Should You Keep Pictures of Your Ex?

By on February 14, 2017

Breakups suck. We put so much time and effort into a relationship only to end up with wasted time. Not to mention a bunch of memories we don’t really like to have. Those memories can be in our head or in the form of hundreds of pictures we took together. And those can be the worst of all because when you have to see those photos, you relive everything.

So is it easier to just get rid of those pictures or should you keep pictures of your ex? It can be difficult to decide what to do with hundreds of images of you and someone you’re not with anymore. These tips can help you make the decision easier.

When to Keep the Pictures

There are a lot of reasons to keep pictures of you and your ex. Just because they’re not in your life anymore doesn’t mean you have to pretend they never were.

  1. It ended mutually.

If it was an agreed upon separation and you two didn’t argue and fight a whole lot, it’s perfectly fine to keep those photos. If there’s not animosity between you two, keeping the pictures may be good.

  1. The memories don’t make you upset.

If the memories you get from looking at those photos only bring good things, then why not keep them? You may miss those moments, but bringing those memories back can make you smile after a long time.

  1. You think you’ll regret getting rid of them.

There’s always something in the back of our minds that tells us when ditching those pictures of our exes is good or bad. If you think you’ll probably end up regretting getting rid of them, then don’t.


When to Get Rid of Them

On the other hand, keeping pictures of your ex can sometimes be bad for you. If you’re not sure if you should keep those pictures, these can help you decide if you should get rid of them.

  1. It was a bad breakup.

If the breakup was terrible and not mutual at all – aka, you didn’t want it – then getting rid of the pictures might do you some good.

  1. They treated you horribly.

If it was a really unhealthy relationship that left you unhappy and even emotionally abused, then by all means, get rid of those pictures! Those memories are not ones you want to keep in your life.

  1. The memories upset you.

Why should you keep pictures around of something that brings your mood down when you look at them? Even just seeing them lying in a pile in a box at the bottom of your closet is no good for you. Get rid of them.

  1. You want to forget all about it.

If it was the type of relationship where you just want to forget it ever happened, then get rid of them. There’s not reason to keep them if you don’t care about them at all.

Deciding whether or not to keep pictures of your ex isn’t easy. These tips can help you determine if those pictures and memories are worth keeping.

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