20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Blanket Scarf

By on July 3, 2017

Looking for new ways to wear your blanket scarf? We’re giving you the run down on the top 20 ways to wear a blanket scarf. You’re going to love these fashion-forward styles for every day of the week!

The Belted Shawl

Shawls are extremely cute, especially in the fall! To pair up with your favorite fall boots and adorable dress, wrap up your scarf like a shawl and tie a tiny belt around your waist to cinch it all together beautifully. So trendy- keep this look on hand for the fall days.

Cinched Scarf

Instead of leaving your scarf dangling in the winter breeze, why not cinch it around your waist to keep everything in place? It’s a super easy way to turn your everyday scarf into some high-style apparel that pairs well with your skinny jeans and oversized bag.

Off Shoulder Scarf

I think we are all well aware how intensly popular the ‘off-shoulder’ style is, and you can recreate this trend using your favorie oversized scarf. To achieve this dashing, tantalizing style, all you need to do is wrap your scarf around your body and let it drape off your shoulders delicalely. This look can work with a number of different garments, whether you’re choosing a cute dress or some skinny jeans.

Flyaway Vest

You don’t need to go out and purchase special vests when the weather starts getting cooler. If you’ve got an oversized scarf on hand, you can use it! Tying up your oversized scarf into a vest is quick and easy and you’ll be left with a look that kills. Make sure you’re piaring your best with a cute pair of boots to match and set your fall style to perfection.

Simple Toss Over

This particular style really showcases your oversized scarf in its all natural self, showing off how large and lovely it truly is. There’s no special wrapping or crazy twisting found inside this look. All you need to do is one quick wrap around the body while allowing the rest of your scarf to dangle down in front of you. Very classy and a great way to show case your trendy oversized scarf.

Trendy Loose Wrap

The simplest and easiest way to wear your wrap is to simply drape it across your shoulders. This way you’re sporting off every inch of your oversized scarf, whether it’s designed with unique embellihsments or subtle stripes like these. Still super trendy and a good way to keep warmer when the weather is bone-chilling.

Wrap With Leather Jacket

Your leather jacket isn’t only reserved for biker boots and super skinny jean pants. No, your scarf can easily be paired up with your edgy leather jacket in a flash. All you have to do is wrap your oversized scarf around the neck like you normally would, and feel free to be daring and out-of-the-box with your rockin’ attire. Don’t forget a saucy attitude to match!

Draping Front Wrap

You may want to automatically keep wrapping your scarf around your neck until every drape is in place, but why? Although that IS an amazing style, sometimes letting two lengthy ends drape in front of you can really add some appeal to your style. Try letting two sides hangs loose for a complementing look that goes well with a blazer, skinny pants, and flats.

Extra Large Knot

We gotta say, this huge in-your-face knot is totally cool! It’s a more unique way to wrap your scarf around your neck, and a good change from the ordinary. Give it a try and guarantee you’ll have everyone wanting to copy your rad look!

Blanket Scarf

Super popular and an easy style enhancement, the blanket scarf is almost always the go-to when it comes to classic scarf wear. The blanket scarf is undoubtedly the simplest way to sport your blanket scarf, and it just so happens to match well with ANY outfit you’re wearing. Wear it with skinny jeans, a dress, a skirt- virtually any outfit will work with this blanket scarf look.

The Braid

Want something a bit more interesting without going to extravagant? The braid is a great idea. It is very similar to the blanket, but a bit more intense and secured. This fashionable style is also a super popular one and it works well with any other garments.

Open Cinch with Funky Belt

When cinching your waist with your oversized belt, feel free to leave some space open so everyone can see your adorable garment underneath. And to enhance your trendy attire even further, mix and match with different designs to make your look ‘pop’.


Let the edgy appeal of asymmetry shine through with your oversized scarf. By doing so, you create a fashionable high-class look that’s as comfortable as it is pleasing to the eye.

Country Style

If you’re going for the cute country style, opt for a cowgirl inspired dress with matching cowgirl booties and top a blanket scarf up top with complementing colors.

Long Scarf

After wrapping your oversized scarf around your neck, let it dangle in a lengthy manner in front. This is an appealing way to show off your oversized scarf and rock a fashion-forward style.

Belted Cape

It’s Wonder Woman, it’s Batgirl! Oh no, wait, it’s just a trendy gal rocking the coolest blanket scarf we’ve ever seen. Wrap it up and make it a cape- perfect pairing for your leggings!

Oversized Scarf Classic Style

If you’ve got a pattern and want to show it off or simply want to be extra comfy and cozy in your oversized scarf, this is a simple and cute way to go.

Shoulder Wrap

Cover your entire upper half with your oversized scarf for a stylish look that can go well with pants or dresses.

Knotted Triangle

Another way to break free from the typical blanket scarf is to indulge in this adorable knotted triangle.

Infinity Scarf

Where it stops nobody knows- but we don’t want it to stop! This adorable way to style an oversized scarf can’t be beat. Give ie a try!

What’s your favorite way to wear an oversized scarf?

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