How to Find Out if a Guy Likes You Without Asking Him

By on November 1, 2015

Sometimes it can be hard sitting there wondering if a guy is interested in you or not. Of course, you don’t want to embarrass yourself and flat out ask him in case the answer is no, and asking his friends would just be weird. What’s a girl to do? These are the top 15 signs on how to find out if a guy likes you WITHOUT asking him!

3869596238c557838584fa82578c9a2e1. You Catch Him Looking Your Way Often
It’s true for both men AND women: when you like something, you want to look at it! If you notice that every time you look at this guy he’s either looking back or turning his head away real quick, it could definitely be a sign that he’s interested. (Or there’s something on your face; always make sure that handy compact mirror is in your purse pocket, ladies!)

2. He’s In Your Inbox a Lot
When you like someone, you want to talk to them constantly. Of course, you can’t let THEM know that, but you’ll still find yourself sending them random text messages or chatting with them when they come on Facebook. If this guy seems to text you at random times- even when he’s out with his buddies for the night or at work- then you can definitely take it as a sign he’s interested.

3. He Chooses You Over His Buddies
Now, this is a big one. A man doesn’t want to miss out on his precious time with the guys- he could miss out on beers, nonsense joking and horsing around, AND the game winning three pointer! So if he decides to pick you over his buddies, he likes you. It’s as simple as that. If he’s not at the point of asking you out to do things yet, if he even bothers to text you or message you while he’s with the fellas, he certainly likes you. He won’t even mind getting grief from his guy pals for messaging a lady all night!

4. He Invites You to Events
This is a rather obvious sign, but if he’s inviting you to events, then he’s obviously got a crush on you. He may try to be coy about it: “Oh, a few friends are going to this concert and I know you LOVE that band. Maybe you should come?” or he could be very obvious: “Wanna see a movie Friday night?” Both are good, GOOD signs of a crush!

5. He’s Interested in the Small Things About You
If he doesn’t have a crush on you, chances are he isn’t going to care what your favorite candy bar is or how many times you fell off your bike as a child. If he’s trying to find out the minor details about you, then he cares about you and wants to know you on a deeper level.

671683439598cfe77b303c0f47dfe6386. Remembers the Details
And, of course, it’s not so much that he asked about the small things, but he actually cares enough to remember. Anyone can ask you random details about your life, but remembering them is another story. THAT is a huge sign.

7. He’s Extra Sweet and Complimentary
Some guys are naturally just schmoozers and flirt with anything they see, so this one CAN be a little confusing. You need to pay extra close attention to how he interacts with other females. If he uses more in depth compliments with you or tends to treat you a little sweeter than the rest, it could be a sign he’s interested- but his flirty ways aren’t going to stop until the two of you are committed.

8. Goes Out of His Way Just for You
Remember when you said you left your book in science class and he went ALL the way to the BACK of the school to get it? Remember when he decided to make sure he grabbed you an extra cupcake from the staff room before they were all gone? If he goes out of his way JUST for you- big or small- it’s a sign he’s interested.

9. He Sends Random Gifts
He heard you loved those caramel chocolate candy bars, so he decided to surprise you with one on your desk. It may seem silly, but these little gifts show a lot. It shows that he pays attention to what you like and wants to make you feel special by showing you he cares with random gifts.

10. He Gets Jealous
No, the two of you aren’t together. However, you can’t help but notice he gets a little jealous when he sees you chatting it up with another guy. He probably won’t come out and say he’s jealous, but there’s a lot of clues. Maybe he acts a little distant or asks you if you’re interested in that guy, or maybe he just has a glum look on his face. Trust me- you can tell when a man is jealous!

6612abb59d129e40eaf8ef5f43e2e44c11. He Playfully Touches You
This goes hand in hand with being sweet and complimentary. Think about it: does he do the notorious flirty arm touches when he talks to you? Does he love to give you a great big hug every chance he gets? Flirty touching is a sign he wants to get close to you- which means he may have a HUGE crush.

12. Treats You Differently Than the Rest of the Group
So, you notice he’s got a sweet spot for you, huh? (And everyone else probably notices it too). He seems to always give you extra attention and treat you better than the rest. If you’re the odd one out- in a good way- then he’s definitely trying to show you that he cares for you more than just a friend.

13. He Lets You Borrow His Things
He’ll let you borrow his favorite NFL jacket when you’re cold. He doesn’t mind lending you that cool video game for the weekend. Basically, he doesn’t see it as a hassle when you ask to borrow something. In fact, he enjoys you asking; that means you get to have a little piece of HIM for awhile.

14. He Sometimes Teases You a Bit
Yes, it’s SO elementary. But guys tease girls when they’re interested. It’s as simple as that.

15. He Only Has Eyes for You
When the two of you are talking, it’s like you’re the only girl in the world. Angelina Jolie could walk past and he wouldn’t even take a glimpse in her direction. If he only has eyes for you, he likes you.

True or not? Are these definite signs a guy likes you? Tell us!


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