Victoria Beckham Diet and Workout

By on April 2, 2014


Despite being the mother of four, Victoria Beckham is hailed as a style and fitness icon around the world. She stands at only five foot four yet her lean figure and keen eye for style means she looks much taller. She’s much shorter than your average model but the former Spice Girl and wife to the famed footballer Davide Beckham has done plenty of modelling in her time and has looked incredibly good while doing it too. It’s impossible to deny that she’s a true beauty and has one of the best bodies going.

Toned, lean, stylish and fit, Posh Spice certainly looks good. She doesn’t just sit about and manage to look like she does however. Victoria Beckham is a firm believer that you have to work hard to achieve success meaning that she follows a strict diet and workout routine to keep in shape.




Yogalosophy is a mix of the two words and concepts, yoga and philosophy and is a program which Victoria Beckham follows. The relatively new concept created by Mandy Ingber is a blend of toning exercises and yoga. It uses strength exercises for tonight muscles and aiding weight reduction. Victoria Beckham is impressed with the regime on both a physical and spiritual level which has resulted in her practicing it three or four days per week.


A Strict Workout


In addition to Yogalosophy, Victoria Beckham attends the gym daily without fail. She runs on treadmills fails and usually does about five or six miles. She feels this is the best cardio workout there is as it burns a lot of fat from the body and keeps her heart and lungs healthy. The style icon prefers to workout in the morning, especially when it comes to cardio, as working out on an empty stomach increases the chances of shedding any extra pounds you may have. She also loves athletic sports as they tone your abdomen, arms and legs while burning four hundred calories per hour.

Victoria Beckham wasn’t always so workout obsessed though. In fact she used to hate any form of exercise. It was when she moved to Los Angeles that she really became conscious of her looks and began to workout daily. Of course, getting married to a star footballer and an incredible athlete has also likely played a role in driving her workouts. She’s constantly striving to look as good as her other half and never feels she looks good enough, reports say.


Eating Right


Victoria Beckham religiously avoids junk food and instead eats protein rich foods. Her diet compromises mainly of grilled fish, alimentary paste, smoked salmon, yellowfin tuna sushi salad, scrambled egg, sandwiches and blueberry smoothies. In addition to being healthy, these foods are said to control ageing which is possibly why she still looks so youthful. These foods also drastically limit her sugar and salt consumption which keep her looking lean and healthy. Apart from going out once a week and indulging in chapagne and her favourite foods, she eats like this on a daily basis.


Alkaline Rich


Victoria Beckham is a big supporter of alkaline rich diets. She’s even endorsed a cookbook called “Honestly Healthy” by chef Natasha Corrett which contains 106 alkaline rich recipes and is often the subject of her Tweets. All the recipes contain fresh fruit and veg in them.

The idea behind an alkaline rich diet is that the human body is a mix of both acid and alkaline. Eating the wrong foods such as salt, coffee, alcohol and junk food causes an imbalance in your body as they’re acid forming foods. This imbalance is said to increase both stress and body weight. Eating Alkaline rich foods helps to bring the body back into balance however and helps to reduce calories and also boost energy. As a result Victoria Beckham tries to eat as many alkaline rich foods as possible.


As you can see, Victoria Beckham is far from idle and is well aware of what she puts into her body. She didn’t just achieve her incredible figure by magic. She works out daily to achieve her figure and no doubt will consider to do so for many years to come. While she doesn’t follow a specific diet, it’s obvious she’s doing something right as her slender frame is envied by women everywhere and she’s hailed as a style icon. Year after year she continues to look radiant and youthful, despite all the stresses her job requires of her, the busy life she leads and having four kids to take care of. It’s amazing that someone so busy manages to fit all this  into her life but you just need to look at the ex Spice Girl to see that it’s all worth it! Maybe a few more of us should take a leaf out of her book.

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