What to Talk About With Your Crush

By on July 13, 2016

One of the most frightening things about having a crush is the fact that you’ll probably have to talk to them at some point in time. Just the thought of going up and saying, “hi” can leave you sweating, shaking, and really nervous and you haven’t even done it yet!

We all get nervous before talking to our crush simply because we are scared. We fear rejection and we’re afraid they won’t like us for who we are. The only way to get over that is to realize that if you be yourself.

If the reason you’re so nervous is simply because you never know what to talk to them about, we can help! It can seem hard to think about what to talk about with your crush but lucky for you, we have everything you need in order to strike up a conversation with your crush that they’ll never forget.

What to Talk About for the First Time


Starting your very first conversation with a crush can be the hardest simply because you don’t know much about them. This is what you can talk about for the first time.

  1. Your Surroundings

There are conversation starters all around you if you pay close attention. Walk up to your crush and mention something about the person over the way picking their nose or talk about how long the line is if the two of you are near each other. Use your surroundings to spark up a conversation for the first time.

  1. Introduce Yourself

One of the easiest things to do in order to talk to your crush for the first time is to just walk up and introduce yourself. Maybe you have a class together or see each other often but they don’t really know who you are. Just tell them your name and that it’s funny how you keep seeing each other. It’s like the universe wants you to meet and you’re just giving it what it wants.

  1. Ask Them for Help

People are pretty much driven to help others – especially if they’re asked to because it’s just polite. So if you’re really desperate to talk to your crush, ask them to help you out with something. Better yet, pretend to drop something near them and wait until they pick it up. This will spark a thankful conversation and you can talk about why you’re so clumsy that day.

  1. Talk About Current Events

This is a classic way to start a conversation with your crush. Bring up something prominent in the news lately and ask if they’ve heard about it. If they haven’t you’ll be able to fill them in and if they have you can ask for their opinion on it.

  1. Discuss Mutual Friends, Classes, etc.

If your crush is a friend of your friend, you can easily discuss something that friend did and start a conversation that way. You can also bring up a class that the two of you have together or even talk about the same teacher if you’re not in the same exact class.

What to Talk About Over Text


Wahoo! Now that you’ve scored their number you can definitely up your game in your conversations with your crush. Texting is a great way to open up since you don’t have to worry about seeing them in person.

  1. Their Favorites

It’s always easiest to get to know someone by learning about their favorites. Ask them what their favorite movie is, food, color, etc. You’ll be surprised how fast a conversation will form when you both love the same thing.

  1. “Accidentally” Text Them

This technique has been used for a long time because it almost always gets a conversation going. Send them a text but make it read like you meant to send it to someone else. Something as simple as, “Ugh! My dog got loose again, (insert wrong name here),” is enough to get them to reply and you can start talking about your dog on the loose!

  1. Send Funny Picture Messages

This is my favorite way to start a conversation with my crush. All you have to do is find a funny picture online that reminds you of them and just send it their way. It’ll give them a laugh and they’ll definitely be ready to talk and discuss the picture afterwards.

What to Talk About on the Phone


Talking on the phone takes your conversation to the next level because phone conversations tend to be a little more intimate and has a lot more room for awkward silences. This is how you can fill the quiet pauses.

  1. Talk About Your Day

Tell them some crazy, eventful thing that happened to you that day. Let them know about your stress at school or work and it’ll definitely spark a conversation of some kind with them. They’ll ask you in detail about those things and the conversation will keep rolling.

  1. Tell Them About Something New You Learned

You learn something new every single day whether you realize it or not. This is a great way to not only talk about something to your crush, but you can even teach them a thing or two. It doesn’t have to be super dramatic as long as it’s interesting, it’ll start a conversation.

  1. Ask About Their Day

Don’t forget to ask them all about their day, too! This leaves the ball in their court and takes a little bit of that pressure off you so you can focus on what they’re saying more than just trying to think of different things to talk about.

Exciting Topics to Talk About


These are some more advanced and out of the box topics to talk to your crush about that can stir up some amazing conversations!

  1. Play “Would You Rather”

This game can get intense and start conversations that neither of you will want to stop. All you have to do is ask when which they would rather do out of two situations and wait for their response. You’ll be able to learn more about them at the same time!

  1. Ask 20 Questions

Play the game of 20 questions! Not only will you learn an awful lot about them, but one of their answers will be bound to spark an interesting conversation. You can also show them just how much you two have in common with this game.

  1. Talk About What Superpowers You Wish You Had

We all wish we had a superpower of some kind, right? This is a fun question because they might desire a superpower that you’ve never even thought of for reasons you couldn’t think of. This can help you learn more about them while also keeping the conversation light and funny. You can even discuss which of your powers would win in a fight!

  1. Ask What They Would do with a Million Dollars

Many different people would answer this question differently and for different reasons. Asking them this question will open up a whole new conversation about their deepest desires in life – if money wasn’t an issue.

  1. Ask Them About Their Life Goals

This can be about anything, really. Ask them about their short-term goals, long-term goals, life goals, and even goals with school and smaller subjects. Since this is a topic that they’re passionate about they’ll be super chatty and willing to talk about it for a long time with you!

Tips for Talking to Your Crush


Talking to your crush may seem easy if you have a list of things to talk about but here are a few tips that will drive the conversation more and calm your nerves.

  1. Ask Follow-Up Questions

Follow-up questions are the best way to keep the conversation alive. If they like a certain food, ask them why. If they want to become an astronaut, ask them what influence made them want to follow that path.

  1. Realize that They’re Just a Person

There is no need to get nervous about talking to someone. They’re just a person! You never know, they could be just as nervous talking to you. Once you realize that they’re just a human being, you’ll feel less scared.

  1. Be Confident

People love talking to others that are confident. If you walk up to your crush with confidence they will be mesmerized and want to talk to someone that acts like you do. Remind yourself of how great you are right before talking to your crush and it’ll go much smoother.

  1. Be Yourself

Never try to be someone you’re not. Just because you want you crush to like you doesn’t mean you can pretend to like all the things they do. They’ll realize after a little while that you’re being fake and they won’t like you for that.

  1. Have Fun!

Don’t forget that you have a crush on this person for a reason and you need to have fun with your conversations. Fun is contagious and if you talk as if you’re having the most fun of your life your crush will follow suit and enjoy talking to you.

Talking to your crush isn’t necessarily rocket science, but it can be quite difficult to master. With these tips, you’ll be able to talk to any of your crushes with ease and confidence!

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