Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Rumours!

By on December 16, 2013

She might be 50 years old now but Lauren Holly is definitely still one of the hottest women in show business. Born October 28th, 1963 in Bristol, Pennsylvania. She is classes as being American-Canadian and is an actress best known for roles in films such as Dumb & Dumber and in TV shows such as NCIS.


She’s lead a very hectic life having notched up no less than three husbands. There was Danny Quinn from 1991 to 1993. Then there was the formidable Jim Carrey from 1996 to 1997. She is currently married to Franco Greco – since their wedding in 2001, they have also had three kids!


From the early days when she played Mary Swanson in Dumb & Dumber back in 1994 she was a cutie. She also played Gigi in the 2000 classic What Women Want. She even has a new film coming out next year called The Town That Came A-Courtin’ in which she plays Abby Houston. That’s on top of the current TV show she’s in called Motive in which she plays Dr. Betty Rogers. She certainly has kept herself busy over the years!

Desite her busy and hectic life, she doesn’t seem to have aged very much. With the busy schedules she must have had to the personal traumas with loves found and lost, you would have thought that age might take its toll…

Recently Lauren Holly plastic surgery reports seem to be shooting all around the media, mostly in the region of her chest. According to the reports and opinions of some of the best plastic surgeons in the US, her breasts have undergone a drastic overhaul leading them to believe that celebrity plastic surgery has taken place.

photo 3

Up until this point, Lauren Holly has neither confirmed nor denied the celebrity plastic surgery rumours but she certainly has a chest that most women much younger than her would be envious of. When you look at photos of her from a few years ago, and then look at photos of her over the last few months, the Lauren Holly plastic surgery rumours could be true…

Some people may argue that her weight loss could be the cause of her change in breast shape. she seems to lose and put on weight quite a lot – obviously her breasts will get larger and smaller with weight loss.

photo 2-2

Breast augmentation or the “boob job” seems to be a common desire with celebrity women. There have been a whole ton of women that have been reported to have had the odd nip and tuck here and there. Kate Hudson, for example, always boasted about how happy she was with her smaller breasts but for her 31st birthday, she went out and bought herself a new pair. Thankfully she only went for a subtle change; any more than that and we would have been concerned.

photo 1-2

Audrina Partridge is another celebrity that has been reported to have had a boob job. Although she denies the rumours, before and after pictures definitely suggest a larger cup size. She says that it was all down to a “chest problem”… We will let you come to your own conclusions on this!

Tara Reid famously had a boob job, Mariah Carey reportedly opted for one, even Taylor Swift is believed to have gone under the knife. It would seem that breast augmentation is one of the most desirable forms of celebrity plastic surgery there is… but is your breast size really that much of a big deal?

According to recent studies done in a small experiment, women that had undergone breast augmentation to have implants experienced an increase in their sexual arousal, and experienced more satisfying sex with a partner and alone. Of course, this was only a very small experiment and probably shouldn’t be the reason you have breast surgery but we just thought we would share the information!

Back to the topic of Lauren Holly plastic surgery and we will let you decide whether or not you think she has undergone celebrity plastic surgery in the form of breast enlargement. It does appear that they have got bigger recently, but big enough to have been caused by surgery? We aren’t sure!

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