Top 20 Hottest Black Men (Part One)

By on September 15, 2013

Wow, things have been hitting up around here recently, haven’t they? First we had the Justin Bieber frenzy. We can’t forget about the One Direction moment we had either. Then there was the Top 100 Hottest Men in the World 2013, swiftly followed by the Top 10 British Men, and then by the Top 10 Australian Men. 

What could Herinterest possibly have next, we hear you cry!

Well ladies and gentlemen, the next instalment in our post-summer man-loving is the hottest black men out there! We are going to bring to you only the most melt in your mouth chocolate brown hunks. Are you ready for this?

If you are sitting comfortably, we shall begin….

20 – Dolvett Quince

Dolvett Quince

This handsome buff man is one of those faces that you recognise from the TV but aren’t entirely sure why. In case you needed a gentle reminder, this muscly hunk is one of the trainers in the hit US TV show The Biggest Loser. You know the show – those that want to lose weight feature on the show and are blasted until they physically can’t take anymore. Now I don’t know about you but that sure sounds my idea of hell but with Dolvett Quince running the show, we might just be tempted to give it a shot!

Dolvett Quince 2

He was originally born in Stamford, Connecticut and has featured on the show since around 2011. Not just a personal trainer, he is also a proud father to his son, Isiah, and has also released workout DVDs, books and much more besides! We guess he likes to keep things busy. To be honest, we wouldn’t imagine we would do much in the form of exercising if we were watching this man on a DVD. We might drool a lot though, right?

19 – Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush 2

This hot black cutie was born on March 2nd, 1985 in Spring Valley, California in the States. You may know him better as one of the running backs for the American football team Detroit Lions. You may also know him from his younger days when he dated the socialite Kim Kardashian. Maybe you remember him from when he was nominated for Best Male Athlete for both 2007 and 2009 in the BET awards?

Whenever it was that Reggie Bush first caught your attention, you can’t deny the gleaming white smile and beautiful deep eyes have a calming yet pulse-racing effect on you. He’s just a beautiful man right?

Reggie Bush

Unfortunately, he’s not up for grabs. His girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan, has provided him with a beautiful baby girl, Briseis, since their relationship struck up sometime pre-October 2012. We can still dream though….

18 – Blair Underwood

Blair Underwood

You know this guy but you’re not sure where from, right? Have you ever seen Sex and the City? Yes, that’s right! He was Robert – Miranda’s boyfriend for a while before she got back with Steve! Now you remember, right? Steve walked in on Miranda and Robert having sex one afternoon and he puts tampons up his nose because he is a Doctor for the Nicks! Sorry… We have clearly seen the show far too much!

That’s right; that’s Blair Underwood. Blair and his beautiful smile.

Blair Underwood 2

He’s an actor and a director, originally born in Tacoma, Washington on August 25th, 1964. He’s now married to Desiree DaCosta and they have three kids together so it would seem that not only is his family life going great, but judging by the Golden Globe nominations and one Grammy Award, his acting career is going from strength to strength as well. He’s now in LA Law playing the role of Jonathon Rollins, and he’s been in the show for seven years now!

17 – Daniel Sunjata

Daniel Sunjata

Daniel Sunjata Condon is his real name and he was born on December 30th, 1971 in Illinois, USA. Better known for his role as Franco Rivera in the hit show Rescue Me, he has been in a number of other amazing films as well. For example, he starred in Bad Company back in 2002, The Devil Wears Prada in 2006 and even The Dark Knight Rises just last year. These are all pretty big hit movies and that’s why belongs on this list! Not only is he hot but he can act his pants off too!

Daniel Sunjata 2

To see more of Daniel you will need to keep an eye out for a film called Lullaby. Not only starring this chocolate-brown charmer, you will also find Amy Adams, Garrett Hedlund and even Jennifer Hudson in the movie.

You know it’s going to be a winner! 

16 – Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson 2

Can you smell what The Rock is cookin’? That’s right, Dwayne Douglas Johnson is The Rock; the semi-retired professional WWE wrestler. Not just that but he is now known to be one of the best actors of our time. He seems to have it all going on, right? That’s before we even get onto the subject of his ripped muscles and MASSIVE arms! We would give anything for a bear hug from this guy, right ladies? Sigh…

Dwayne Johnson

From 1997 to 2007 he was married to Dany Garcia but they out of the blue announced one day that they were having an amicable split and would stay the very best of friends. That’s got to be a first for Hollywood surely? An amicable split?!

Dwayne Johnson 3

If you’ve not really seen Dwayne around and about, you’ll need to check out some of these films – The Mummy Returns, The Scorpion King and Fast Five. Also, the best friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger will soon be seen in Fast & Furious 7….. Watch this space, ladies!

15 – Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne 2

What’s not to love about this mini rap artist, seriously? Dwayne Michael Carter, Jnr. is also known as Baby D. Born in New Orleans on September 27th, 1982, he is a CEO, producer and rap artist and is well known all over the world. You must have remembered the song he did with Destiny’s Child? “I need a soldier….” You know it – sing it with us!

Lil Wayne

His “blinged” up style and unique gravelly voice has made him popular in all types of music. He has been known to do rap, a bit of rock, some alternative and punk stuff…. He’s a pretty alternative guy, it’s safe to say.

He’s well into his tattoos, just like most other rap artists, but Lil Wayne also has a bit of a thing for piercings. He’s got a couple of lip piercings and we just think that makes him cuter still! When you combine this with his crazy dress sense, the gold grill he normally has in his mouth, and all the big blinged up jewellery that he loves to wear and you certainly have a little something unique. Perhaps that’s why so many women love him. And men too…

Lil Wayne has four kids and apparently was already a father by the time he had reached 15 years of age. (WOW!) He also suffers from a medical condition called epilepsy which, for years, had been speculated to be some sort of drug or alcohol problem. Thankfully these rumors have now been dispelled but to be fair, that’s the crazy life that happens when you are a famous rap artist – you’re always addicted to one drug or another, or having beef with another artist. It’s a mental life to lead but Lil Wayne seems to manage it rather well.

Such a cool guy that he is; Lil Wayne has even been in reference made by Barack Obama. If the President of the United States of America thinks he’s cool, then cool he is!

14 – Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson

This smooth crooner has been behind many a baby-making session around the world. His smooth tones and beautiful chocolate brown skin have charmed the pants off of many women and when you combine that with his dazzling smile, you have a recipe for success with many, many women!

The R&B and Hip Hop artist is not just a singer. He’s also a model, an actor, a screenwriter, a songwriter, an author, TV presenter and even film producer. Is there nothing this man can’t do when he puts his mind to it???

Originally born in Los Angeles, California, Tyrese Darnell Gibson’s birthday is December 30th, 1978. You will probably have seen him in the Fast and Furious series of films too. He’s been in a few of them and he is really hot in them too!

He’s been in a few other films too. Transformers in 2007, for example, put him well and truly on the Hollywood map and he was in Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 2011 which just reiterated why so many people adored him.

13 – Drake


Aubrey Drake Graham – it’s definitely not the coolest name in the world but somehow, for Drake, it just works quite nicely, don’t you think?

This guy isn’t American; he’s Canadian and was originally born in Toronto, Ontario on October 24th, 1986! It’s hard to believe he is only 26 years old at the time of writing this. He seems so much older than his years, doesn’t he?

Actor, songwriter, singer, rapper…. These are all professions that Drake has managed to tuck under his belt and although his love life hasn’t really gone to plan, his musical career is certainly going from strength to strength.

Drake 2

Speaking of his love life, who could forget THAT romance with Rihanna? They dated for a while in 2009, once Chris Brown had allegedly attacked her, and although their dating period didn’t last that long, they have stayed friends ever since. That’s more than can be said about him and Chris Brown, however; there was a massive bar brawl in which almost ten people got injured. The cause hasn’t been identified but there sure was a mess to clear up!

To date, Drake has been a bit of a record breaker over the years. First of all, he has sold over five million albums worldwide. That’s an astounding amount, don’t you think? He’s also won a few awards – there was the Grammy Award, six BET Awards, three Juno Awards and a whole bunch more!

He’s also been known to write songs for other people and just a few of the great artists that have sung a Drake song include Alicia Keys and Jamie Foxx. On top of that, he was voted the number two spot on the MTV Hottest MCs list back in 2012.

We knew he was hot. 

12 – Ludacris


We don’t know about you but Ludacris makes us feel young again! Do you remember listening to this guy when you were at school? He was cool, right?

In fact, Ludacris is still cool. Christopher Brian Bridges is his real name and he was born in Chicago, Illinois on September 11th, 1977. His birthday was just a couple of days ago!

Happy Belated Birthday Ludacris! 

Not just an actor and a rapper, he is also an entrepreneur. Disturbing tha Peace is the record label that he co-founded, and it has since released a line of headphones called “Soul by Ludacris” and even a line of Puma shoes. It’s not all bad!

For those of you that have rolled his role of Tej Parker in the Fast & Furious movies, you will be excited to hear that you can soon see him in Fast & Furious 7 which will be coming out next year! Also, he accidentally leaked that he was currently working with the legendary soul singer called Anita Baker! This should hint a new album… Are we excited for this?

11 – Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams 2

These days, Pharrell Williams tends to get called just Pharrell. It’s like he became too cool for two names so joined the likes of Sting and Madonna in the one-name crew. We think it makes him cooler.

Born April 5th, 1973 in Virgina, USA, this guy is the jack of all trades! Not only is a producer, fashion designer, rapper, singer, musician and songwriter, he is also incredibly HOT!

Pharrell Williams

He formed a group called The Neptunes with Chad Hugo, and he’s also a part of N.E.R.D. We would imagine life could get quite busy for this guy. This is even more so the case when you consider that he also co-founded the two clothing brands – Ice Cream Clothing and Billionaires Boys Club. Just another final nail in the coffin to prove just how hot this guy is, Esquire actually bored him as the Best Dressed Man in the World back in 2005. So not only is he hot but he can dress the part too! Could this man truly be the perfect black man package? You’ve heard him sing too right?

He may be a busy man but he still has plenty of time to be the chest daddy to his little boy, Rocket Man Williams. This kid is so cool already and he was only born in 2008! Have you ever seen Despicable Me? Well the song Rocket’s Theme was actually written by Pharrell for his kid! How cool is this daddy? He apparently married his girlfriend in August of this year. The model-slash-designer, Helen Lasichanh and Pharrell certainly make a great couple!

So there you have them – we have concluded the first part of our next two-part series on the hottest men out there at the moment. We will bring you the second part of our Top 10 Hottest Black Men soon, we promise, so make sure that you keep your eyes peeled. For now, why not check out some of the other articles on our site? How about the Top 20 Hottest Guys from the Philippines ? Have you checked out those guys yet?

That’s all from us for just now but we’d love to know your views on the hottest black men at the moment. Just think of the possibilities for the men that could be on the top ten countdown on this list. Could Chris Brown possible sneak his way in there? What about Will Smith – surely he needs to be in there somewhere too, right? What are your predictions for our Number One spot?

We’d love to know what you think! For now, have some more eye-candy… Just a tantalizing treat as to what could be coming in our next episode of the Top 20 Hottest Black Men!

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