Types of Bags Every Woman Should Own

By on March 9, 2016

Ah, beloved bags; one of the most important accessories in a girl’s closet! Bags are a must-have whether you’re heading to school or going for a fancy evening with the boyfriend. Here’s a must-know list of 20 bags EVERY woman should own at one point in her life!


Heading to the gym? Don’t forget to bring along a cute athletic bag to carry all your essential workout items like running shoes, sports bra, deodorant, and anything else you may need.



Every woman who attends school needs a cute backpack on her back to carry all her school supplies. There’s so many styles to choose from so looking adorable even in the classroom is a cinch!



The classic baguette styles features a short top to bottom with a lengthy side to side look for a rectangular design that kills. So casual and cute, great choice for everyday wear.



With a unique cylinder shape, a barrel bag brings a bit of oomph to your look without going overboard. Usually has tons of interior storage space, which is a big bonus for plenty of women out there.



You need a handy, oversized bag to drag your beach items around when you hit the ocean. Just make sure you pick a piece you won’t mind getting covered in sand or even wet from time to time. A definite must have for the summer season!



Bucket bags are downright adorable with loads of interior storage space and an open top, sometimes closed off with a zipper or ties. Bucket bags are incredibly deep so you can stash almost anything inside, from your iPhone to your tablet, compact to wallet. Usually made with one or two shoulder straps for easy use.



Teeny tiny and oh-so-elegant, a clutch is a must have for your wardrobe. It’s the perfect shape and size to go perfectly with your little black dress and makes for the perfect evening accessory when all you need is a bit of lipstick and your phone by your side. Sometimes referred to as an envelope bag!



Crossbody bags have surged in popularity in recent years, and we can certainly understand why! They’re typically smaller in stature compared to other bags and are thrown over the shoulder with a lengthy strap. They’re lovely and casual and are perfect for everyday wear. Throw it over your body and head out the door in a flash.


Extra Large Everyday

A casual, extra large everyday bag is a must for every girl. This simple, understated piece can accompany you anywhere and has enough room inside to practically carry your house!



A flap bag is a darling accessory with a flirty and cute flap that closes over the other part of the bag, concealing your treasures inside and creating a very dainty style. Such a lovely everyday purse- however they tend to be a bit on the small side!



Hobo bags are definitely an ‘IT’ bag, but they’re also really great everyday bags! They are larger in size and may have unique designs on the exterior. Most are made with a key slot closure to hide your goodies and keep them safe inside. They are typically worn off the shoulder with a short to medium length strap.



Looking for a more businesslike and professional appearance? Consider a messenger bag! Similar to a crossbody, although it can be worn on one shoulder or throw across the body. Made with a lengthy strap, the strap leads down to a tall, small sized bag that usually has a sophisticated and subtle appearance, perfect for the office.



This stunning bag is perfect for evening wear, with a hard case that’s chic and trendy, typically decorated with all sorts of beads jewels or stones. A fancy, fabulous bag to accompany you to the most high-end events.



Originally used on saddles, a saddle bag is a cute and convenient small sized bag that can be worn anywhere.



Satchels are downright adorable and come in a wide variety of sizes from small to extra large. They are typically made with two top handles to carry by hand, a wide top opening with zipper closure, and a flat bottom to keep it sturdy and upright. It is also designed with locking hardware to keep your things safe inside. Satchels are undoubtedly one of the most popular styles on the market and can be carried to any occasion big or small.



Tossing an adorable bag over shoulder? Yes, please! Every woman needs a shoulder bag in her collection for those days when you just want to get up and go.



Shopper bags are known for being HUGE, with a single handle for easy carrying and a lovely rectangular shape. Shopper bags have plenty of room inside for all your necessities- and given the name ‘shopper’, some items you may buy along the way will easily find a cozy spot inside this bag.



Going somewhere that you will need some extra room? Then a casual tote is your answer! These medium to large sized bags have loads of room for all your must-haves; with plenty of extra room for things you don’t even REALLY need to drag along! Cute, wonderful, extra large sized, and with double handles and an open top for easy access.



A wristlet is much like a clutch, but with a lovely bracelet strap attached to easily carry on your wrist. It’s a dainty little number that allows the lady to wear her bag freely in a simply glamorous way. Great for everyday use but also works well as an evening bag.


Name Brand

Okay, every woman needs a a name brand number in her collection. Louis Vuitton? Juicy Couture? Coach? Whatever your flavor may be, make sure you own at least one of these high-end, top notch name brand bags at least once in your lifetime!

What’s your favorite bag?


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