Vanessa Ferlito-Say No to the Nose

By on March 21, 2014

Whether you know her from her parts on ‘Death Proof’, ‘Grindhouse, or ‘CSI:NY’, you’ve definitely heard of Vanessa Ferlito. And while she’s a pretty well-known star, she is also popular for another reason: her infamous nose job.


Some might say it is a good thing that the young lady has gotten so much publicity from her plastic surgery, and that could be true- if the job was done right. I mean, after all, let’s face it: you don’t want to be noticed in Hollywood due to a bad procedure, and that’s unfortunately what’s happened in this young lady’s life.


Let’s just take a step back for a second and take a look at Vanessa Ferlito’s before picture.  She is an absolutely gorgeous woman with a face and body any women would dream of having. She didn’t really need anything done, but we all have something about ourselves we want to change- so I guess we can’t blame her for that. We do wish, however, that she would have been happy with her cute nose and left it that way.

Instead, Vanessa complained about her nose and wanted to make it appear more symmetrical. Her nostrils seemed to be a bit too far out and noticeable for her liking as well, and that’s when the nose job came into play. I think she was hoping for a cute button nose with tighter nostrils that would frame her face beautifully, but instead she was left with an unnatural looking nose featuring the classic ‘pinched’ appearance that screams nose job. Not only that, but her nose was also left a little bit too upturned- and no, not like the cute, preppy girl upturned nose we all dream of having- the exact opposite.


Besides her nose job, Vanessa Ferlito did have one successful procedure: her lip filler injections. Her kissable lips came out absolutely perfect, looking full and sensual and one hundred percent beautiful- unlike some other celebrities who can put so much lip injections they come out looking like ducks right out of the pond.


All in all, Vanessa Ferltio is a gorgeous woman and a wonderful actress. And while she still looks like a million bucks, we definitely think she could have gone without her nose job. But if she wants to continue filling her lips with some subtle injections, we say more power to you girl!

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