How to Know That You Have a Crush on Someone (And What to do Next)

By on June 7, 2016

So, you’ve recently been spending a large amount of time with someone new and you can’t help but wonder, “Do I like this person?” If you can’t decipher whether or not you truly have a crush on someone or now, we can help.

Having a crush on someone is one of the best – and worst – feelings you can have. You get all giddy and excited to be around them, yet you’re constantly worrying about if they have a crush on you back.

In order to truly discover if you have a crush on someone, you’ll have to pay close attention to what you do, how you act, and even what you say about them. But if you want to know quickly, just follow some of these signs that you have a crush on someone.


  1. You get butterflies in your stomach when you know you’re about to see them.

Have you ever been around them and felt like your stomach was doing backflips every time they looked your way? This is a huge indicator that you have a crush on them. Butterflies are actually your body’s way of telling you that this person has a huge affect on you.

  1. You fix your hair/makeup/clothes when they come around.

When you have a crush on someone, you usually spend a lot of time making sure you look attractive so they will look at you more and think you’re cute. If you notice that you’re double checking yourself in the mirror when you know they’ll be around, you could have a crush on them.

  1. You laugh more than usual at their jokes.

It’s been proven that we always think the people we like are funnier than everyone else – even if they’re not very funny at all. A big sign that you have a crush on someone is if you’re constantly laughing at their jokes even when they wouldn’t normally be very funny to you.

  1. You get jealous when it looks like they might like someone else.

Jealousy is probably the biggest indication that you have a crush on someone. If you don’t care about someone in that way, you wouldn’t get jealous when they spend extra time with someone else, right? So this might mean you’re crushing on them hard.

  1. They’re always on your mind.

Even when you’re engulfed in a new, exciting movie and their face keeps popping up in your head, this is a sign that you have a crush on them. We often find it really hard to STOP thinking about someone that we recently started liking. So if you just can’t seem to stop thinking about them no matter what you try, you probably have a big crush on them.

  1. You imagine yourself on a date with them.

If your daydreams mostly consist of them asking you out on a date and then going on a date with them and ending the night in a passionate kiss, then you have a crush on them. You wouldn’t normally daydream like that about someone who you didn’t like in that way. So this is a huge sign that you feel for them more than as just a friend.

  1. You notice specific features about them – and like all of them.

Have you noticed how many freckles they have on their nose versus the rest of their face? Have you noticed the little bits of green that seem to pop out of their otherwise bright blue eyes? Or maybe you even noticed that they have patches of their hair that’s light than the rest. All of these are signs that you have a crush on someone. When you pay close attention to their appearance like this, you like them.


What to – and not to – do Next

So, you have just discovered that you do, in fact, have a crush on someone, but what do you do next? Here are some tips on what you should do next and what you should NOT do when you find out you have a crush on someone.


  1. Decide if you want to date them.

You can certainly have crushes on people that you won’t ever or don’t even want to even date. Crushes can be mild and fade away with time or you can feel deeply about them and want to take things to the next step. Your job now is to decide which category this new crush falls under before you can truly move on with the next steps in this process.

  1. Figure out if they like you back.

There’s really no point in going for someone when you know that they don’t even like you back at all. You’ll have to do some digging and follow certain signs that indicate that they also like you and have been crushing on you for a while. Some signs may not be as obvious as others, but if you spend enough time with them you will uncover their feelings eventually.

  1. Show them that you like them.

Even if you can see that you have a crush on them, they might not know it. Either they just can’t tell at all or you’re doing such a great job of hiding it that they would never think you’d like them. You have to show them you’re interested before you can even begin to think about dating them. Who knows? They might like you but don’t show it because they’re afraid you don’t like them.

  1. Spend more and more time with them.

In order to find out if they like you and even get them to like you too, you have to spend more time with them. And by spend more time with them, I mean spend more ALONE time with them. You have to be alone with jus the two of you to really decipher if you are a good match together.

  1. Ask them out.

After all of that, if you still have a crush on them and really want to take it a step further, just ask them out! I know it can be intimidating and rather scary, but if you win in the end and they say yes, then all of the nerves and butterflies will certainly be well worth it. The best way to do this is to just outright tell them that you think they’re great and would love to go on a date with them, then leave the ball in their court.



  1. Don’t get nervous.

Nervousness will almost always ruin anything good. Being nervous is a natural instinct that we feel when our emotions are running high about something. The best thing you can do to calm your nerves is to take a few deep breaths and imagine the situation going in your favor. Being nervous also shields them from getting to know the real you – something you really want them to see in this situation.

  1. Don’t try to be something you’re not.

No matter what type of person your crush is into, you have to be yourself. Pretending to be someone else will only hurt you both in the end. While it’s perfectly fine to discover what hobbies he likes and adopt them and learn about them in order to have something to talk about, you should never go so far as to lie and say that you like something you don’t or that you know about something that you’ve never even heard of. Eventually they’ll be able to see right through you and they will NOT be happy about it.

  1. Don’t be desperate or try too hard.

It’s really easy to start coming off as desperate when we first discover that we have a crush on someone. We try to spend all the time we can with them and this can even come off as clingy and like you’re trying too hard. Your best bet with this is to avoid coming on too strong. Give them some time, take some time for yourself, and take things slowly. My advice is to always let someone miss your presence so much that they want to make the plans with you.

  1. Don’t jump to conclusions so quickly.

When we have a crush on someone, it’s easy to have our views skewed too much. We start making up these scenarios in our heads and decide that they MUST like us because they said hi to us that one day last week. Keep your mind in the right place so you don’t ruin something before it has even begun. To do this, tell a few friends to help you uncover how your crush feels before you make all the decisions yourself. Since they don’t like them, you’ll have a better opinion about what’s really happening.


Having a crush can be a confusing, but wonderful thing. If you’re wondering if you have a crush and what you should do about it, this will help you. Do you have someone you think you might have a crush on? Tell us all about it below!


  1. Avatar

    Laurel Canon

    June 11, 2019 at 6:49 pm

    Hi, so it was my graduation and my friend Lucas tripped over my dress and the top of my dress came down, (didn’t rip though) but then my friend Nathan R saw, then he was staring at me for the rest of the day, plus my friend Sydney keeps shipping us, the thing is, I like him, but sometimes he can be a jerk, but I like him 50%. So what do I do, I’m going to the same middle school as him, but I don’t wanna ask him out

    • web admin

      web admin

      June 11, 2019 at 10:06 pm

      Your friend has seen you with your dress removed, and his behaviors are indications that he is attracted to you. It is certainly possible that he is interested in developing a relationship with you. Make a decision about what you want for the future of this relationship. Speak with him about your thoughts and feelings, and give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Laurel!

  2. Avatar


    July 1, 2018 at 3:27 am

    So at school, this dude always passes by in lunch, grins at me occasionally, has unusually complimented me thrice and more. I’m trying to figure out if he likes me. So there was this one time when he asked not to read our section’s group chat, and followed me everywhere while I back read. My classmates were obviously talking about his crush, but I still didn’t know. So in the afternoon, I chatted him in Messenger saying I knew, but I didn’t. Finally, he admitted his crush. To say, I was giddy, but quickly became disappointed when it turned out to be another girl. For some reason, as the days go by and as I casually teased him about his crush, I suddenly felt jealous. What does it mean?

    • web admin

      web admin

      July 1, 2018 at 9:53 pm

      It is possible that this person is interested in developing a relationship with you. He may have said that he had a crush one someone else because he was uncertain or confused about your feelings toward him. Determine what you want for the future of this relationship. Speak with him about your thoughts and feelings. Give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Anon!

  3. Avatar

    Confused Crushing

    March 7, 2018 at 5:59 am

    Hello, I’m an 11 year old girl (in middle school) and in my head things so back and forth saying “Well, he did this, so he must like you!” and “Ehh, I don’t know. That thing he did was kind of questionable.”
    Today, I realized my crush on him was triple confirmed, because I had a dream that I kissed him. Major-crush alert.
    The thing is, pretty much everybody knows that last year, he confessed to liking one of my friends (he didn’t know me at the time). I have zero idea if he still has feelings for her.
    Sometimes he goes out of his way to talk to me, make me laugh, or even tease me. For example, when I used to sit next to him he would crack jokes, sing a song that I hate (because he knows that I hate it).
    Buuuuuuut, he is nice to every one. I can’t tell if he does the things I listed previously with everyone (mostly girls)
    So, here I am, confused with an “Impossible Crush” on a website I’ve never heard of before today.
    Thank you.

    • web admin

      web admin

      March 7, 2018 at 5:30 pm

      It is possible that he views you as a friend. It is possible that he is interested in developing a relationship with you. Take this time to determine what you want for your future. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Confused!

  4. Avatar

    Nancy Umoren

    July 15, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    I’ve Had So Many Heartbreaks The Problem Is That I Fall In Love So Easily But I Get Hurt In Return I Decided Not To Fall In Love Again But This Time I Repeated The Same Mistake Again I Fell In Love With This Guy We Became Frnds But Time Passes Whenever i Call He Don’t Pick I Text He Does’nt Reply I’ve Experienced Rejections All The Times From Boys Its So Frustrating I Just Feel Like Killing My Self Its So Painful….

    • web admin

      web admin

      July 15, 2017 at 9:37 pm

      If you are having thoughts of suicide, then you should speak with someone at the suicide hot line. Become closer with your friends and family at this time. They will help you feel more confident. Remain positive and focus on new things to come. Stay strong, Nancy!

  5. Avatar


    May 4, 2017 at 8:40 am

    i have a crush for someone in my “band”friends
    so we do everything together,go out,eat…
    sometimes i fell like he also likes me but sometimes he kind far from me
    my friend told me that he likes me for sure(because she sees things that i dn’t notice ) but deep inside i know he isn’t and i dn’t want to create any scenarios.
    i ‘m not the kind of person that have a crush easily but this time is very’s like i start to like him very much .and don’t want to

    • web admin

      web admin

      May 4, 2017 at 10:52 am

      If you are interested in developing a relationship with him and your friend explained that he is also interested in developing a relationship with you, then speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Try to spend additional time with him and makes plans to see him without the group. Have a great day, AAA!

  6. Avatar


    July 8, 2016 at 9:13 pm

    I go a really strict christian church that is really against any sort of boy/girl romantic relationships, only I have a crush on the guy there. We see each other every Sunday and Wednesday, and we usually say hi to one another whenever we see each other. What should I do?

  7. Avatar


    July 3, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    Ok this one’s pretty complicated there’s this guy at my school that I like and if I ever dated anyone else I know for 100% fact I will still be thinking about him all the time. I don’t know why I can’t seem to be able to get over him he asked me out before but I got shy and never replied I feel like for my whole life I will never be able to get over him. Even if I’m 18 or over I feel like if i’m in serious relationship and he’s still around and we’re like friends I feel like I might be tempted to cheat or make a move on him. I would never cheat on someone but I feel like if he’s around I’ll feel very tempted too. He’s super hot, tall, bad boyish, and super nice and funny with a great personality. I mean I feel like we should be together forever. If we’re not and I get in a relationship with someone else I know I’m going to be very, very, very, very tempted by him and I don’t want to just let him out of my life even if he becomes an ex of mine. I’m a good person I swear but I know if he’s there and we’re not dating and a situation comes along where we’re alone together I’m going to cheat and something’s going to happen. But, truth be told I would never want to cheat but he’s so sexy and tempting to start making out with him. I would never cheat on someone by having sex though probably only a makeout and maybe I would be on his lap and take his shirt off. I don’t ever want to let him out of my life but I also never want to cheat on anyone. I just know if we’re alone together I can’t stay loyal and I would never lie to my significant other I would tell him flat out. What do I do?

    • Avatar


      July 3, 2016 at 3:18 pm

      By school I mean college but we went to school together also

    • web admin

      web admin

      July 3, 2016 at 3:48 pm

      Don’t cheat. You have said multiple times that you would never cheat, and I assume that you have told your boyfriend the same. So don’t be a cheater. There is no reason to harm your boyfriend and your situation is not at all complicated. Be an adult and do not cheat.

  8. Avatar


    July 2, 2016 at 8:54 pm

    I like this guy and i think he likes me too and we are both 13 and sometimes at recess when i see him he’ll come talk to me and sometimes if we’re walking together we’ll put our arms around each others waist or when we’re standing. He also at the end of the school day will always say bye to me. Or say hi whenever I see him he gets kind of jealous when i don’t say anything back. Also I call him baby boy and he’s okay with that. But there’s just one thing he’s about an inch or 2 shorter than me and I’m really more attracted to taller guys. So should I wait till we’re older and he’s taller and more mature ? sometimes he seems clingy and i get kind of annoyed. also Do you think we might get together soon or would later be better?

    • web admin

      web admin

      July 3, 2016 at 1:33 pm

      Do not concern yourself with such shallow concepts and social norms as height. Shorter men and taller women have been in relationships since the first relationships. Additionally, it is common for girls to be taller than boys during the early teenage years as women physically mature faster than men. If you would like to develop a relationship with him, then do so. There is no fate that will cause your relationship to form; your relationship will only develop if you put forth the effort to make it grow.

  9. Avatar


    June 24, 2016 at 9:34 am

    I confused cuz I didn’t even know I had crush on this guy until h e started to say hi and hey to me. one day I was standing at the door he was walking down the hallway with his friend and he was going to say something to me and all I heard was “h” then he cleaned his throat what does this mean. and today he walked by and he was looking in my eyes. IM CONFUSED DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO? plz answer soon…

    • web admin

      web admin

      June 24, 2016 at 12:15 pm

      Your best option is to speak with directly about your feelings. If he wants to develop a relationship with you, and you do, then it would be best to do so. If he doesn’t feel the same as you, then you don’t need to concern yourself with him anymore.

  10. Avatar


    June 16, 2016 at 11:39 am

    I am really caught in a dilemma. I have a crush on two guys. One of them is single, and he is really sweet and shy, but I have never really gotten the chance to talk to him. The other one is not single, and has been dating a girl for 5 months. But, I have been able to talk to him throughout the year and we have a small friendship. I don’t know what to do now. Even though I feel like I like the 2nd boy better, breaking up a relationship is out of the question for me. And because I can’t see both of them until September, I don’t know what to do to talk to either of them more because I follow them both on social media but I do not have their numbers. Also, I don’t know if I am supposed to choose only one or what the situation is. I am really in a pickle, and I need advice. Please give me any you will offer!

    • web admin

      web admin

      June 17, 2016 at 10:57 am

      There to no reason to harm a relationship for your own desires. Since your friendship with the guy in a relationship is only small at this time, that is doubly a reason not to hurt someone that you do not know. Take this time to further nurture your relationship with the person who is single. Besides, you really don’t want to make someone your boyfriend that is willing to cheat on their current girlfriend. Good news, there is no more pickle!

  11. Avatar


    June 13, 2016 at 10:35 pm

    I have a crush on 2 persons, one is absolutely gorgeous, kind and lovely, the other one is “suave y tierno”, red guy. I would like to meet them both.
    The thing is that i feel so strange in this situation… i would like to talk to them, but at the same time i dislike the idea of someone new getting in “my world” This is a crazy feeling, i dont understand it, nevertheless , i think i can manage. Maybe im just scared of being hurt once again, as most divorced people.

    • web admin

      web admin

      June 14, 2016 at 9:58 am

      Paty, there is no problem with speaking with both of your crushes. See if anything takes, and nurture it. That said, if both people are receptive, be fair to each of them and choose one. See if either share interests and hobbies of yours and go from there. You can’t keep your heart closed forever, open it and share it if you feel safe.

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