20 Signs That You Have a Chance with Him

By on March 18, 2016

Don’t you wish there was this magical signal that guys put off that told you that you had a chance with him? I think a lot of us waste so much of our time pining over a guy when in reality, we never had a shot with him in the first place.

Does this sound like you? Are you perpetually stumped as to whether or not you actually have a chance with him? I know I’ve had my fair share of guys who were simply not interested at all. However, I have learned these signs that tell you if you have a chance with him or not. So the next time you’re unsure, pay close attention to if he does any of these.

  1. Makes Frequent and Long Eye Contact


This is one of the first signs that you actually have a chance with him. When a guy is also interested in you and you have a chance with him, he’ll maintain eye contact with you. This shows that they’re interested in specifically you and what you have to say. Now, sometimes this can go unnoticed because your nerves cause you to be shy and not even look at him in the first place. Just make sure to pay attention to this.

  1. You Catch Him Looking at You

he looks at you

If the man you’re after is rather shy, he might not look you in the eye as much. Another sign that you have a chance with him is if you catch him looking at you at unexpected times. You know, you’ll be laughing with your friends, turn really quick, and then see him jerk his head in the opposite direction of you. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. This is a surefire sign that you really have a chance with this guy.

  1. He Smiles at You a Lot


Did you know that our ancestors smiled in order to show someone that they weren’t a threat to them? Well, that isn’t too far off from how smiling is seen today. If he is frequently smiling at you then he’s interested. And if he’s interested, that means you most definitely have a shot with him! Those smiles are a clear indicator that you affect him in a way that makes him happy. So make your move – because you have a chance!

  1. He laughs at all Your Lame Jokes


It has been scientifically proven that we tend to find someone’s jokes funnier if we like them. If you have terrible jokes or just aren’t usually that funny in general, yet for some reason he’s laughing all the time, then you have a shot with him. Not only does this show you that he’s interested, but it’s also a confidence boost. You’ll feel so much funnier and that will heighten your chances with him.

  1. He Compliments You

he compliments you

Guys don’t compliment girls that they don’t like. You will not receive good compliments from a guy that you don’t have a chance with. But the compliments can’t be the typical, “your eyes are beautiful” or “your hair looks pretty”. Although those are nice and mean that he finds you physically attractive, they don’t necessarily tell you if you have a chance to date him. The compliments that mean you have a chance with him will have more to do with your hobbies, personality, and unique qualities.

  1. He Starts the Conversations

things to talk about with a guy

There’s nothing that tells you that you have a chance with a guy more than if he starts up the conversations with you. That means that he is taking the initiative to get to know you better and talk to you. This is a clear opportunity for you to get in there and make a move because you obviously have a chance with him. This is especially true if he sparks up a conversation about random stuff – it’s just an excuse he’s using to talk to you.

  1. The Conversations are Deeper

spend time talking to him

Not only will he be the first to chat you up, but he’ll actually delve deeper into a real conversation than he would with other people. He may start the conversation with something random just to get it going, but when he gets into the topics of your family and future plans, that’s how you know that you definitely have a chance with him. So make the most of that and go for it!

  1. He Texts You Out of Nowhere

he texts you

You know you have a chance with him if you’re getting text messages out of the blue just to see how you are and what you’re doing with your day. This is a really strong sign you absolutely have a chance with him because by getting these texts, he’s basically telling you that he’s thinking about you even when you’re not around.

  1. He Wants to Know About Your Past Relationships

Talk to Someone Regularly

If he subtly slips in a question about your current or past relationship statuses, you definitely have a chance with him. Many guys want to know about the people you’ve dated in your past because they’re envisioning themselves with you. And since they’re picturing this, you have a clear shot at dating them.

  1. He Positions Himself Near You a Lot


If you don’t have a chance with a guy, he’s going to be the farthest person from you in the entire room. So this means if you find your crush to be near you often – especially in a group setting – chances are that you’ve got the in. If he wants to be around you as much as you want to be around him, it’s a sign to go for it!

  1. He Notices the Little Things

Alone Time is Key

It’s easy for a guy to notice a new, dramatic haircut. But if this special guy is picking up on the fact that you got new earrings, perfume, or even that you parted your hair a different way, you have a chance with him. When a guy is paying attention to such little details about you, they’re interested in more than what’s just on the surface.

  1. His Appearance is Premeditated Around You

This really is just a fancy way of saying that he always tries to look nice around you. If you’ve known him for a while but never really gotten to know him, you’ll be able to see the difference from before you two started talking to his current attire. If he looks well-groomed, has on nice clothes, and smells good around you all the time, then you definitely have a chance with him. This is him trying to impress you.

  1. He Always Manages to be Around You

If you’re out with your friends in a group somewhere and he just so happens to show up and bump into you, you’ve got a chance with him. The likelihood that he’s always hanging at the same places you are (unless you have the same friends) is very low. Chances are, he’s finding out where you’re going to be so he can “bump into you” and use this as an excuse to see you more.

  1. He Makes an Effort to Get to Know Your Friends

his friends

If you really want to know if you have a shot with this guy, then look to your friends. If he has taken it upon himself to introduce himself to them and kind of get to know them, then that’s sending a clear message that he wants to make sure your friends put in a good word for him – which means you have a chance to go for it and date him.

  1. He Initiates Physical Contact

A sign that a guy definitely doesn’t like you and you never have a chance with him is if they avoid touching you at all – or even avoid being near you in general. So if this guy is actually initiating physical contact by touching your arm, playfully bumping into you, etc. then you have a chance.

  1. His Friends all Know Who You Are – Even Though You’ve Never Met Them

Oh yes, this is a big one. If his friends know you and you’ve never met them before, he’s been talking about you. AKA: you most definitely have a chance dating him.

  1. He Listens to Only You in a Group

Have you ever noticed that he seems to be listening intently to everything you have to say when you’re in a group together? When his eyes are just on you, it means he’s interested and that you have a shot with him.

  1. He Gives You Nicknames

Even if it’s just shortening your name, it’s important. If he calls you anything other than what you introduced yourself as, then you have a shot with him. By doing this, he’s trying to stand out and even be a little flirty with you.

  1. He Offers to Help Out

He Offers to Help Out

Whether it’s with your homework, some yardwork, or a neat project you’re working on, men who will take the time out of their day to help you out are sending a clear message. And that is this: you better make a move because he certainly wants you to.

  1. He Says He Likes You

There really isn’t a better or more clear sign that you have a chance with him other than if he just flat out tells you he likes you and wants to date you. Obviously this means GO FOR IT!

Figuring out if you really have a chance with a guy can be tough. But if you use these signs, it’ll be crystal clear.


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