Vanessa Marcil Plastic Surgery

By on April 8, 2014

With a new look and a sleeker appearance, Vanessa Marcil has been the source of many debates about possible plastic surgeries. To see if she has had plastic surgery, fans just have to look at her facial profile. In more recent photos, her nose has suddenly become narrower and thinner. This most likely occurred due to a rhinoplasty. Other plastic surgery procedures may have been used to make her face more youthful and beautiful. Even with the best diet and exercise program, these changes are unlikely to have occurred. Like other celebrities, it looks like Vanessa Marcil has used plastic surgery to give her career a boost.

Did Vanessa Marcil Have a Nose Job?

Judging by her recent photos, Marcil has had a nose job. Comparing her before and after pictures, her nose appears narrower and has a slightly different profile. The bridge of the nose is more refined and the enter nose looks sharper. Although she has not publicly said that she has had a nose job, a surgical procedure is the most likely reason for the sudden change.


Botox Injections

As people age, fine lines and wrinkles start to develop on the face. Around the eyes, crows feet start to deepen and increase quickly. To counteract this, many actresses use Botox. When injected at the site of the wrinkles, it causes them to smooth out and disappear. Many people have claimed that Vanessa Marcil regularly uses Botox to get rid of fine lines. In addition, Botox was probably used to give her fuller and fleshier lips. This last procedure is more contentiously disputed, but before and after pictures definitely show plumper lips. In addition to lip filler and Botox, there is an excellent chance that she has had filler injections in her cheeks. This helps to give a better profile and remove any shrunken areas.


Unlike normal people, Vanessa Marcil does not seem to have any visible signs of aging. This fact makes it extremely likely that she has had plastic surgery. In an industry that strives for eternal youth, her procedures would give her a necessary edge for her career. Overall, these plastic surgery procedures have managed to enhance her natural beauty and almost seem to have stalled time. Instead of aging, she manages to keep the same appearance year after year. Due to this, any plastic surgery procedures used by Vanessa Marcil can be deemed a success.

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