10 Fashion Tips for Women over 40

By on November 27, 2014

If you are a woman over 40, you must know that this age is great—you still have the beauty of the youth and a sophistication and style of your age. The key to using the advantage of your age is to follow some simple rules that will help you stay sexy without imitating teenage styles, because, as your body is changing, so should your clothing.

  1. Do not dress too young.


Ditch the miniskirts for something classier and more elegant. It is ironic that dressing younger does not make you look younger; in fact, it makes you look older than you are. Why? Because wearing something designed for teenagers creates a misbalance between your look and your outfit. Take a look at Catherine Zeta-Jones, who at the age of 45 keeps is simple, stylish and age-appropriate.

  1. Do not dress too old.


Sometimes women follow the first rule so meticulously that they go to other extreme and find somewhere grandma’s shoes and cardigans. Forget about those granny items for at least thirty more years, you are not a grandma yet (even if you already have grandchildren). Cate Blanchett’s gray jumpsuit is a great example of how you can age in style.

  1. Take care of your hair.


A woman in her 20’s can pull off a simple hairdo and all she needs to look good is a wash and a brush. A woman in her 40’s needs to take extra care of her hair, since it immediately makes you look younger, more sophisticated and chic. Take extra ten minutes to style your hair. Get a fresh cut regularly. Can you tell Kate Beckinsale is 41? Her hair makes her look at least five years younger.

  1. Know your type.


It is important that by the age of 40 you know your body and skin type and choose styles and colors accordingly. However, always keep in mind that your skin type might slightly change from when you were 30, so revise the clothes shades you were wearing until now. You might want to go brighter or change the color palette; that is why do not be afraid to experiment and try new things. You might get pleasantly surprised to find out that this shade of red in fact fits you perfectly. Especially with your signature red lipstick.

  1. Go classy.7


Do not shop trends, shop style. Forty is a good time to find your personal style, to learn what suits you best, to create your own rules and follow them. Instead of going hip, invest in timeless jewelry and handbags, which will help you develop your signature look, like, for instance, 42-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow does.

  1. Get inspired by celebrities your age.5


Look at movie actresses you like and follow their look without replicating it. Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Lucy Liu, Jennifer Aniston all look great in their forties. There is no reason why you should look worse than any of them.

  1. Makeup! 6


Have you been using the same palette in the past ten years? Remember, your skin changed and so did the makeup rules and trends. What was in vogue ten years ago and looked great on you, now will just reveal your age and outdated preferences. Moreover, if you never used makeup, now it is time to start doing so, since your natural beauty might get somewhat faded with age. Do not underestimate the power of makeup. Carefully chosen and applied, it will emphasize your beauty and glow. Heidi Klum would look very plain has she not used her makeup wisely.

  1. Focus on shoulders and legs.


With age, your chest and neck might get wrinkly and less smooth, so it’s probably time to cover them with some nice accessories. As for your legs and your shoulders, they are the slowest to age, and that is why you can always show them off. Of course, I do not ask you, however, to wear minis, but wearing a nice pencil skirt will work great for women over 40.

  1. Shop at stores that cater for your age.


You love Forever 21? Great, suggest your daughter to shop there. Your shopping niche is already different. It is more sophisticated. It is wrong however to think that over 40’s fashion provides only high-end shopping experiences. Budget stores like Asos, Banana Republic, and Mango offer great variety of outfits for women in their forties as well.

  1. Use layers.


Do not underestimate the power of layering. Simple silhouettes turn more complex and visually stimulating, play with the layers and just be creative!

Follow these simple rules and you will look and feel great about yourself and never have a moment of fashion awkwardness again. And remember: age is just a number!

(all images are sourced via pinterest)

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