How to be Hot

By on March 10, 2016

Being a hot and sexy female every man wants is easier than it seems; and you don’t have to be a size 2 to get there. And while many may say beauty comes from the inside, let’s just be honest: men fall in love with what they SEE before they even think about getting to know your personality. Attract a man and keep him coming back for more, with ALL eyes on you, with these 7 simple ways to be HOT.


  1. Be Sure of Yourself

CONFIDENCE. It’s so sexy. And if you don’t have any, work on it ASAP. Focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses. Think about all the beautiful parts about yourself, whether it’s your gorgeous blue eyes, sensuous dark brown hair, or intriguing silhouette. Never put yourself down and don’t forget to remember to look at the inside too, and compliment yourself for being so funny, kind, or whatever else.


  1. Be Independent

Alongside confidence, independence is another one of those sexy attributes of a hot woman. The independent woman doesn’t chase or NEED a man; she is the one that gets chased and wanted. The independent woman has her sights set on something, whether it’s school or work or some other important event, and doesn’t need to find a man to support her or compliment her to know her worth. She doesn’t bother her man with ten thousand texts or calls and is secure in her relationship, when she is in one.


  1. Wear Sexy Clothing

Wearing sexy clothing doesn’t mean you have to show off a ton of skin; but if that’s what you’re comfortable with, go ahead! Wear clothes that fit you right and accentuate your best features. A pair of tight jeans works wonders in the realm of every sex appeal while an enticing red or black fancy dress is a must for date night. Short skirts that show just enough leg and a pair of heels always work well in almost any situation and a tighter shirt is always a winner. Mix and match your ‘hot’ outfits and come up with something sexy that YOU are comfortable in and that fits you perfectly.

  1. Know Your Worth

A sexy woman knows her worth and never settles for less. She won’t let a man walk all over her and she expects her man to treat her right.


  1. Be Outgoing and Open

Having a personality to go along with that hot outfit and sexy attitude is imperative. After all, what’s the point of having all that sex appeal if you can’t even hold a conversation? It all starts with a charming smile and the ability to flirt. You should be outgoing and open, which means also not being afraid to be silly every now and then.


  1. Have Goals

GOALS. Everyone should have them, especially a sexy woman! A woman who is confident and sure of herself has certain goals she will make for herself, whether it’s gaining muscle, earning a big promotion, or working towards buying her very own house. Goals are important to keep your focus strong and your head held high, and that’s why men find it so attractive. When you’re busy with goals you don’t have time to be worried about silly arguments, destructive relationships, or gossiping with your girlfriends.


  1. Don’t Be Conceited

Ladies, I feel I need to remind you that there is a big big difference between being confident and being conceited. Men do NOT find conceited women attractive! You can certainly know you’re beautiful, but acting like you’re better than everyone around you because of your looks is a huge turn off. Thinking that you are too ‘hot’ or ‘cool’ to make jokes or do something silly with your boyfriend is a big turn off as well. Don’t be cocky- a woman who lacks confidence and is truly ugly on the inside will have this type of personality, and men simply don’t like it. A confident woman, on the other hand, knows her worth, knows her beauty on the inside and out, and isn’t afraid to be who she truly is. Now THAT is HOT!

What are some of the things you think make up a sexy woman?

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