Short Hairstyles

By on February 6, 2013

Ladies, short hair is not just for men. Not only that, it is nowhere near out of style. If you are a busy woman and need something that will look great but be very easy to take care of, you will love a short hair style. Here are a few great ones that will keep you looking sexy, even without miles of long locks.


This great hairstyle is perfect for women of any age. The loads of highlights add a depth of color and makes it seem like more hair. The short back cut and longer top are super easy to take care of for a busy woman. Colors and highlights look good with almost any combination, even black and pink for a younger woman.



This short hairstyle with a side part is super girly and perfectly shows off high cheekbones and large eyes. If you want a simple cut that is simple to style and looks good with any outfit, this is the perfect chic look for a woman.



The undercut and side cut are super big this year, and short-haired women do not have to skip out on this punky hairstyle. A dramatic undercut or side cut works well for a woman with short hair.



If you want something even more punky, a faux hawk is a great look as well. With or without a splash of color, this edgy look was taken over by women when men first started to sport it, and has been perfected by celebrities such as Pink. It looks great with almost any face shape and color.



If you are not ready to commit to a completely short cut this year, then try leaving the front a little longer and adding some sassy layers. This will give your hair a volume that other cuts may not, and will look like it took a long time to style, even though it did not at all. You can even do a variety of different hairstyles with this look.



Ginnifer Goodwin made this style popular recently, and it is taking over the world of short hair. This classic pixie with a long side bang is super girly and works with any color. It accentuates the eyes and is easy to take care of.




Speaking of classic pixies, this style will never go out of fashion for women. This classic pixie is super sleek and simple, making it perfect for any age.