15 Style Tips On How To Wear Leggings

By on June 12, 2017

I think as women we can all agree that there is one article of clothing that stands out from all the rest: leggings.

Leggings are undeniably thee most comfortable pants on the market, being the go-to for every lady who wants to look cute but stay comfy whether it’s cold out, the middle of summer, going to school, or lounging around the house. It’s always a great decision to throw on a pair of leggings- period.

That being said, you’re probably scouring through the internet trying to find new hip and trendy ways to rock your leggings without being too repetitive with your style. And that’s why we are here to give you the run-down on 15 super fashionable and fun ways to wear your leggings.

Plain Oversized Shirt + Leggings +White Sneakers

This is the most classic look when wearing your favorite pair of jet black leggings. Toss on an oversized plain colored shirt on top and finish off your attire with a pair of white sneakers. It has a very clean appearance that’s stylish, super comfortable, and always a great choice for any time of the day.

Jet Black with Accenting Jacket & Collar

I bet you didn’t think that your leggings could be downright sexy and elegant, did you? But take one glance at this getup and you’ll know it’s a cinch to switch up your comfy attire to something a bit more glamorous.

To get this classy, seductive style all you need is this: your favorite pair of black leggings, a sexy black top (something low cut with some stringy sleeves is a great option, much like the one you see here), a collar necklace with dangling golden or silver charms, and a fuzzy half jacket (preferably in neutral, toned down colors like gray, brown, or navy blue). Stunning.

Edgy Getup

You can be edgy any time you’d like. Yes, even when you’re wearing leggings.

Your first step will be to buy some cut up leggings such as these, and toss on your favorite black coat on top. To make this look even edgier you could opt for knee-high boots and a leather jacket.

Crop Top + Flannel + Booties

This look is a spring time MUST! It’s so cute and feminine from head to toe, starting with an adorable crop top that shows off her belly and those ankle booties that ooze feminine fashion. Throw on a flannel to make this look a little less showy and a little more dainty and casual.

Oversized Sweater + Baseball Hat + Running Shoes

Another classic style, this is a go-to when you’re running out of the house on a cold, chilly morning. It’s as simple as choosing your favorite oversized sweater, a pair of black leggings, running shoes, and an adorable hat to finish it off.

Crop Top + Leggings + Sneakers

Feeling a little bit more daring? Show off your summer ready bod by opting for a short, body contouring crop top, leggings, and a pair of bright white sneakers.

Button Up + Cropped Leggings

Leggings don’t always have to go all the way down to the ankle, just like jean pants. An easy switch that’s best for spring and summer is a cute pair of cropped leggings that go perfect with your favorite ballet shoes. Put a button up on top and you’re set for some fun in the sun!

Gym Ready

Leggings are technically supposed to be used for working out, so you know we had to add them to the list. You can still be trendy and cool in the gym when you’re covered in sweat by matching your shoes and shirt with some bright neon, in-your-face shades that totally rock.

With Your Timberlands

So you bought a pair of timberlands- now what?! You can totally wear your timberlands with your favorite pair of black leggings. In fact, it’s a style MUST this year- so try it out!

Knotted Oversized Top + Baseball Cap

Oversized tops that are tied on one side are super hot right now, and they’re the best match for your favorite pair of leggings. Tack on an extra ounce of casual fall flavor with a baseball cap.

Floral Leggings + Sandals

This outfit screams suummertime ready! It’s a super dainty way to sport your leggings. Grab some floral leggings at your local store to bring out the beauty of summer (and the beauty in YOU!) paired with some adorable sandals such as these. With some loose curls in your hair and a flowy blouse you’re ready for anything summer brings your way.

Short Cardigan Style

When fall comes around and the weather starts getting cooler, one easy way to go from summer ready to fall fashion is to toss on your favorite short cardigan with leggings and a pair of sneakers. It’s an easy fix for weather that’s cooling down.

Off Shoulder Top + Knee High Boots

Knee high boots? Gotta love ’em. They’re so sexy and enthralling, but have that fall fashion vibe that every woman should have in her wardrobe. And the perfect match for some sultry knee-highs is undoubtedly an off-the-shoulder knit sweater with accenting long necklace. We’re simply in love with this perfect fall outfit!

Boho Chic

Plenty of women have fallen head over heels in love with boho fashion, and turning your leggings outfit into a boho chic getup is as simple as putting on a flowy long blouse in a pale pink shade. You can mix and match with your shoes, but if comfort and warmth is your goal, some cozy ankle boots like these are a must. Don’t forget a long necklace to really bring that boho style to life.

Jean Jacket

Thought jean jackets were reserved for jean pants or shorts? Think again. A jean jacket may be a bit more out of the box, but you can’t deny how absolutely stylish and modern she looks!

There’s so many different ways to reinvent your leggings outfit and look your best day in and day out. Try out all these styles and find out which one is right for you!

What’s your favorite way to wear your leggings? Share with us below!


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