Top 100 Hottest Men in the World 2013 Part A

By on March 9, 2013

Hollywood is great for giving us ladies the hottest, sexiest, most desirable men in the planet. From the older gentleman to the younger kids with “swag”; there is a man out there to suit every taste, and with more and more talent coming about every year, it would be impossible to list them all. We can, of course, give you the top 100 hottest men in the world 2013 however, and may we suggest that you buckle your seat belts, grab yourself a drink and settle yourself in the for long haul… This could get steamy!

We did attempt to put these in order of preference but it was just too difficult so in no particular order….. (Just as a last minute note, we are about to show you pictures of the 100 hottest men in the world!)

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1.       Adam Levine


Adam Noah Levine was born on March 18, 1979 in LA meaning that he already had celebrity blood pulsing through his veins. This Pisces hottie is well known for his role as the lead singer with the band Maroon 5, and has an amazing body to boot. His rough, bad-boy image is thrown out there with his scruffy, disheveled hair and plentiful “ink”, and his near-naked shoot for The Icons Issue of 7 Hollywood Magazine has just shown off the world how hot this guy really is. We would just like to clarify that we don’t just love Adam Levine for his figure; we love him for his voice too. You’ve heard “Payphone” right?


Currently in a relationship with Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo, he seems to have a thing for these gorgeous ladies. He has only been with Prinsloo since June 2012, but just a few months before that he was dating yet another Victoria’s Secret model, Anne Vyalitsyna. He has a reputation for being somewhat of an idiot to the ladies, but when you consider that Anne broke up with Adam very publicly in a press release, you can understand why he felt the need to sleep with one of her friends and colleagues….

In 2013, you will see Adam Levine on the fourth season of The Voice, touring with his band Maroon 5 who have said that they are playing over thirty different tour dates in just four months, and releasing his own celebrity fragrance! Who wouldn’t want their man to smell like Adam Levine?!


Adam Levine has also joined ranks with some of the many singers out there that have tried their hand at acting – he is said to star alongside Keira Knightly and Mark Ruffalo in Can a Song Save your Life?

2.       Robert Pattinson


Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson was born in London on May 13, 1986. A keen musician from an early age, this Taurus soon ventured into acting, until he hit gold with his role as Cedric Diggory in 2005’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. From then, he has hit strength to strength, becoming internationally famous for his role as Edward in the hit Twilight series, and alongside his great film roles, his love life has always made him center stage.


It was his “are they, aren’t they?” relationship with fellow Twi-star, Kristen Stewart that first kept him in the limelight. They neither agreed nor disagreed the allegations until much later on and although they have had their ups and downs, especially with Kristen’s alleged affair with director of her film Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders; it would appear that they are still on – sorry ladies!


In 2013, you will see R-Patz in a number of films that are currently in production. He will play alongside Guy Pearce in The Rover, as well as starring alongside Rachel Weisz in Maps to the Stars. You could also keep an eye out for his music, which he seems to do on the down-low – you can check out YouTube for a sampling of his beautiful, yet deep voice.

3.       Nicholas Hoult


Just a baby, Nicholas Hoult is perhaps better known for his role in the hit British film About a Boy. Born in Berkshire, England on December 7th, 1989, this Sagittarius is said to be in a number of films in the coming year, including Warm Bodies, alongside film great John Malkovich and hottie Dave Franco. Also due to be released soon is Jack the Giant Slayer, in which he plays the lead role of Jack alongside Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci.


Hoult was with Silver Linings Playbook star Jennifer Lawrence for quite a while, and there was rumoured to be an “issue” with them coming face to face for the first time on the red carpet at the BAFTA’s (2013) since their split. There was no such drama however, and it would seem that the pair was even more grown up than some of their older acting friends, who can’t seem to manage the same dignity. As it stands, it would that the cute Warm Bodies star is single – form an orderly queue ladies!


4.       George Clooney


No “Hottest Men” list would be complete without older silver fox, George Timothy Clooney who has seemed to be out of the limelight for a while now. His love life has kept him in the media just as much as his movies  – he was once married to actress Talia Balsalm for a brief spell in the late 80’s/early 90’s, but since then has been linked with a string of starlets. Lisa Snowdon, Sarah Larson, Elisabetta Canalis and even Kelly Preston have been on his hit list since then, alongside Renee Zellweger, Krista Allen, and Celine Balitran.

Born in Kentucky on May 6th, 1961, this Taurus has certainly been busy with his crazy love life and busy filming schedules. Not only that but his political activism and place as United Nations Messenger of Peace has kept him busy (and hot in our eyes) and when he’s not doing all of this, he is being best friends to hot Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and playing with their kids; something he is often papped doing.

There are a couple of films in the pipeline for this aging hottie in 2013, including Gravity in which he stars alongside Sandra Bullock, and The Monuments Men, in which he stars alongside a whole host of beautiful men, including Daniel Craig and Matt Damon, and even Hollywood beauty Cate Blanchett.


As it stands, (from the end of 2012 at least) it would seem that Clooney is still dating Stacy Keibler, despite allegations that they had split. The former professional wrestler/model/actress has been with him for a little over a year now, and it would seem that they are still going strong. Although with Clooney, Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, that could change at any moment!

5.       Henry Cavill


You may not know an awful lot about this guy, but don’t worry; we can fill you in! Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill was born in Jersey, (Channel Islands) on May 5, 1983. Brits will know him a little better from his role as Charles Brandon in The Tudors, but those on the other side of the pond will hear of him soon with his up and coming role of Clark Kent-slash-Superman in the new 2013 film, Man of Steel.


So why’s he hot? Well every woman loves a guy with a British accent right? And his tall, dark and handsome part in The Tudors has certainly made him the talk of the town, and being in one of 2013’s guaranteed HIT movies sure isn’t going to hinder his Hollywood progress!


Unfortunately, for the ladies out there, Cavill has a brand new love interest. They made their debut as a couple at the Golden Globes, and have recently been seen out and about at the BAFTA’s. Yes, we are talking about Cavill with Gina Carano, an actress, fitness model, TV personality and formed mixed martial art Queen. Wow, this girl kicks butt! (Maybe even Superman’s!)

6.       Bradley Cooper


Well ladies, we’ve all heard of Bradley Cooper. He’s hot, he’s a little bit badass, and he looks super adorable with a pink carry cot and a pink diaper bag! That’s right; we come to the star of Hangover 1 & 2!

Originally born in Pennsylvania on January 5th, 1975, this Capricorn has been in his fair share of hit movies over recent years, and this probably has a lot to do with his amazing body, butter-wouldn’t-melt looks, and a charming personality that can clearly be seen in all of his roles. 2009 saw the star shoot to fame with the hit movie The Hangover in which he plays Phil; one of the lead characters. From then, things have gotten progressively better with his latest release, Silver Linings Playbook, starring alongside Hunger Games starlet, Jennifer Lawrence.

He has been linked to a string of women over recent years, starting from his short marriage in 2006-2007 to fellow actress Jennifer Esposito, to Zoe Saldana and Renee Zellweger. Who he is dating at the moment is anyone’s guess! Perhaps he is on his way to being like George Clooney – Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor?


He’s working hard at the moment, with a couple of films being set for release at various points of 2013. The eagerly awaited The Hangover Part 3 is on its way, as is Serena, where he will be starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence again. With her recent (ish) split from About a Boy star Nicholas Hoult, perhaps Lawrence is his next love story?


7.       Harry Styles

Harry Styles 3

Harry Edward Styles is one fifth of Britain’s hottest boy band right now – One Direction. Originally starting out in the hit TV show The X Factor, he was thrown together with the four other boys after a up-and-down start with the show, and the band has gone from strength to strength ever since, conquering first the UK and then the states. Well known for his husky, sexy voice and his floppy, curly brown hair, he has hearts racing from women of all ages, all over the world.

Harry Styles 1

Born on February 1st, 1994, this young Aquarius has been attached to a string of ladies over recent times, with the most recent being Taylor Swift, from whom he recently broke up with after a short relationship. Ever the gentlemen, he praised his ex-lover on her recent performance at the 2013 Brit Awards where they were both present. Before Taylor Swift however, there were links between him and Caroline Flack, and the model Cara Delevingne. It is the latter that he was recently seen partying with since his split from Taylor Swift…. I guess we should watch this space to see the newest chapter in this young star’s love life!

Harry Styles 2

2013 is going to be hotter than hot for this cute pop start. Hazza, as he is known to his friends, will no doubt be boosting his badass image by having even more tattoos to add to his already impressive collection, and with a documentary set to hit the silver screen called 1D3D, there is no sign of him slowing down at any point soon.

8.       Scott Disick

Scott Disick 2

You can’t talk about what’s hot right now without mentioning Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s partner. You will have seen him in the hot US TV shows, Keeping up With the Kardashian, Lord Disick: Lifestyles of a Lord, and Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami. In short, he’s a regular in any TV reality drama starring the beautiful Kardashians.

Born May 26, 1983, this Gemini isn’t exactly a celebrity in his own right. There have been many debates over the years as to whether or not he deserves celebrity status, but if you have ever watched any of the Kardashian shows, you will see how hilariously funny he is, and why he has such a huge fan following! Of course his beautiful blue eyes and romantic-style brown floppy hair sure adds to the appeal.

Scott Disick 1

For the ladies, however, there is disappointment. It would seem that Khloe and Scott are happily in love and with two children, certainly form the cutest family. You can still get your fix in 2013 though – there will be plenty of Kardashian drama to keep up with.

9.       Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg 2

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg has been around for many years in the hottest men lists and shows no sign of ever leaving the lists at any point soon. Born June 5th, 1971, the Gemini was the youngest of nine children and has been in his pick of the hit films over the years. Recently you would have seen him in the hit film The Fighter in 2010 where he produced it, as well as the recently released Ted, which has been a massive hit for the big children and older kids alike! 2013 has shown a lot of promise for this older hottie. A number of films are said to be in production including Broken City where he is again producing, Three Mississippi, Teamsters, The Missionary and many others that are set to be released over the next couple of years. It would be safe to say that this chiselled hot movie star is showing no signs of slowing down at any point soon.

Mark Wahlberg 1

He was first attached to childhood actress Soleil Moon Frye in the early 90’s, but since then he has married a model – Rhea Durham. They started dating in 2001 and married in 2009, having four beautiful children together. It would seem that these two are still going strong; a rarity for anyone in Holywood limelight.

10.   Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling 2

Let’s just take a moment while we swoon over this beautiful creature! Ryan Gosling has gone from strength to strength over recent years, starring in some of the biggest and most romantic films around. There was The Notebook, which possible made women all over the world sit up and start listening. This film is sure to have your sobbing your heart out at the end, and if you haven’t seen it, it’s about time you did!

Ryan Gosling 1

Ryan Thomas Gosling, born 12th November 1980, is actually a Canadian star, and this Scorpio has been linked to a string of hot Hollywood tottie over the years. Sandra Bullock was the first on his hit list, perhaps having something to do with the film they both starred in – Murder by Numbers. Rachel McAdams was next on his list, with whom he starred besides in The Notebook. Despite describing the beautiful actress as the “love of his life”, they broke up after a two-year relationship, and since then he has been linked to another actress, Kat Dennings in 2009, Blake Lively in 2010, and then Olivia Wilde in 2011. He didn’t stop there though – he decided to get his beautiful hands on one more Hollywood star – Eva Mendes and the couple have been together since late 2011, with no signs of breaking up at any point soon. Sad news ladies!

ryan Gosling 3

2013 is going to be just as hot as 2012 was for Ryan Gosling. We had The Ides of March in 2012, as well as Crazy, Stupid, Love in 2011, and coming up soon for the hot Hollywood heart throb is a number of films. Only God Forgives is set to be released this year where he will star alongside Kristen Scott Thomas and Tom Burke, but this will more than likely have a few girls screaming as they watch Ryan battered in a boxing-gangster style film. He is also set to star in Gangster Squad with Sean Penn and Emma Stone yet again; perhaps another romance is set to be on the cards between him and Emma Stone?

10. Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford 1

Christopher Chace Crawford, born in Texas on July 18th, 1985, is perhaps better known for his role in the hit US TV show Gossip Girl as Nate Archibold – the man that many a woman all over the world has fallen in love with. With his beautiful blue eyes and brown, floppy hair, it is no wonder how he managed to capture the hearts of so many females out there, and his badass side certainly helps to add to the effect. 2010 was a pretty bad year for the hottie – he was arrested for being in possession of marijuana.

Over the years, Chace has been linked to a string of women, including starting rumors that he was dating Kelly Osborne. In September 2010 however, Kelly squashed these rumors, saying the hints of their romance were not true.

Chace Crawford 2

It was rumored that Chace was dating a model by the name of Jennifer Akerman, the sister of the actor Malin Akerman who starred in Watchmen in early 2010. Other female celeb followers/exes include Shauna Sand and Ashley Greene (they were caught “making out” in 2009). There have been no serious mentions of a girlfriend, however, since his Hottest Bachelor list of 2009, on which he was listed.

Although no definite plans, there is a show in pre-production that Chace is going to be the leading role in, named Responsible Adults – a romantic comedy, in which Katie Holmes is also said to be starring in. With her recent split from Tom Cruise, I guess we should say watch this space, ladies…

11. Tom Hardy

"Inception" Premiere

Ladies, can we please just take a minute to say “Mmmmmmmm!” This absolute hunk is possibly one of the hottest things to ever come from the UK! Born Edward Thomas “Tom” Hardy on September 15th, 1977, he first shot to massive fame after becoming the villain in the hit film The Dark Knight Rises.

Tom Hardy 1

He has had an up-and-down life over his relatively short years. He was married in 1999 to Sarah Ward, but they soon divorced just five years later. He has had a pretty aggressive sounding past too – he suffered with addictions to alcohol and crack-cocaine but has been clean now for almost ten years. He had a beautiful baby boy with his then-girlfriend Rachael Speed, but met Charlotte Riley during his filming of The Take and Wuthering Heights, proposing to her in 2010.

Tom Hardy 5

Tom Hardy has a busy couple of years coming up – over the course of 2013 and 2014, you are going to see this hottie in a fair few productions. Mad Max: Fury Road, for example, is due out soon and Tom is said to be starring alongside such greats as Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult. You’ll also spot him in coming films Everest and Locke, as well as Child 44 which has a release date of 2015.

Now for a couple of beautiful photos of him. You know… Just because we can!

Tom Hardy 3

Tom Hardy 4

12. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake 1

Well, well, well. Justin Timberlake. We all know what this singer come actor has had going on in his life love over the years. Justin Randall Timberlake, born January 31st, 1981, first hit to fame with the American boy group N-Sync. It was during this time that he started his very high profile relationship with fellow star from the Mickey Mouse Club, Britney Spears. It was his public breakdown of this relationship that actually led to his biggest rise to fame. The early 2002 split gave him the inspiration he needed to write his very massive song Cry Me a River, from his very popular album, Justified.

Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears

Since the Britney split, he has been linked to some of the hottest women in the world. He and Cameron Diaz, for example, met at a kids award show in 2003, and it was in late 2006/early 2007 that their official statement came out saying that they had officially broken up. This break up was reportedly down to the fact that JT had been having a secret fling with actress Scarlett Johannson.

In January 2007, JT and Jessica Biel were apparently together and stayed that way for four years when they broke up for a brief spell. They got married in October 2012 and seem to be experiencing their happy ever after…

Tom Ford - Front Row - LFW F/W 2013

Don’t worry though ladies, you are still going to be seeing Justin around. He performed recently at the Grammy awards with the new song – Suit and Tie. This points us in the right direction to a new album due to be released soon, which means plenty of promotion for this newly married man, and more chances for us to spot his beautiful face on TV!

Justin Timberlake 2

14. Robert Buckley

Robert buckley 1

Robert Earl Buckley, born 2nd May, 1981 in California, is best known for his role in the hit TV shows One Tree Hill and Lipstick Jungle. Recently, he has been advertised to be starring in a new show, set to hit the top of the ratings charts, called 666 Park Avenue – keep your eyes peeled girls!

Robert has had a relatively successful love life for someone so popular, and his slightly rough round the edges appeal has made him a big hit with the ladies. Unfortunately for us, he has been happily going along with his girlfriend Jena Sims since 2011. Jena is not only an actress, but a beauty queen as well…. We have no chance!

Robert Buckley 2

In 2013, you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for Robert. As we have mentioned, he is going to be starring in a new show that is set to hit our screens soon called 666 Park Avenue.

15. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis 1

Bruce Willis is getting a bit older now but still has the same dashing good lucks that made many of us girlies falling in love with them all those years ago. We couldn’t make a list of 2013 hottest men without at least mentioning him – he has been a very busy boy recently, and has a string of new films coming out over the next year!

Born March 19th, 1955, his TV career first kicked off in the 80’s. However, since then he has gone from strength to strength and definitely made a point of becoming one of Hollywood’s Greats! You have the Die Hard series in which he played John McClane, 1994’s Pulp Fiction, 1998’s Armageddon, and 2005’s Sin City that really made him stand out as one of the hottest in Hollywood.

Bruce Willis 2

Many remember Bruce as one half of Hollywood’s once power couple, alongside Demi Moore. They were married for 13 years and had three daughters, but their relationship came to an odd and abrupt end, with no real reason given for the public statement that they had split.

After Demi, Bruce had a 10 month relationship with actress Brooke Burns, to which he become engaged for a brief spell. Following Brooke, he married a model called Emma Heming in 2009, and they have since had another daughter together and seem to be living the new-parent dream!

Bruce willis & Daughter

Despite his manic life at the moment with a newborn daughter to take care of, Bruce has somehow found the time to make what seems like a hundred movies that are due to be released over 2013-2014. There’s another Die Hard coming – A Good Day to Die Hard, plus G.I. Joe: Retaliation in which he plays alongside Channing Tatum and Dwayne Johnson. Can we get a hell yeah! We also have Red 2 and a new Sin City coming out in the next twelve months so we have plenty of opportunity to drool over one of Hollywood’s older hot men!

16. Russell Brand

Russell Brand 1

Russell Brand has that odd kind of hot going on that you don’t really understand, right? However, everyone loves a bad boy and this British actor/writer/comedian, born June 4th, 1975, has certainly lived up to this image. Known from being a total ladies man, even his marriage to one of the hottest women in the world couldn’t tame him. He married Katy Perry, American singer and songwriter, in 2010 in a seemingly odd Hindu ceremony. The marriage only lasted 14 months, however, and Brand has since been attached to an impressive number of women since, just as always.

Russell Brand & Katy Perry

Not only is he a bad boy in love, Russell Brand has been dealt with some pretty shocking personal lows over the years. A self-confessed sex and heroin addict, Brand is also now a recovering alcoholic, and as you can image, his lifestyle once fit in well with these bad personal choices, with excessive partying and making a fool of himself, if the tabloids are to be believed. He is now reported to be clean and healthy, leading a spiritual life that seems to have done him well, starring in many hit films such as Arthur and Get Him to the Greek.

Russell Brand 2

There are a few films coming up that star the infamous Russell Brand, (thank God eh ladies?). Due out in 2013, Paradise is a film about survival after a plane crash and sees Brand starring alongside the hotter than hot Julianne Hough and Holly Hunter. He is also the voice of one of the great characters in the second Despicable Me film – Despicable Me 2, and there are a couple more films that are in pre-production that are said to star this British crazy man. Plenty of chances to get a peek at this still-single British hottie!

17. Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto 1

If you don’t consider yourself to be a “Nerd” then you may not know who Zachary Quinto is. If you have seen the recent 2009 film Star Trek, you will know exactly who we are talking to…. Spock!

Zachary Quinto 2

Born June 2nd, 1977, Quinto is perhaps not every ladies cup of tea but for those in the somewhat geekier world of science-fiction, this guy is a super cute nerd! Unfortunately for us ladies, Quinto is gay. He came out in the later part of 2011 and is in a relationship with a fellow actor, Jonathon Groffa, a great stage actor.

There’s quite a bit coming up in 2013 for Zachary Quinto – he will still be starring in the US show American Horror Story, and he will also be playing Spock a couple more times – first in the Star Trek game, and then in the predicted to be massive film Star Trek into Darkness. There is also another film called The Invitation that is said to be released later on in the coming year.

18. Ryan Kwanten

Ryan Kwanten 1

Ladies – have you SEEN Ryan Kwanten in the hit US TV Show True Blood? In that show, he was nothing short of super hot, if not a bit stupid from time to time. An Australian actor, Ryan was born 28th November, 1976 in New South Wales, and if you had ever seen the Australian show Home and Away, you will have recognised him from there too. Oh and Australian magazine GQ made him their Man of The Year in 2010…. As if we needed another reason to adore him, right ladies?

The Sagittarius has been a busy boy of late, making some films that are predicted to be huge. There’s Knights of a Badassdom, 7500 in which he stars alongside Amy Smart, Reach Me with Sylvester Stallone, Mystery Road and The Right Kind of Wrong. There is apparently a few films in pre-production also, making him a very busy boy indeed!

Ryan Kwanten 2

It could be his love life that keeps him committed to his acting career, or rather the lack of one. He is apparently very unlike his role of Jason Stackhouse in real life – he has been linked to a couple of women over the years, but it would seem that he either doesn’t date that often, and if he does, he keeps it very close to his chest indeed. Maybe he’s just waiting for “the one”…. There’s hope for you yet, girls!

19. Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison 1

If you have been on Planet Earth recently, you’ll know who Matthew Morrison is by face, even if you didn’t know who he was by name. One of the biggest names in the hit US show Glee, he has been shot to super-stardom, and has become a firm favourite on many a girls hot-men wish-list!

Matthew Morrison & Glee

Still continuing to perform his ass off in the Glee TV show, he is also said to star in a live version of the show – Glee! Live at Radio City Music Hall in 2013.

Born on the 30th October, 1970, Matthew is just as well known for his fame in the stage show world as he is for the Glee show, and he has even been signed by the label that is owned by Adam Levine (Number 1 on our list and front man of hit American band Maroon 5) – 222 Records.

Matthew Morrison 3

Matthew Morrison is currently single (shock horror!) after his relationship with a fellow actress Chrishell Stause ended in 2007. They were engaged for a brief spell and the relationship seemed to end very abruptly. He’s still on the market girls – good news for us!

20. Chris Brown

Chris Brown 1

Oh Chris Brown…. everyone has an opinion on this guy! You can’t talk about Chris without at least mentioning Rihanna – it just makes sense for us to start our tale with this beautiful singer!

They first met in 2005 but it wasn’t until 2008 that they started to embark on a proper relationship. They had what looked like a lovely relationship until 2009, where everything went very wrong. A big argument turned into a case of what looked to be physical abuse – Chris Brown has apparently attacked Rihanna. There was a long and complicated court case but it seems that things have taken a turn for the better – Chris Brown sorted his act out (despite being caught fighting with Drake in a club in June 2012, where 8 people were injured, and then once again in January 2013 when he was once again apparently caught having an altercation with Frank Ocean over something as small as a parking space!) and just recently (January 2013) Rihanna and Chris proclaimed their love for each once again; stating that they were back together.

Chris Brown & Rihanna

You can’t deny that this singer/dance/songwriter is hot stuff, with his beautiful big white smile, his swag and his amazing dance moves. He is reported to have a new album out for release for 2013, and his dance songs are bound to be hitting the clubs over the summer months. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that things work out this time between Chris and Rihanna….

 21. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman 1

With British parents but born in Australia, Hugh Jackman has become a firm favorite with the ladies over the past few years. Born October 12, 1968, Hugh shot to massive fame after he played the part of Wolverine in the hit movies X-Men. Of course, starring in Van Helsing hasn’t hurt his star-dom too much, and Real Steel and Les Miserables certainly helped to build a pretty impressive fan base. He’s old school handsome – tall, dark, hair, muscle-y and slightly older. Just a glimpse at this hot Hollywood actor has many pulses racing and with a figure like this, it’s hardly surprising:

Hugh Jackman 2

Unfortunately for us pining ladies, Hugh Jackman is a long term family man. In 1996 he married Deborra-Lee Furness, and they adopted two children after they suffered at the hands of two very sad miscarriages. The fact that he is a family man just makes us love him more, right ladies?

The good news is that Hugh is starring in quite a few films coming up over 2013 – Movie 43 will see Hugh starring alongside some serious Hollywood greats including Kristen Bell, Halle Berry, Emma Stone, Uma Thurman, Richard Gere, Kate Winslet and even Johnny Knoxville. The list doesn’t end there either – this movie has some serious stars in it!

2013 will also see Hugh Jackman starring as Wolverine again in the film The Wolverine. Prisoners is another 2013 film for Hugh and he will be starring alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, Terrence Howard and Mario Bello. Lots of Hugh-candy coming up ladies!

22. Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson 1

Most of us will know Kentucky-born Josh Hutcherson from The Hunger Games film in which he short to super-stardom. You may also have recognized him in Bridge to Terabithia or Journey to the Center of The Earth. It might even have been Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant that first caught your eye. Whatever it was, you can’t deny – Josh Hutcherson is actually pretty cute!

His love life has been somewhat quiet for a Hollywood super star, and although Josh and Vanessa Hudgens briefly dated, they are now more like good friends than in a relationship, and they are often stated saying that they remained very good friends after they broke up. Since then, there have been very few rumors about his love life, which is good news for us as this possibly means that he is single!

2013 is going to be a very good year for Josh. There is the eagerly awaited The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. This series of films is set to be the next “Twilight” and from the money and publicity than the first film drummed up, you can see it heading in exactly that direction.

Josh Hutcherson 3

That’s not all Josh is up to however; there are a few other films set to be released in 2013 which are worthy of a mention.

Epic is an animated movie from the same people that created Ice Age and Rio and will see Josh playing the voice of Nod. There’s a few other celebrity names in this film too – Beyonce is having a go, alongside Pitbull, Steven Tyler, Jason Sudeikis, Colin Farrell and many more.

Josh Hutcherson, Nylon Guys, October 1, 2009

23. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber 1

This name is going to cause a debate, that’s for sure. Some people think he belongs at the number one spot whereas others don’t believe he should be on this at all. Justin Bieber is like Marmite – you either love him or you hate him so for those of you that hate him, I’m sorry you had to see him here because I love him! I also love Marmite.

Justin Bieber is so hot because he is talented – anything that he has put his hand to, he has been successful at – he can dance, he can sing, he can write songs, he can act and ….. *drum roll please*….. he can solve a Rubix Cube. He’s smart!

Justin has been dating Selena Gomez for a while. They were first spotted together in February 2011 but they didn’t officially admit that they were dating until a few months later. They broke up for a brief spell (November 2012) after what was reported to have been two years of dating, and they had their fair share of relationship difficulties. Justin was reported to have fathered a baby with a fan, but it all turned out to be a huge, crazy publicity stunt, and it was proved that Justin wasn’t the father. They since have gotten back together again but in just January 2013, they had apparently broken up again.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Despite his clean-cut image, Justin Bieber is a bit badass at heart. He is always getting himself into trouble for flipping out at photographers and going a bit nuts with the paparazzi. He has also been in trouble for speeding in his flashy, fast cars saying that he was trying to lose photographers.

Justin Bieber 2

2013 will still Justin continuing with his “Believe” tour, and I’m sure, more paparazzi craziness as always. We should watch this space as far as his relationship status is concerned though… Justin – we know a few women who would love to date you if you guys DO break up for good!

Justin Bieber 4

24. James Franco

James Franco 2

James Edward Franco, born in California on April 19, 1978, is one of the newest hotties on your screens and he has been a very busy boy lately! The list of films with his name in said to be released in 2013 is astounding and definitely awards this cute actor a place on the Hottest 100 Guys for 2013.

Most of us remember James Franco from the hit TV show Freaks and Geeks. For others it could be any one of the following award-winning films – 127 Hours, Pineapple Express, Rise of The Planet of The Apes, or even in the Spider-Man trilogy. One thing is for sure and that is the fact that he comes on keeping those women begging for more! He was even the face of Gucci’s new male fragrance back in 2008 so that just proves how right we are!

Franco’s love life seems to be relatively quiet compared to other Hollywood hotties out there. He was dating a fellow actress for five years – Marla Sokoloff, and after that he was linked to Ahna O’Reilly for a while but they broke up in the middle part of 2011 and he hasn’t really been sporting any other love interests since then. That means, for us adoring ladies; that he could still be on the market! Happy news all around!

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He has been a bit of a busy boy recently and has a number of films coming out in 2013 – he plays Hugh Hefner, King of the Bunnies, in Lovelace, due out soon, as well as Oz the Great and Powerful, Child of God, Homefront, This is the End, Black Dog, Red Dog and even a few films set for release in 2014 too! It is safe to say that his love life has taken a back seat because he has been focused on his film career, perhaps?

25. Tim McGraw

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I don’t know if you are a fan of cowboys, but here at, we sure can’t manage a whole list of 100 hot men for 2013 and not mention this hot country-singing-cowboy! Samuel Timothy Smith, AKA Tim McGraw, born May 1st, 1967, has had some serious country hits over the years (he has sold over 40 million albums), making him one of the most successful artists out there. He has won awards galore(including three Grammys), stolen the hearts of ladies all over the world, and has even ventured into the world of acting from time to time, starring in films such as Four Christmases, The Blind Side and Friday Night Lights.

Unfortunately for us cowboy-lovin’ ladies, the lovely Tim McGraw is happily married to fellow country singer, Faith Hill and they aren’t showing any signs of breaking up anytime soon. However, for those of you that are a fan of this musical legend, here’s a bit of eye-candy to keep you going:

Tim McGraw 2

So ladies, we have concluded the first part of our 4-part section of Top 100 Hottest Men in the World 2013! Keep your eyes peeled for the next part – Part B, and feel free to have a look around Herinterest at our other articles! We promise there will be much more eye-candy to come in Part B!

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