10 Signs He Doesn’t Like You

By on June 20, 2016

Guys can’t be really hard to read sometimes. They can be super flirty one minute and then completely ignore you the next. Who else finds this really frustrating? I know I do! It can be so hard to tell if a guy likes you that you might just give up on someone that actually likes you!

Luckily, I’ve had some experience decipher when a guy really likes me and when he clearly doesn’t. It also doesn’t hurt that I have many male friends that help me decode their confusing behavior.

If you’re not sure if a guy likes you or not, it can be upsetting and downright annoying trying to figure them out. These signs that he doesn’t like you can save you from wasting your time and feelings on someone who just doesn’t care.

  1. He doesn’t reply to your texts.

When a guy likes you, he’s going to want to talk to you all the time. This means that if a guy doesn’t like you, he’s not going to reply to your texts or calls or any form of communication for that matter. So if you’re ever sending texts that go unanswered – especially if you send more than one – then it means that he’s really not interested and you should just move on.

One confusing aspect about this is that he might reply to your texts just to be polite even if he doesn’t like you. In this instance, you’ll want to watch out for really vague texts that don’t further the conversation at all. If he takes forever to reply and when he does it’s really mediocre response, he doesn’t like you.

  1. He is never the first person to start the conversation.

If you’re constantly the one initiating the conversion – whether via text or in person – then it’s a sign he doesn’t like you. Just as I mentioned in the point above, those who like us actually want to talk to us as much as they can. If you’re always the one who has to push for a conversation and you feel like it’s pulling teeth just to get him to respond to anything you say, then he doesn’t like you.

  1. He doesn’t make and effort to talk to you when you’re in the same place.

Running into your crush happens a lot – especially if you’re within the same friend group. But if you frequent the same places and you find that he makes no effort to walk over and talk to you, then it could be a sign he doesn’t like you. If you know he sees you and he still doesn’t engage in you any more than just a quick wave, move on because he’s not interested.

  1. He never remembers details about you.

A guy that can’t remember your birthday is a guy that doesn’t actually care about it. Guys are very selective in what they choose to hear and remember. This means you can have a completely deep conversation with a guy – or so you think – and it turns out he won’t remember even the simplest of details. Why? Because he wasn’t even listening in the first place because he doesn’t care. If he liked you, he’d remember every single important detail. So move on if this is the guy you’re crushing on.

  1. He talks to everyone the same way he talks to you.

Guys have a way of talking to girl they like in a very different manner than they would talk to their friends. So if you find that he talks to you just the same way that he’s talking to his friends, unfortunately, he doesn’t actually like you. Some of you will try to justify this behavior by saying, “but he can act himself around me so it must mean he likes me.” No. Guys who like you WILL act and talk different around you. If they don’t, then it’s a sign he doesn’t like you.

  1. He doesn’t ask about your life at all.

If you do talk to this person on a semi regular basis it can be hard to tell if he likes you because well, he’s talking to you! But if he only keeps the conversation on a neutral level, never asking any details about your life, then it’s a sign he doesn’t like you. If he did like you, he’d be asking you detailed questions about your life and trying to get to know you as best he could. Since he’s not doing that, it’s safe to assume he doesn’t care about the details of your life and therefore does not like you.

  1. He flirts with everyone else.

Guys can be VERY flirtatious creatures. Meaning they will flirt with just about everyone – even if they do like you. The difference is that if they like you, they won’t be flirting in front of you because it will ruin their chances of actually dating you. If he’s flirting with you and then going around and flirting with other girls right in front of you, then he doesn’t actually like you at all. Otherwise he wouldn’t want you to witness his flirtatious behavior with everyone else.

  1. He’s turned away from you when you two talk in person.

Body language is a HUGE indicator of whether or not someone is into you because they can’t help the way their bodies respond to you. This means that if he is talking to you but his body is turned away from you and he’s just turning his head to speak with you, he doesn’t like you. If he did like you, his whole body would be engaged in the conversation because he would want to be interacting with you as much as he could. So if you do get to talk to him sometimes but it seems like he’s interested in something else, he doesn’t like you.

  1. His body language doesn’t suggest that he does.

The direction of his body isn’t the only way his body will tell you if he likes you or not. There are so many other ways his body language can give way to his true feelings. If he crosses his arms when talking to you, this also means that he’s not interested at all. As humans, we tend to block ourselves around those we don’t like and open ourselves to those that we do. Another way to tell is if he’s making eye contact with you. If he likes you he’ll try to focus his eyes on yours but if he’s avoids eye contact with you, then it’s a sign he doesn’t like you.

  1. He tries to avoid you.

If this is the case, it’s more than likely that he’s figured out you have feelings for him and is trying to avoid any confrontation that might take place between you two. Why would he do this? Because he doesn’t actually have feelings for you but doesn’t want to say that and hurt your feelings. He’s hoping by avoiding you you’ll get the hint and move on without him having to be caught in the middle of an uncomfortable situation.

Although guys can be really confusing when it comes to figuring out if they like you or not, these 10 signs he doesn’t like you will definitely help you figure it out. Have you had any luck deciphering a guy’s feelings before?


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