Vera Farmiga – Finally Falling for Hollywood’s Expectations?

By on March 24, 2014


Vera Farmiga isn’t your typical celebrity. She doesn’t live the regular Hollywood lifestyle, shuffling in and out of million dollar cars, she doesn’t need to have the trendiest bag on the market, and for the longest time, wouldn’t even dream about going under the knife for a bout of plastic surgery. But has Hollywood’s flashy lights and alluring lifestyle finally crept its way under Vera Farmiga’s skin?

Some people are still skeptical whether or not this sweet actress went under the knife, and who knows if we will ever know for sure as Vera Farmiga refuses the allegations of nose surgery. However, at one point the press spotted her with a bruised and swollen nose, trying her hardest not to be noticed as she dashed into an office building. A few weeks later we saw the lovely actress sporting a nose that seemed a bit thinner and smaller. Just a coincidence? We think not!


The weirdest part about this whole surgery scandal is the time it happened. Why would Vera Farmiga wait until long after her career was well established to get the surgery? Why would she wait until her late 30’s to get the procedure? The answer to these questions will probably remain unknown for the rest of Vera Farmiga’s career, but we can only guess that we were correct in saying the Hollywood lifestyle finally caught up with Vera. I mean, who could resist the lavish life of a Hollywood star? And when you have the money Vera Farmiga has, it’s only natural to want to fix a few flaws on your face.


I guess it is safe to say that Vera Farmiga’s surgery will remain a mystery to us. If she did in fact get the surgery, we don’t blame her at all and think she is still a very sweet, kind, and outspoken Hollywood star that is nothing short of fabulous. We love her soft, ladylike appearance and professionalism and wouldn’t change a single thing about her. On the other hand, if she did undergo the nose job, we have to say we love the slightly thinner nose and we’re glad the surgery went so well that it is barely noticeable. Props to the plastic surgeon for keeping it real and leaving out that horrendous ‘pinched nose’ look that is so common amongst men and women who get their nose done. Keep it classy, Vera Farmiga- and we know you will.


Image credit: Natasha Chenkov, YouWillKnowHerName


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