50 Fabulous Short Natural Hairstyles

By on August 15, 2015

So you’ve decided to trim your hair and cut it really short; or you already have short hair but you don’t know how to style it. Whatever the case, it’s never too late to make a change. Short hairstyles can also be cool and trendy. In fact, certain short hairdos can give a much better shape to your face. Here are 50 fabulous short natural hairstyles to get inspired from.

1. Graphic Pixie with Curly Top

short natural hairstyle_1

via Tumblr/cattygyal

We love this curly pixie with perfectly trimmed sides. It’s chic and innovative; so if you have curly hair but you don’t want it long, this hairstyle idea for short hair will exceed all your expectations. Wear strong, graphic make-up and blush to give your face a beautiful shape.

2. Fresh Fade

short natural hairstyle_2

via Instagram/ilovealimara

Blonde and short, this is the recipe for success this summer season! If you want to make an impression and you’re not afraid to adopt a bold hair color and cut, then this fresh fade will instantly grab attention. Be careful though as this type of cut is not suitable to women with oval or heart-shaped faces. For the style to look gorgeous, it is important to have an interesting, preferably round head.

3. Short Afro

short natural hairstyle_3

via Instagram/brosiaaa

Black women with really frizzy hair should consider this cool short afro. The round shape will complement perfectly your face features, not to mention that styling your hair will become a daily pleasure. If you’re going to a party and you’d like to accessorize your outfit, striking earrings and a short necklaces will do the trick.

4. Undercut

short natural hairstyle_4

via Instagram/personalbravery

Undercuts are in trend and not because they’re easy to care for, but because they make the face appear more structural and modern. Also, they’re really easy to style, and they bring out your natural face features.

5. Undercut with Frizzy Mohawk 

short natural hairstyle_5

via Instagram/timasamad

Frizzy hair can look gorgeous if styled properly. Opt for a high mohawk with razored sides and you won’t have to struggle with the styling any longer; it will look chic and polished, not to mention that you’ll feel more confident than ever before.

6. Short Cut with Shaved Sides 

short natural hairstyle_6

via Instagram/justdanablair

Another short cut with really stylish shaved sides! Curly hair can look so sexy; it’s all about how you cut it and wear it. In this case, short hair brings out the beautiful eyes and lips of the lady in the picture.

7. Frizzy Afro 

short natural hairstyle_7

via Instagram/jfashiongirl87

Own your afro hair and wear it natural. Trim the sides and give it a round shape to go with your head, and you’ll look gorgeous. Don’t hesitate to use accessories to make your appearance seem a little bit more luxurious and chic.

8. Creamy Brown Afro

short natural hairstyle_8

via Instagram/hannahfaith

If you want to make a change but you don’t know where to start, you could opt for a color change. How about creamy brown? The nuance is fascinating, not to mention that it will frame your face perfectly. Let your frizzy hair bounce free and be proud of it.

9. Heart-Shaped Purple Afro

short natural hairstyle_9

via Instagram/donedo

And since we were just talking about fascinating colors, how about if you dyed your hair is an even bolder nuance? Striking purple should do the trick, and before you say anything else you should know that this hue can look extremely polished with a hearth-shaped fro.

10. Beautiful Frizzy Hairstyle 

short natural hairstyle_10

via shorthaircutsforblackwomen

This gorgeous frizzy hairstyle looks so simple yet so striking. Those long curls seem perfectly styled, although it’s quite obvious that the hairdo is all-natural. To make yours seem so compact, you might want to use a bit of hair spray or mousse.

11. Natural Curly Bob

short natural hairstyle_11

via bestshorthaircuts

Women with short hair can also opt for the short trendy bob. Don’t straighten your hair and let it flow naturally; this way you’ll enjoy a romantic and fresh hairdo. Let your curls bounce and you’ll enjoy the natural curls for longer periods of time.

12. Wavy Pixie 

short natural hairstyle_12

via Pinterest/pophaircuts

A hairstyle with an urban appeal is this spectacular pixie. Those waves add glamor and sophistication to the hairdo, although we must admit that those jewelry pieces have a striking effect too.

13. Funky Short Cut

short natural hairstyle_13

via Pinterest/pophaircuts

Believe it or not this season the tom-boy haircut is in trend. The cut is really short, although it is trimmed asymmetrically. This way the style looks edgy and cool. Wear it with a strapless dress and all eyes will be on you.

14. Lovely Tapered Cut

short natural hairstyle_14

via blackhairinformation

This lovely tapered cut looks amazing. What we love most is the blend of dark with light brown. The style is shorter in the back and longer at the top. It adds height to your face, so if you have prominent cheekbones, this cut will suit you perfectly.

15. Fierce Teeny Weeny Afro

short natural hairstyle_15

via blackhairinformation

The teeny weeny afro style is back. Shortly known as the TWA, the cut looks fabulous on women with perfectly rounded heads. Wear it with a pair of aviator-like sunglasses and feel fabulous.

16. Neatly Cropped Fauxhawk  

short natural hairstyle_4

via Pinterest/creativefan

If you want to do something new to your hair but you’ve ran out of ideas, you could try out this neatly cropped fauxhawk. Bold women who are not ashamed to showcase their natural beauty will adore the style. It may look too simple, but with the right makeup, it will make you look gorgeous.

17. Curly Pixie

short natural hairstyle_17

via Pinterest

Just because you have curly hair it doesn’t mean you can’t rock the pixie. In fact, a wavy pixie hairdo can look a lot better than a straight pixie.Wear it up and consider a daring hair color to grab more attention.

18.Frizzy Pixie with Mohawk 

short natural hairstyle_18

via Pinterest/kaylaha cheyane

The mohawk is in high demand this season, and it looks like increasingly more women want it. Have yours trimmed on the back and on the sides, and leave the top a bit longer. This will make you appear statuesque and really fashionable.

19.Short Afro with Shaved Side

short natural hairstyle_19

via officiallynatural

At a first glimpse, this short afro hairdo looks simple and chic. However at a closer look we notice a shaved parting, which gives the cut a totally different allure.

20. Fiery Red Frizzy 

short natural hairstyle_20

via shorthaircutsforblackwomen

Don’t you think it’s time for a new hair color for your afro pixie? Have you ever thought of getting out of your comfort zone and opting for a brand new reddish nuance?

21. Wavy Pixie with Brown Highlights 

short natural hairstyle_21

via glamorous-hairstyles

If dyeing your hair is a bit too much, then maybe you could opt for a few highlights? Give a twist to your wavy pixie and bring the hairdo to life with a couple of blonde strands; you’ll love the effect.

22. Short Wavy Bob


short natural hairstyle_20

via Instagram/thecutlife

This short wavy bob with blue highlights looks urban-like and really extravagant. The bangs adds drama to the hairdo, not to mention that a suitable pair of sunglass will add even more chicness to the whole style.

23. Chic Messy Pixie

short natural hairstyle_21

via Pinterest/bestshorthaircuts

Messy yet stylish short cuts can be incredibly alluring. Feel like a rebel and make everyone around you turn heads with the coolest hairdo. Believe it or not, women with short hair can be so sensual and sexy.

24. Pixie Cut with Bangs

short natural hairstyle_22

via Pinterest/hairstyledesign

A lot of women love their short hair. That’s because they know that a dramatic color change could have a greater effect. Create an impact and dye your pixie platinum blonde; this should make everyone on the street admire your free-spirited sense of fashion.

25. Gorgeous Afro Updo

short natural hairstyle_23

via Instagram/naturalgyrls

This gorgeous afro hair looks stunning. What’s great about it is the effortless touch; it doesn’t look styled in any way, and yet it appears so perfect and chic.

26. Curly Blonde Afro

short natural hairstyle_24

via Instagram/naturalgyrls

If you fancy the afro but you want to give it a twist, dye it in blonde. Keep the hairdo really short and increase your face’s level of femininity with discreet, romantic jewelry.

27. Short & Layered Bangs

short natural hairstyle_25

via Pinterest/vibe

If you thought bangs are out for the season, you’re wrong! In fact, the long layered fringe mixed with a really short bob can make a hairdo appear fabulous. Mix with a smoky eye make-up and you’re all set to impress.

28. Light Brown with Shaved Sides 

short natural hairstyle_26

via Instagram/vivacious_black_hairstyles

Unlike women with longer hair, women with really short hair don’t have a problem with shaving it off. To make your current hairdo appear bolder and inspiring, you could opt for this cool pixie with a shaved side. Ingenious don’t you think?

29. All-Natural Curls

short natural hairstyle_27

via Instagram/ravishing_tresses

Embrace your curly hair and give it a twist with a few highlights. Make sure the chosen color is similar to your natural hair, and this way the impact won’t be too striking. Rock the fro and feel like the most confident woman in the world!

30. Curly Mohawk with Highlights 

short natural hairstyle_28

via Instagram/vivacious_black_hairstyles

Love the mohawk with shaved sides? Give it a twist by curling the top hair. This should definitely turn some heads around. If you want the change to be even more defined, you could opt for a color change. Brunettes should opt for reddish highlights to accentuate their natural skin color and beautiful face features.

31. Short Cut with Long Sided Fringe

short natural hairstyle_30

via Pinterest/teenvogue

What we love most about really short styles is the vibe they send out. Women with perfect bone structure are advised to try them out; let your inner femininity shine through and consider this dazzling pixie with a long sided fringe.

32. Sided Fringe and Undercut

short natural hairstyle_31

via Pinterest/shorthairstylesandcuts

Really short undercuts with a longer sided fringe is the change that you need. The style looks urban and classy, with a little dash of sex-appeal. Wear black eyeliner and pastel lips to complete the look. To make the style appear chicer you could curl up the long fringe from the roots, thus making it seem more romantic and elegant.

33. Straight Bob & Undercuts

short natural hairstyle_32

via Pinterest/hipsterwithablog

Undercuts are the newest trend this season. They’re recommended for women with really thick hair, but you can also use them to style your hair in many different ways. From a straight bob to an interesting pixie, undercuts are something to consider for this summer.

34. Short Neat Curls

short natural hairstyle_33

via Pinterest/blackhairinformation

Let your tiny curls shine and opt for this bold and beautiful hairstyle. To obtain a clean look, use hair mousse and wear the cut with confidence everywhere you go. Also known as TWA, teeny whinny afro, the hairdo permits women to wear bolder makeup to bring out their feminine features.

35. Edgy Spiky Pixie

short natural hairstyle_34

via Pinterest/vibe

This season is all about the spiky pixie with unusual colorings. Check out this cream brown shade with interesting hues. For a more romantic effect, you could opt for a layered side parting. Fix the hardo with a little hairspray and you’re good to go.

36. Ombre Highlights

short natural hairstyle_35

via Pinterest/styleblazer

Now this is hot, hot, hot! Check out this cool hairstyle for short hair. It looks fierce especially because of the brown and blonde ombre effect. Wear it up without a parting and you’ll manage to pull off the finest urban hairstyle.

37. Short & Hot

short natural hairstyle_37

via shorthaircutsforblackwomen

Women with round faces and beautiful bone structure can rock the almost “nude” hairdo. It is sophisticated and sexy at the same time. To compensate for the lack of hair, draw attention to the lips by wearing powerful lipstick. Bloody red, cherry and even purple are ideal. To make the hairstyle seem sportier, opt for casual earrings.

38.Wavy with Highlights

short natural hairstyle_36

via Instagram/panovaev

Highlights can add a lot of romance to a rather conventional hair color. In this case, the dark brown works beautifully with the blonde hints. The hairdo looks really bouncy, and it is so easy to fix too. For an added wow effect, opt for a side parting.

39. Super Curly

short natural hairstyle_37

via Instagram/vivacious_black_hairstyles

Are you in the mood for something different? Then maybe you should try the curly style with no parting. Romantic and extremely modern, the cut suits women with big eyes and luscious lips. As an alternative, you could dye it in an unusual color, such as pastel purple for example. This way everyone will notice your unique sense of style.

40. Platinum Blonde Pixie

short natural hairstyle_38

via Instagram/bouclebene

This beautiful pixie-like hairdo is the coolest. Add a fancy blonde nuance into the mix and you’ve got yourself a killer cut, perfect for any occasion. Wear nude make-up and you’ll have the most angelic and interesting look.

41. Frizzilicious

short natural hairstyle_41

via YouTube

Let your frizzy hair shine through and opt for this cool cut. We love the light brown hues at the end too. The hairdo is excellent when you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, but also stylish.

42. Natural Chicness 

short natural hairstyle_42

via blackandkillingit

Women with perfectly round heads and really frizzy hair can adopt this interesting cut. It’s short and easy, yet so effective and astounding. There’s barely any hair left on the head, which will give you the chance to accentuate your face features with jewelry or makeup.

43. Short Cut All-Natural

short natural hairstyle_43

via Tumblr/dee-vineanonyme

The wet look is back, and it can be adopted by women with curly hair too. The hairdo looks so effortless and chic; to get it, all you need is some mousse and a brush. To make the style seem more elegant and appropriate for a black tie even, wear opulent earrings. Believe us, everyone will notice you!

44. Graphic Updo with Interesting Side Cuts

short natural hairstyle_44

via hi-iamcurrentlyobsessed

This cool cut has something special we definitely enjoy; the graphic shaves from the sides are amazing. Perfectly trimmed and left longer at the top of the head, this style is perfect for women who are bold and not afraid to try something new.

45. Fabulous Purple

short natural hairstyle_45

via Tumblr/prettynigerian

Look at this frizzilicious hairdo! Can you believe that it’s 100% natural? The purple highlights just make it appear even more luxurious and fabulous. Women with small heads but prominent jawline should have a closer look at this one.

46. Short Stylish Fro

short natural hairstyle_46

via Tumblr/lionessofjuda

Curly hair can be so easy to style. All you need is some hair product and patience, that’s it. This amazingly vivid picture looks so romantic and alluring. The hairdo is light and smooth, yet so elegant and stylish.

47. Short Curly Hair

short natural hairstyle_39

via Pinterest/naturalcouture

There’s nothing wrong with having curly hair. Whenever you feel that you don’t want to straighten it any longer, give is a trim and make it short. Let is flow naturally and you might just like more.

48. Spiky Short Cut

short natural hairstyle_40

via Pinterest/theglamfile

Are you a free-spirited type of person? Have you always loved a short cut but never dared to try a style? Now this is your shot. Check out this amazing pixie style; it is extremely layered, and even a bit messy which is exactly why we love it so much.

49. Frosted Curls

short natural hairstyle_41

via Instagram/cometakeapuff

A curly, textured hairdo can look amazing if styled properly. Trimmed really short in the back and longer in the front, this cut is ideal for skinny women with long necks. To create some balance, you should opt for opulent earrings. The end result will look dashing!

50. Shaved Sides with Wavy Mohawk

short natural hairstyle_42

via Pinterest/thestylenewsnetwork

We love the fierce look on this cut. If you have a long bony face, then go for a short cut with long, layered mohawk. It will bring out your beautiful features, such as the eyes lips and cheekbones.

Short hair is fabulous, and sexy too! There are so many hairstyles you can try to make yourself feel confident and beautiful. Whether you crave the classic afro or you’d rather try the pixie cut, there’s no doubt that sooner or later you’ll find the ideal hairstyle to frame your face. In the meantime, here are 50 suggestions to help you make a decision.


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