to begin with you will absolutely need to lighten your locks before applying the purple dye: and yes, I am referring to bleaching.

Bleaching hair isn’t as hard as it looks, though. All you need to do is buy a box of bleach and mix together the developer and the powder. Once it is thoroughly mixed, part your hair into four equal sections. Make sure you apply the bleach to your hair in a very quick manner; wasting too much time on one section as opposed to the other will mean your hair turns up lighter in different areas, and darker in the others. For this reason, go as fast as you can, but make sure you don’t miss any strands.

Hair that is very dark- black or close to black- will probably need to bleach their hair several times before they actually try to go purple. If that is the case, continue applying the bleach until your hair has reached a light enough hue.

Remember: always make sure you are deeply conditioning your hair before and after bleaching, especially if you have to bleach your hair multiple times. If you need to bleach two or three times, try to space them out as much as possible before your hair becomes too damaged. If hair becomes damaged after just a single use, refrain from further bleaching and try to find another purple shade to enjoy.

What Type of Dye Should I Pick: Temporary, Semi-Permanent, or Permanent?

After deciding on the perfect purple shade, there comes the next decision in the purple process: what type of dye should I buy?

There is really only three options when it comes to hair dyes, and they include: temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent.

Temporary Purple Hair Dye

If you are looking to switch up your style for the short-term and only want it for a couple of days at maximum, you will want to invest in some temporary hair dye.

Temporary purple hair dye is very easy to use, but the problem is it only lasts from one to three washes. (Unless your hair holds on to color very well, in which it MAY last three to six washes).

If you just want to switch it up for a day or have an event to go to, we highly recommend purchasing only a temporary dye. It’s also a great option if you want to see what you will look like with purple hair before going to a permanent solution. After all, going purple is a HUGE change and you want to make sure you like it before you’re stuck with it for several months on end.

If you want your temporary dye to last longer, you will need to keep re-applying every few days to keep the color looking vibrant and fresh. This can be a huge pain if you love the color, which is why if you end up falling in love with the new you, it’s recommended to go semi-permanent or permanent with your hair dye.

Semi-Permanent Purple Hair Dye

Another great option for the gal who does not want to commit to purple hair is to choose a semi-permanent purple hair dye. The difference with this dye is that it will wash out over a course of three to six washes, so the less you wash your hair, the longer it will last. (Unless of course, like we said before, your hair holds color well, in which case it will be prolonged).

Permanent Purple Hair Dye

Last but certainly not least is, of course, the permanent hair dye!

Permanent hair dye is exactly how it sounds: it’s permanent (until your roots grow out, of course). So if you are totally ready to take the plunge into the purple world, you will undoubtedly want to buy your permanent hair dye in the color of your choosing.

Please note that permanent hair dye is not going to wash out over time- it’s going to keep its color for the most part, but there may be some fading. Read on to discover what to do when your hair starts fading!

Fending off Fading

No matter what kind of dye you use- whether it is temporary, semi-permanent or permanent- your color is going to fade; which is a HUGE bummer seeing as how purple hair has such a vibrant appeal right after the dye is completed! But don’t worry, girls, there are a few ways you can fend off fading and enjoy this luscious, exotic hue for much longer.

Re-Apply the Dye Once it Begins to Fade: The easiest way to make sure your hair is looking as fresh as the first day you dyed it is to simply re-apply the dye. This will automatically spruce up your locks with that sensational hue of purple you’ve chosen.

Apply Semi-Permanent to Permanent Hair: Permanent hair takes a lot, LOT longer to lose its color and fade, but after a few weeks you’ll want to spruce up the vibrancy yet again. You can choose to dye your hair with semi-permanent hair dye after you’ve permanently dyed your hair purple. This is a quick fix and it works like magic each and every time!

Use a Color Intensifier Product: There are a ton of different ‘color intensifiers’ on the market. Buying a purple color intensifier will instantly give your purple hair that bold appeal again. Another option is to toss in some red or blue intensifiers, which could switch up your style a bit and give your purple hair a burgundy or indigo cast. How fun!

Use a Color Refresher Shampoo: As shampooing your hair is the main cause of fading, the best way to ensure your hair color doesn’t fade is to fight it right at the source- in the shower! There are a lot of different color refresher shampoos out there, all working on the fight against fading. Using a color refresher shampoo often will ensure your hair keeps its shade for an extended amount of time. While other shampoos will strip the color, color refresher shampoos will nurture the color and make it more vibrant and exciting- just the way you want it.

There’s no denying that purple hair is totally fun, quirky, exotic, and TRENDY! And although purple hair may take a little bit more maintenance than other hues, it is well worth the time and energy when you’re stepping out of your house with some seriously in-your-face coloring. Whether you opt for a dark, mysterious hue or choose something more lively and feminine, you’re bound to be turning heads with each and every step. Just don’t forget- lighter purple shades will require lighter bases to work with!

Do you have purple hair? What shade did you decide on and how did it turn out? Share your purple hair stories with us below and send in your tips and tricks for keeping that hair looking FLAWLESS year round!

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