How to Let a Guy Know You’re Interested

By on December 23, 2015

So, you ran into a guy at the mall and can’t seem to get him out of your head. You want to pursue him, but don’t know where to even start. The first step you should take when you start having feelings for a guy is to let him know you’re interested. But how? That’s where we come in. Here are the best 12 ways you can let a guy know you’re interested.

  1. SHOW Him You Like Him

pay attention to him

You can do an awful lot to let a guy know you’re interested, but the best way is to just simply show him that you are. Men are very visual creatures and can pick up on physical ques more than they can on verbal ones. Body language can show that you’re interested much faster than other methods. Being close to him, initiating some physical touching (nothing too risqué), and making small gestures that say you’re into him will work wonders to let him know you mean business – or rather, pleasure!

  1. Talk to Him Often

Another great way to let a guy know you like him is to talk to him a lot. By talking to him you’ll get to know him more and he’ll also get to know you. Talking to him about his interests, hobbies, and more will get him thinking that maybe you like him more than he originally thought. He’ll be sure to realize that you’re interested in him if you talk to him a lot and even go out of your way to make conversation.

  1. Text Him!

text him

It’s easy to talk to him in person, but if you happen to get his phone number, shoot him a text! For some reason, texting is a lot more personal and intimate than just talking to him in person. It gives yourself the opportunity to be a little more brave in asking him things or even flirting. It also shows him that even when you’re not around him, you still want to be talking to him. And that alone is enough to let him know you’re interested in him.

  1. Only Pay Attention to Him

When you’re first trying to let a guy know you’re interested, the old “playing hard to get” or “make him jealous so he’ll like you” tactics won’t work. Initially, you should only pay attention to him and avoid spending too much time talking to any other guys nearby. He will notice that you’ve taken a special liking to him and that you’re not really talking to other people that much. Even a guy will be able to put two and two together and realize that you might have some special feelings for him.

  1. Be Flirty

Be Flirty

Although some guys really SUCK at reading flirting – and I mean they really could have Megan Fox in their face twirling her hair and winking at them and would just think she’s being “nice” – they will eventually realize that you’re flirting. It might take a little while, but if you flirt with them often, they’re going to go home, think about your conversation, and realize that you were being way too cutesy and flirty to just think of them as a friend. So flip that hair, wink (if you can!), laugh a little too hard, and get that chemistry brewing.

  1. Tease Him a Little

You know how when you were little and would come home crying because that one boy always picked on you and called you names and maybe even threw woodchips at you (not that I would know :/)? Then your mom told you he was picking on you because he liked you and that’s how they showed it? Well, this method still works even as teens/adults. Tease him a little bit about his taste in movies, music, or even a goofy t-shirt he’s wearing. Obviously, don’t go too far and insult him. Make sure you tease him in a light-hearted manner so he knows you’re joking.

  1. SMILE


There’s a reason smiling is a universal symbol. It translates into happiness. If you’re smiling – which you should be around someone you’re interested in – they’re going to pick up on the fact that you’re happy around them a lot. By smiling, you’re sending them the message that their presence makes you happy and I think we all know why someone being around would make someone happy. He’ll start to get the hint that you’re interested him if you keep flashing him those pearly whites.

  1. Make Important Conversation

This goes along with talking to him a lot. But don’t let the conversation stop at all the boring, same old topics you would talk to anyone about. Those include things like the weather or his job. These topics really don’t tell him anything about how you feel. Try asking him about his childhood, favorite foods, and hobbies. He’ll realize that you want to know him and REALLY know him. He’ll definitely realize that you’re interested in him this way.

  1. Compliment Him a Lot

If there’s one thing that can let a guy know you’re interested, it’s compliments. They may think you’re just being nice, but if you compliment them in a way that is flirty and fun, they’ll pick up on the fact that you’re really into them.  Don’t just compliment his impeccable good looks either; make the comments much more personal. Compliment his work ethic, the way he’s the “only one” that can do a certain thing, and compliment his mannerisms and personality more than just his looks. Those types of compliments speak much more to his true self and he’ll definitely get the point that you’re interested.

  1. Be Around

be around

Just be present. Being near him frequently will give him a pretty good idea as to why you’re always around. Whenever you know that he’s going to be somewhere, try to be around and include yourself in some plans. Now, this doesn’t give you a free pass to be a creeper and show up on his door step unannounced all the time. Just be around if you see him around and make a point to make sure he knows you’re there. He’ll definitely realize you’re interested when you’re always around him.

  1. Get to Know His Friends

his friends

Even though you shouldn’t be spending too much time paying attention to someone else, when it comes to his friends it’s always a good idea to make sure they know you’re interested too. That way, even if this guy is still clueless with all these other methods of letting him know you are interested, his friends might notice and just tell him for you!


    When all else fails or you’re brave enough from the start, TELL HIM! What harm could come from just straight out telling him you’re interested in him and would like to get to know him more? He might even think your straight-forwardness is hot.

Since guys can be so unaware of when someone likes them, it’s always good to keep these 12 tactics in mind. If you’ve tried any of these, let us know if they got you your dream man!