10 Characteristics of the Alpha Woman

By on February 16, 2017

Every girl wants to be the boss. We all want to walk around like we own the place because honestly, it’s hot. It’s sexy. It’s alluring. And it down right powerful. To be an alpha woman is to be in charge. If you develop the traits of an alpha woman you can walk around and get what you want with ease.

Now, that may sound much easier then it actually is. The truth about being an alpha woman is that it takes time to get to that level. It takes a lot of work in order to make yourself feel and act like the boss. Very few women are born with the ability to radiate the alpha vibe.

Therefore, we have to learn it. Lucky for us, this isn’t as hard as it sounds. It may take a lot of time and you may have to work hard to change your mindset, but it will come to you eventually. As long as you try to implement these 10 characteristics into your personality, you can be an alpha woman, too.

  1. She demands what she wants.

An alpha woman doesn’t just ask for something without confidence. She doesn’t just accept the fact that she won’t always get what she wants. In fact, she demands to get what she wants. She will approach someone and lay it all out there on the table without shame and without hesitation. She will be upfront and honest about the things she wants and expects and won’t be shy about it at all. If you want to be an alpha woman, you can’t be afraid to demand what you really want in life.

  1. She lets her presence be known.

If you’re in the same room as an alpha woman, you will definitely know it. You won’t have to think twice about it. Why? Because alpha women make sure their presence is known. In fact, they command that everyone in the room knows they’re there. They’re not the type to sit back in a corner and shy away from the group. They are front and center.

  1. She isn’t afraid of disagreeing with someone.

You know you’ve run into an alpha woman when she isn’t afraid to tell you her opinions. If she disagrees with you, she’s going to speak up. This isn’t’ in order to argue. She just likes to have intellectual conversations about the things she’s passionate about and she’s not afraid to disagree with someone at all. And not only will she definitely tell you if she disagrees with your opinion, but she’ll be able to back it up with facts instead of just rambling on and on about why your opinion is wrong. Not only that, but she’ll respect if you agree to disagree.

  1. She demands equality amongst men.

She is not the type who will cater to a man. She will not fall for the old “men are better than women” vibe. An alpha woman will be equal to any man. She will demand that she’s equal to any man. Most of the time, these are women in higher positions within the work force who have worked hard to make sure they’re treated equally amongst men. Now, this doesn’t mean she goes to rallies demanding equal pay. It means that in her personal life, she refuses to accept being treated lesser than a man.

  1. She’s not embarrassed by what makes her happy.

As nobody should be. But an alpha woman in particular will never be embarrassed or shy about the things that make her happy. If she likes to collect baby dolls or anything else that make be viewed as embarrassing, she won’t even bat an eyelash about it. She will more than likely be proud of what makes her happy. That’s how you can spot an alpha woman.

  1. She embraces her sexuality.

Sexuality is something that is seen a few different ways. In many places, people view sexual women as improper or taboo. An alpha female, however, will embrace her sexuality. She will walk around and be as sexy as she wants with no shame. No, this doesn’t make her a slut. In fact, it makes her powerful and comfortable in her skin. She radiates confidence and can even use her sexuality to her advantage.

  1. Her partners are evenly matched.

She doesn’t date anyone who thinks they’re above her. Why? Because she’s not about inequality. When she looks for a life partner, the alpha female will demand that you are equal to her. She’s not about bending over backwards for a man who won’t do the same for her. If you want to get with an alpha woman, you better be prepared to be her equal. Nothing more and nothing less. She doesn’t want to feel like she’s carrying the entire relationship nor does she find that attractive in a man. She wants to be on an even playing field with her partner.

  1. She doesn’t shy away from responsibility.

Actually, she will take on more and more responsibility. Why? Because an alpha woman can handle it. In fact, she likes it. She wants the responsibility because she knows just how great she is at balancing her responsibilities. If you want to spot an alpha woman, just see which women are volunteering for more projects and more responsibilities. When a woman knows just how much she’s capable of, she will want more responsibility than anyone.

  1. She doesn’t let aging bother her.

Many of us women are really worried about aging. We’re scared of losing our youth because we believe it means we’ve lost our influence. The truth is, aging is something to look forward to. It’s gaining experience and growing into something powerful. And guess what. Alpha women know this and embrace this. They look forward to aging because it means they’ve accomplished things in their lives. They welcome aging because they know that no matter what they look like, they’ll still be able to demand what they want.

  1. She never complains or whines.

Have you ever seen an in-charge woman complain about anything? I didn’t think so. They don’t whine about the things they don’t like. They get out there and they change them. They take advantage of the things they could complain about instead of making a big scene. They use their unhappiness with those things as fuel to work hard to change them instead of sitting around whining about them. You will never hear an alpha woman whine or complain about her life because she knows it will do no good.


In addition to those 10 well-known characteristics of an alpha woman, there are a few more that we believe should be added to the list. Many people won’t realize these things, but they’re definitely a part of any alpha woman.

  1. She doesn’t make excuses.

Much like an alpha woman doesn’t complain, she never makes excuses. If she messes up, she will own up to it. She will take responsibility – no matter how bad it is. She knows that if something is her fault, she alone should be the one to fix it. She’ll never sit and fuss about why something didn’t go the way it should. She’ll recognize her mistakes, accept them, and then put in the work to fix them.

  1. She isn’t afraid of being single.

This is another thing not many people will realize about an alpha woman but it’s an important one. She will never be afraid of being single. If you’re an alpha woman, you know your own value and you do not base that value off of your relationship status. Therefore, she’ll never be worried about being single because she knows that no matter what, she’s amazing and will find someone for her eventually. She’s in no rush and can even enjoy the single life.

  1. She knows how to be vulnerable.

Not all alpha woman are tough as nails. In fact, alpha women know how to be vulnerable. They know when to lay their emotions out on the life and confess to their vulnerabilities. And they’re not embarrassed or shy about them. They know that in order to progress in life, you have to be emotional and allow others to see you in that state.


It’s not enough to just think alpha women are bossy and standoffish. In fact, they’re much more complex than most people think. These characteristics are really what alpha women are like and how they command life.

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