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    • Is My Partner Cheating? Apps That Hide Text Messages and Phone Calls

      One our worst fears in a relationship is probably the prospect of our partner cheating on us. It’s one of the hardest things to get passed and if you are suspicious of them, it’s even more difficult...

      • Posted March 2, 2017
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    • What to do When He Stops Texting You Suddenly

      We all dread the moment when a guy just stops texting us for seemingly no reason at all. Everything was going great, you got along really well, and you felt like you had a connection. Then suddenly,...

      • Posted March 1, 2017
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    • What Does it Mean When a Guy Looks Into Your Eyes

      Sometimes, it’s really hard to read what a guy is thinking or feeling. Often times, we may think they feel a certain way about us, only to find out they feel completely different. It’s not only frustrating,...

      • Posted February 28, 2017
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    • How to Handle Loving and Dating a Married Man

      Dating married man is not something any of us want to do. We know it’s wrong and harmful, but we can’t always help how we feel. In fact, love is blind. We can never control how we...

      • Posted February 24, 2017
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    • How to Pretend to Ignore Someone You Have a Crush On

      Having a crush on someone is never easy. Honestly, it’s one of the most frustrating things you can imagine. However, it’s also full of fun, exciting times with someone you’re mad for. Just because it’s a little...

      • Posted February 18, 2017
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    • How to Get Married at the Courthouse

      Getting married is such an important life event. You wait so long to find someone you love enough to spend the rest of your life with them and it only makes sense to get married. But you...

      • Posted February 17, 2017
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    • 10 Characteristics of the Alpha Woman

      Every girl wants to be the boss. We all want to walk around like we own the place because honestly, it’s hot. It’s sexy. It’s alluring. And it down right powerful. To be an alpha woman is...

      • Posted February 16, 2017
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    • Should You Keep Pictures of Your Ex?

      Breakups suck. We put so much time and effort into a relationship only to end up with wasted time. Not to mention a bunch of memories we don’t really like to have. Those memories can be in...

      • Posted February 14, 2017
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    • Eye Twitching Superstition

      Have you ever believed in something really superstitious that all of your friends laughed at you? No matter if you’re embarrassed about your superstition or not, many of us believe in some. It can be a black...

      • Posted February 13, 2017
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    • How to Tell if a Guy is Playing You

      The last thing any of girls want to find out about a new guy we’re dating is that he’s playing us. We put a lot of time and effort into finding someone we could potentially spend our...

      • Posted February 12, 2017
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