Eye Twitching Superstition

By on February 13, 2017

Have you ever believed in something really superstitious that all of your friends laughed at you? No matter if you’re embarrassed about your superstition or not, many of us believe in some. It can be a black cat crossing the road, breaking a mirror being seven years of bad luck, or even superstitions related to your eye twitching.

If you’ve ever had an eye twitch, you know what I’m talking about. Why is it your eye twitches randomly when normally it wouldn’t do that at all? It can be a little curious and make you think about a lot of different things – especially when there is a very long history about eye twitching superstition.

Many cultures from all over the world have superstitions about when your eye twitches and what exactly it means. It’s believe that you can tell what’s about to happen based on what eye twitches and when. If you want to know just what cultures are predicting the future based on eye twitches, here they are.

  1. Chinese eye twitching superstitions.

The Chinese are known far and wide for their superstitions. Because their culture dates back further back than many, there are an awful lot of different superstitions to remember and eye twitching is a major one there. However, there isn’t just one thing an eye twitch could mean in Chinese culture. In fact, there are many different things you can predict based on your eye twitches and the time of day they happen.

11pm to 1am – if your left eye twitches, it means you’ll received a visit from a nobleman, but if your right eye does, you’ll get an invitation to a party or feast.

3am to 5am – your left eye means you’re about to see a friendly guest from far away, your right eye means joy from an upcoming happy event.

7am to 9am – if your left eye twitches it means you’ll see a friend from far away, if your right does it means to be cautious because injury awaits you.

1pm to 3pm – your left eye means your plans will go accordingly and your right eye means you’re about to experience a happy celebration.

5pm to 7pm – a twitch in your left eye means you will be getting an unexpected visitor soon, but if your right eye twitches during these times it means someone from very far will travel to see you.

9pm to 11pm – your left eye means a friend is about to visit you and your right eye means to be cautious as you will soon be getting into legal trouble.

Chinese culture has many superstitious that relate to your eye twitching. Be careful to notice what time the twitches happen and in which eye in order to predict what is to come.


  1. Indians superstitions.

Many Indian superstitious when it comes to eye twitching are very similar to that of the Chinese. However, they are a little bit backwards, usually. Indian superstitions also depend on which eye twitches, but it depends more on the gender than the time of day.

For example, if your right eye is twitching, it’s usually a good sign. It means that you’ll be having good fortune coming up. Therefore, if your right eye twitches before a big presentation, interview, or life event, it will turn out in your favor. It also indicates you’ll have good luck.

Twitching of the left eye depends mostly on what your gender is. It is known that if a woman’s left eye is twitching, it’s a good sign of positive news. However, when a man’s left eye twitches, according to Indian culture, it’s to be taken as a bad omen. Something bad is about to happen.

Indian culture takes their eye twitching superstitions very seriously. For that reason, you have to be careful to detect just what eye is twitching and take your gender into account. Be careful, because mixing up the two can mean completely different things.


  1. Hawaii eye twitching.

We all know just how passionate the Hawaiian culture is. So it only makes sense that they have superstitions about eye twitching. This culture generally has three different superstitions when it comes to your eye twitching up a storm.

It is believed that when your left eye twitches, you will be getting a visit from a stranger. However, if your left eye is twitching repeatedly and very often, a death may be coming in the family. This is seen as a bad omen and a sign to be taken seriously. The Hawaiian people also believe that when your right eye has been twitching, there will be a new child born into the family.

Pay close attention to these differences – especially within the left eye twitches – to determine what will happen and when.


  1. Africa superstitions.

There are many differnet cultures in Africa. And while many have different superstitions, there are two that primarily have superstitions when it comes to eye twitches. Those are the Cameroonians and the Nigerians.

The Cameroonian people believe that twitching of the left eyelid will most likely lead to an event that will cause you to cry. It means tears are on the way. But if the upper eyelid of either eye twitches, it means that you will be getting an unexpected visitor.

In Nigeria, there are different beliefs. Their beliefs resemble those of the Indians in which they believe that if your left eye has been twitching a lot, bad things are about to come. They can be bad in any way. A death, a loss of money, or a loss of happiness.


Non-superstitious Eye Twitching Causes

Now, if you’re someone who isn’t into superstitions, you may believe your eye is twitching for other reasons and you may be right. If you have particularly twitchy eyes and you haven’t connected them to any events, it could be because of these things.

  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Having bad eyesight
  • Focusing your eyes on one thing too long
  • An eye infection
  • An area with poor air quality
  • Excessively drinking alcohol
  • Excessively drinking caffeinated beverages
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Nerve damage
  • Emotional imbalance


Ways to Alleviate Eye Twitching

If you hate the twitching in your eye, there are plenty of things you can do about it. The above reasons definitely should be taken into account and corrected. Here are some ways you can alleviate your eye twitching if it becomes bothersome to you.

  1. Get enough sleep.

Make sure you’re getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Any less and you may not be getting enough. This can cause your eyes to become tired, heavy, and twitch often.

  1. Take breaks from reading or computer screens.

When your eyes get too tired from overworking, they can begin to twitch. Your best option is to take small breaks between reading or looking at a phone or computer screen.

  1. Get glasses.

If your vision is really poor, it’ll cause eye twitches because your eyes are working far too hard. In order to fix this, getting glasses will do just that. They’ll help your eyes relax so they won’t twitch as much.

  1. Eat well.

If you’re lacking in nutrients, you’ll definitely feel the affects in the way your eye twitches. You should be doing your best to eat a balanced, nutritious diet that includes all of your food groups.

  1. Stay away from polluted air.

The air nowadays is becoming more and more polluted. Therefore, we have to make sure we’re staying away from the dirty air. You can purchase certain plants and put them in your home that actually clean the air for you.

You never know what your eye twitches can really mean. If you’re the superstitious type, there could be some big meaning behind your eye going crazy. If you’re the type to not believe in that, there may be other underlying reasons your eyes keep twitching.


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