Katie Couric Plastic Surgery – Do You Believe It?

By on December 18, 2013

We’ve paid a lot of attention to the famous women in the world and celebrity plastic surgery recently with celebs such as Joyce Meyer, Jada Pinkett Smith and Demi Moore all coming under scrutiny for their apparent use of surgical methods to make them look younger.

Katie Couric is the latest popular female celeb that is coming under scrutiny for apparently going under the knife. She’s 56 years old so she’s hardly a Spring Chicken, so to speak. Born on January 7th, 1957, she certainly looks amazing for her age!

Katie Couric 2

Many people have wondered the reasons behind her stunning good looks at an age where most women would have been showing signs of ageing. You can’t deny that the woman still looks pretty hot but reports have been coming through to suggest that she has had some celebrity plastic surgery done. There are no wrinkles, no sagging of the skin… no nothing. Is it possible that this woman hasn’t aged at all?

We should first take a look at her forehead, which is where surgeons report she may have had fillers done. Botox is perhaps one of the most popular fillers for this area and could be behind the taught and almost stretched appearance of the forehead area. Of course, you can’t deny that a good face cream might be behind the youthful nature of her skin… What do you think?

Katie Couric 3

Other surgeons have indicated that her stunning good youthful looks could be because of a recent face lift, although there is no real evidence that this may have happened. At her age, she should have sagging of the skin around the forehead, neck, jaw and cheeks but there is none of this happening so far… Could a celebrity face lift be behind the smoothness?

When she has been quizzed about the Katie Couric plastic surgery list, it has been flatly denied but you can’t deny how good this woman looks for her age. She claims that good diet and looking after herself is the reasoning behind her beautiful appearance… What do you think it could be?

To be fair, there isn’t any real evidence behind Katie Couric and those plastic surgery rumours. She has no scarring and no real change to her face. With Joyce Meyer, you could tell that celebrity plastic surgery had been performed. If she has had any work done, it was very minimal and has been done by an expert plastic surgeon.

Katie Couric

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