Top 10 Hottest British Men

By on September 13, 2013

Well ladies – are you ready to find out the hottest ten men that Britain has to offer us? The country that always rains (apart from this year because they had a mini heat wave) and the country that makes the best cuppa tea in the world…. It would seem as if Britain produces some of the hottest hotties out there on our screens and in our magazines.

We decided to dive right in. It would be rude not to, right?

10 – Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant 1

You can’t talk about beautiful and hot British men without mentioning the completely adorable Hugh Grant. Once married to Elizabeth Taylor, the floppy haired, smooth-talking actor has won over the hearts of millions of women all over the world, even after he got himself into trouble by cheating on Elizabeth Taylor!

Hugh John Mungo Grant was originally born in London on the 9th September, 1960 which means it was just his birthday a couple of days ago!

Happy Belated Birthday Hugh Grant!

Of course, most of us will know him for his part as the gorgeous but devastatingly love-rattish Daniel Cleaver in the hit British movies – Bridget Jones’s Diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. You may also have known him for his laid-back role in About a Boy, and for those of that love this guy and can’t wait to see him again on the silver screen, there is a film starring Hugh Grant set to be released in 2014 – The Man From U.N.C.L.E. He’s been pretty quiet recently and his last big film was back in 2007 when he starred alongside Drew Barrymore in Music and Lyrics. He has had a child since then with an unknown woman so we would imagine that would have kept him rather busy!

9 – Russell Brand

Russell Brand

This crazy-haired nutter is a little bonkers but that doesn’t stop him having women swooning over him on all the corners of the globe. He was married to Katy Perry for a while but unfortunately, things didn’t work out there, and as well as being linked to a whole host of other famous women around the world, he has a past drug habit to really add to that bad boy image that us girls seem to simply worship.

He is a little too “out there” for some women but to us; he is the cutest thing in the world. In fact, one of our ex-boyfriends dressed up as him for a British themed birthday party but that’s a different story altogether.

Russell Brand 2

Well known for his stand up comedy routines as his Hollywood film career, it would seem as if life has slowed down a little for Russell Brand. He has been clean from drugs for a while now and his film career is going from strength to strength, especially with hit films such as Arthur and Get Him to the Greek under his belt. We wonder what will come next for the crazy-haired little starlet.

8 – Jude Law

Jude Law

We can remember the very first time we fell in love with Jude Law and it was a little later than most of the other women out there in the world. It was the backdrop for a rather painful breakup for one of our team and we watched the film The Holiday in which he strikes up a romance with Cameron Diaz’s character and makes our heart melt. For other women, it might have been the film Artificial Intelligence that sold it for them. It might even have been the Sherlock Holmes films in which he stars alongside Robert Downey Jnr.

Luckily for the ladies out there that love this British star, there will be plenty of opportunities to check him out over the coming months. Don Hemingway is set to be released soon, and there’s also a couple of films due to be released in 2014 too – The Grand Budapest Hotel and Black Sea, which is currently being filmed.

7 – Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

Have you seen the film Man of Steel that came out just a little while ago? If you have, you probably already know who Henry Cavill is.

This hot British actor was originally born in the Channel Islands of the UK on May 5th, 1983 and has actually starred in a fair few films recently. Luckily for us ladies that love him, he will also be starring alongside Hugh Grant in the film The Man From U.N.C.L.E. that will soon be released.

If you have been following us for a while, you will have noticed that not only is Henry Cavill featured right here on our 10 Hottest British Men, but he also popped up in our Top 100 Hottest Men in the World 2013 (Part A). If you don’t believe us, just click on the link!

6 – Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Another one that may have popped up on the list of the Top 100 Hottest men in the World 2013 (Part A) is Harry Styles. This adorable British beaut first shot to fame on the hit British TV show The X-Factor with four other lads and has simply rocketed to super-stardom since!

He is lusted after by most women all over the world – this means that women of all ages love him and would give anything for a smooch with that pretty little face! His curly brown locks and beautiful straight-teethed smile sells it for most chicks, and if that doesn’t do it for them, his singing voice surely will.

Harry Styles  2

There’s something about that Harry Styles, He’s so young yet seems much older than his years. After his recent break-up from Taylor Swift and his new and very first movie shooting to the top spots in most countries around the world, it would seem that single Harry isn’t having things too badly.

We wonder how many women would love to be his rebound fling?

5 – Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler

Things are getting exciting now, aren’t they? Here we come to another beautiful creature that featured on our Top 100 Hottest Men in the World 2013 (Part B). Gerard Butler, the actor and handsome face behind such films as P.S. I Love You and Law Abiding Citizen, was originally born in Paisley in Scotland which isn’t really the nicest town in the world. You’ll understand if you’ve ever been there, trust me!

Things have been quiet for Gerard Butler recently and we have certainly missed him! Thankfully he has a whole host of films coming out over the next few months which are bound to keep us more than entertained for a little while.

Gerard Butler 2

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is set to be released in the early part of 2014, as is Dynamo in which we will reportedly see his handsome and rugged face. His trademark Scottish crossed with Irish accent is one of his distinguishable features, as is his commanding voice which could command us all day long, right women?

4 – David Beckham

David Beckham

Things are about to get a little beautiful now ladies – we are starting to see the real big leagues in pure British beauty and when it comes to handsome men, you definitely don’t get much more handsome than this!

David Beckham is the hottest thing since…. Well, David Beckham. He’s the reason most girls watch football at all. He lead the way for beautiful footballers such as Ronaldo, and for that, we love him very much.

David Beckham 2

Of course, we can’t forget that he is one half of the Beckham power-couple. There’s Victoria to think about in all this. Between them they make millions of dollars every year and they don’t show any signs of slowing down soon. And let’s not forget that she gave him the nickname “Golden Balls” – what is this man hiding in his underpants? Well, if you’ve seen his latest underwear commercial, you can clearly see what he’s hiding in there.

Sigh… Isn’t he just the most beautiful man?

David Beckham 3

He may be tattooed and a little bit older these days, perhaps even being a bit rough around the edges, but David Beckham still has what it takes to make us ladies weak at the knees. Even after all these years and all the new, younger, hotter footballers that are running out onto the pitch, he still holds that little place in our hearts, right ladies?

3 – Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

This guy features as number one on our list of Top 100 Hottest Guys of 2013 (Part A) which means he definitely deserves a place on the Top 10 Hottest British Men!

The actor behind Edward Cullen in the hit films Twilight shot to super stardom alongside Kristen Stewart who played Bella Swan in the movies. Also known for the film Remember Me, Robert Pattinson has certainly made his mark on Hollywood and with his recent and very public split and then re-split from his Twilight co-star has left him very much in the public eye – something the couple had strangely always tried to shy away from before. Her very public apology angered many people, especially as they had always tried to keep their private life exactly that before. In fact, just a couple of days ago, Kristen once again spoke out about how heart-broken she had been following their split. Maybe things are about to get “on” again?

Robert Pattinson 2

The breakup hasn’t stopped Robert Pattinson from doing his thing – he has been filming all over the place and has a number of films set to be released over the new few months. Maps to the Stars, for example, is due to be released towards the end of this year and will see Robert starring alongside John Cusack. There is also the anticipated Queen of the Desert in 2015, The Rover again towards the end of 2013, and Mission: Blacklist in 2014.

He has definitely been keeping busy to deal with his heartbreak!

2 – Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

If you can find me one woman that doesn’t like Tom Hardy, I will eat my hat! This guy is so beautiful – he has this rugged, stocky British thing going on and it drives most women crazy!

Where will you have seen him before? He has a list of films under his belt including 2010’s Inception, 2011’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, This Means War in 2012 and even The Dark Knight Rises in 2012. Luckily for us, things don’t seem to be slowing down for the hot British stud and he has a number of films that are set to be released over the next little while.

Tom Hardy 2

Mad Max: Fury Road, for example, is coming out in 2014, as is Animal Rescue. Everest is also in pre-production and is reportedly going to be released in 2014, and there is even a film called The Outsider starring Tom Hardy in 2015 too. That’s plenty of eye-candy time for us ladies and that suits us just fine, doesn’t it women?

Tom Hardy 3

Just take one look at this stunning man and you can understand what the big fuss is. He even popped up in our Top 100 Hottest Men in the World 2013 (Part A). You can’t deny how beautiful he is to look at, that’s for sure!

So, we have one space left. Who do you think will join our Top 10 Hottest British Men? Let’s take a look at who the possible contenders are… there’s Daniel Craig; we’ve not seen him yet. It could also be one of the other One Direction boys. What about Olly Murs or James Arthur – both beautiful men born from British reality TV shows…

Are you ready to see the Number One guy in our Top 10 Hottest British Men? Without any further ado, let us present to you….

1 – Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam

We first fell in love with this beautiful man in the amazing American TV show “Sons of Anarchy”. Some of you may even have been made to watch the “Green Street” films by your football-loving boyfriends and spotted him in that. Whenever it was that you first laid eyes on this beautiful blonde hottie, he’s certainly someone that sticks in your memory and very soon, he is going to stick in there a whole load more and for many prominent reasons!

Charlie Hunnam 2

E L James, the author of the hit books “Fifty Shades of Grey” recently announced on Twitter that Charlie Hunnam would play the lead role of Christian Grey in the film adaptations. Doesn’t it make you smile at the thought of this beautiful blonde man wearing only jeans, padding barefoot towards you with a riding crop in his hand. No shirt on and ripped muscles clenching…. It’s going to be hot, right?

Charlie Hunnam 3

Although there has been controversy surrounding who would play this amazing yet mysterious creature in the films, it would seem that many were happy, yet surprised by who she announced. Now we’ve thought about it, it just makes perfect sense. Could you imagine the ripped abs of Charlie Hunnam as he stood in that living room described in the book, wearing just jeans unbuttoned and falling over his feet? Can you see him in the suits that he supposedly wears in the book? What about with a riding crop in his hand? Could see you see Charlie Hunnam doing this? We certainly can and it’s not a bad thing, that’s for sure!

What are your views? Who do you think should have been cast as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades trilogy?

So there you have our top ten list of hottest British men. Do you agree with who has made the cut? Is there anyone missing that you feel we should have added? We’d love to know your thoughts and views so take a moment to shout out and let us know. Alternatively, you could keep going with the eye candy and check out our other creation filled with beautiful men – Top 100 Hottest Men in the World 2013 (Part A) With the likes of Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper, Chris Brown and Eminem going on over there, it would be a shame to waste the opportunity to check them out at their fittest! 😉

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