14 Must-Have MAC Eyeshadows for 2017

By on April 11, 2017

Everybody knows MAC Cosmetics. It’s like a rule or something. Right ladies? Absolutely!

MAC undeniably has some of the best cosmetic products on the market, and there eye shadow is definitely a top-notch favorite.

If you’re looking for the newest, hottest trends when it comes to eye shadow, you’ve come to the right place.

Not only have we come up with 14 must have shades, but they all come from one of the best makeup companies out there- MAC!

You’re going to love these awesome shadows.

Mineralize Eye Shadow X4 in ‘Nanonude’

The ‘all natural’ look is icnredibly hot right now, so if you are a gal who prefers to look a bit more natural and less ‘made up’, then this is the ideal palette from MAC for you. This delightful palette contains warm beige, neutral beige, soft caramel, and gold with pearl to complete your nude look with ease. Mix and match until you find your perfect blend for any occasion, day to night.

Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo in ‘Ever Amethyst’

A luscious, warm combination of soft violet and deep violet is exactly what you need to intensify your look an instant. Pinks are an insanely hot trend right now in the makeup world, but if the bright and sparkly pinks aren’t your style, you will adore this DUO eye shadow from MAC. Together these rich hues create a divine look that is perfect for any time of year, especially during fall when you’re snuggled up in your favorite coat and boots. Save it for special occasions or rock it to school- there is no limits with this senuous pair.

Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Trio in ‘Claretluxe’

There is only one word to describe this palette: intense. Vibrant shades are exactly what you need to rock any nightlife scene and have ALL eyes on you. A light pearly pink is full of shimmer and glam, easing up on the intenser hues of clean burgundy pink red and a striking purple. If you are feeling ‘daring’ and want to make a statement with every step, the Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Trio in ‘Claretluxe’ is exactly what you need in your makeup bag. Wear only the lighter hues or paint on some of that rich purple to really get the party started.

Electric Cool Eye Shadow in ‘Love Power’

Pink eyeshadow is an absolute MUST for 2017; it’s seriously the biggest trend from lips to eyes, so having some pink in your look is a definite must. And while some ladies may prefer a super girly bright pink littered with sparkles and others may indulge in a richer, more violet-tinted pink, there are some who simply want something more tame and easy. This fresh soft shimmering rose eye shadow is somewhat on the pale side, but still powerful enough to create a seriously love eye look. Blend this pink with some other lovely pinky hues, or leave it alone and rock this sensuous, tame pink style that’s dainty and sweet.

Eye Shadow in ‘Electric Eel’

Obsessed with the ‘mermaid’ look or simply want to kick up your look a few hundred notches? Ladies, I introduce you to this classic MAC Eye Shadow in a screaming hot ‘Electril Eel’ shade. This extremely vibrant blue hue is enough to capture the attention of anyone and any moment, with a long-lasting effect that you are sure to adore. Intensely blue, you can easily pair this shadow up with other intense colors for a galactic look that’s all your own. Tame it with some pinks and purples to get more of a mermaid vibe!

Eye Shadow in ‘Gleam’

Oh, you darling diva, you! This spring and summer 2017, if you’re feeling those adorable summer dresses and flirty heels, then you’re bound to want to end your look with something as feminine as you are; and that is where the MAC Eye Shadow in ‘Gleam’ comes into play. This eye shadow is referred to as the ‘barely pinked gold’ shadow, with a pale pink that’s downright dainty and enough golden glitter sparkles to make your shine. This is definitely going to be your newest best friend when it comes to makeup, being one of THEE most classic and feminine eye shadow colors for 2017. You’re gonna LOVE it!

Eye Shadow in ‘Up at Dawn’

Nothing says “I am up and ready for ANYTHING that comes my way” like a super bright and perky shade such as this! This sherbert orange hue is a must-buy for the impending spring and summer seasons of 2017. It’s sherberty tint is a great pair for lighter pinks, which means you can form a sprintime style in as little as a few minutes. Paint on this eye shadow to your lid and toss on some light pink lip gloss and you’re ready to head out the door. Seriously, have you ever seen such a luscious eye shadow that’s oozing with perky and fun attitude? You’re sure to get some compliments off of this glamorous shade!

Eye Shadow in ‘Chrome Yellow’

‘WOW’ is truly the only words we can possibly use to describe this exciting shade. ‘Chrome Yellow’ is one to add to the list if you’re indulging in that extreme, look-at-me style that will shine bright even when you’re in the darkness. Bright, exhilerating hues such as this are a must-have for 2017, and if you are daring enough to match this bright yellow with another thrilling shade like ‘Electric Eel’ mentioned above, you won’t be able to control all of the eyes glued on you. Rock it, girl!

Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in ‘Evening Grey’

I don’t know if you’ve heard the news yet, but metallics continue to be one of the hottest makeup trends for 2017. That being said, MAC has you covered when it comes to metallic style to wear all day long. This extra dimension eye shadow is exactly what it claims to be: loaded with dimension, unlike other eye shadows that tend to be a bit plain and one-noted. Loaded up with dimension and a striking shade of metal grey, it’s the ideal metallic eye shadow product every girl should be wearing. Wear it alone for a striking effect, or rev it up or tone it down depending on the mood and occasion.

Mineralize Eye Shadow X4 in ‘Dark Energy’

As I just mentioned, metallics are a MUST for 2017. But if you’re not quite sure how to mix and match metallics or you simply want to add even more exciting shades to your style than simply sticking to one, then you need to get the Mineralize Eye Shadow X4 in ‘Dark Energy’. This palette is loaded up with Metallic Silver, Teal Iridescent, Metallic blue, and Black with pearl, making it super easy to create enchanting eye looks that are downright striking. Simplicity at its best right here- but these toxic shades are ANYTHING but simple.

Pro Longwear Paint Pot in ‘Let’s Skate’

Super creamy and delicate, ridiculously easy to apply and blend, the Pro Longwear Paint Pot in ‘Let’s Skate’ is a must for every gal. It’s incredibly lovely and delicate light pink shade has the perfect amount of brightness to keep you looking refreshed and ready to go every summer morning, while still being tame enough to wear to school or work. This is undoubtedly one of the most feminine shades on the market right now, and you can quickly blend it with other lovely bright hues or tone it down with some darker shades.

Mineralize Eye Shadow Quad in ‘Golden Hours’

The ‘smokey eye’ look is a makeup style that simply never goes out of style. It’s the one look that is always sexy no matter where you go, especially if it just so happens to be date night with your man. With four must-have shades including Copper bronze, Golden brown, Soft golden peach, and Pale yellow gold, creating your perfect smokey eye is a cinch. Just imagine the beautiful, tantalizing looks you can come up with just by using this amazing palette from MAC.

Dazzleshadow in ‘I Like 2 Watch’

You’re a gem, baby; in fact, you are golden. I love the Dazzleshadow in ‘I Like 2 Watch’ because it has a gorgeous midtone brown that is riddled up with tons of golden sparkles. It’s not too dark, yet not too light- the perfect in between for any gal looking for something on the metallic side that’s a bit more subtle. This hue is simply magnificent and should be sued on EVERY lady at least ONCE. Give this lovely shade a try and you’ll always be going back for more.

Spellbinder Shadow in ‘Retrograde’

There is something about this intense grayish black hue that is undeniably enthralling. It’s tantalizing. It’s seductive. This is the mysterious shade that will capture the eyes of anyone, and their heart as well. When you’re in desperate need of something so dark and sexy it’s almost unheard of, then you need the Spellbinder Shadow in ‘Retrograde’. It really is a spellbinding shade that will have everyone under your spell the second they take a glance at your mysterious, deep eyes.

What is your favorite MAC eye shadow? Share with us below!

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