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By on August 18, 2013

5Justin Drew Bieber or Justin Bieber as he is otherwise known is the super-cute and much-adored pop starlet from Canada that has taken the world, and the hearts of thousands of girls everywhere, by storm.

Originally born in London, Ontario in Canada on March 1st, 1994, he is now one of the most successful pop stars on the planet, with a number of hit records under his arm, friends in some of the coolest places, and a fan base that would stand up for him until the end of time. Girls around the world are literally screaming their heads off for this little super star and when you hear his boppy music, see his good looks and fashion sense, and see the sorts of people that he chooses to hang around with, it’s not difficult to understand all the hype. He is friends with Justin Timberlake and Usher, and they actually fought over signing him, just to give you an idea of the friends we are talking about here!

Not just a cute cookie with a good voice, it might surprise you to know that Justin Bieber is actually one of the smartest kids out there. How about we delve right into the world of JB right now and get kick-started on the interesting facts about Justin Bieber:


3Starting with a young and incredibly adorable Justin Bieber and we learn that he was born to parents Patricia “Pattie” Mallette and Jeremy Jack Bieber. His parents never married and although they are no longer together, they have kept it together and amicable for the sake of their star-child. His father has remarried and he also has two step-sisters now.

Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Justin Bieber – the early years:

  • His mother, Patricia Mallette, published a book in September of 2012, titled “Nowhere But Up”, talking about her life and the joys and sorrows surrounding her son’s career pursuit.
  • Sticking with the theme of her book, Justin Bieber’s mother sadly announced that she was pushed to terminate her pregnancy while she was carrying her child-star, but she refused. Good news for us, right ladies?
  • Justin’s great-grandpa was actually German! His mother is French-Canadian.
  • His interests at school included chess, soccer and hockey.
  • He taught himself to play trumpet, guitar, drums and piano! Now that’s one talented kid!
  • Once, in 2007, he sung one of Ne-Yo’s song “So Sick” for a competition at his Stratford school in Ontario, Canada, and came in second place! SECOND?! What were they thinking!
  • His mother put up various videos of him singing to well-know songs on YouTube, which is incidentally started his journey to super-stardom!
  • His nicknames include Beebs, Bieber, Biebs, JB, J-Beebs, Biebz, Bustin Jieber and more…Most of these have been given to him by his millions of fans. The Jonas Brothers were said to be responsible for the last one.
  • He comes from a fairly music background – his mother can sing and his father can play the guitar. On top of this, his grandmother could play the piano remarkably well.
  • His favorite colors are both purple and blue. You can probably tell this already – a lot of what he wears are these colors and his stages are normally based on them too.
  • He loves spaghetti and even said that it was his favorite food.
  • Justin can speak French fluently but he can count to ten in German.
  • He has a fear of small, confined spaces, otherwise known as claustrophobia.
  • Would you believe it – Justin Bieber actually has a favorite number and that number is 6!
  • His favorite breakfast meal would be Captain Crunch with berries.
  • He has two best friends – Chaz Somers and Ryan Butler.
  • He has size seven and a half feet – just in case you ever wanted to buy him a pair of shoes.
  • He loves sour patch kid candies.
  • Apparently, one of his favorite slang words is the ever-so-cool “Shawty”!
  • His favorite type of pie is apple pie.
  • He also loves to eat tacos! Who doesn’t?
  • He says that he loves to skateboard and from the stuff that we have seen, he appears to be rather good at it. Better than us, anyway!
  • He loves Tim Horton’s! (One of our team is originally from Britain but once went to Canada for a while, and she said that her favorite thing about the country was Tim Horton’s too!)
  • He is very good friends with Taylor Swift. We wonder how long it will be before she dates him too?
  • With the help of his fans, he once managed to raise over 150 thousand pounds worth of food for the food bank!
  • His star sign is Pisces.
  • He started signing first when he was just 6 years old! A baby Biebz!
  • He is left handed. At the moment, Justin is around 5 foot 9 inches tall.
  • His favorite TV show at the moment is “Smallville”
  • He was born at 12:56am.
  • At the age of 13, he used to perform in the streets outside of the theatre in Stratford, Ontario.
  • His idol is said to be Wayne Gretzky.

Justin Bieber – The Music


Justin Bieber became famous almost by accident, it would seem. We doubt that it would have been long before he was picked up by someone, of course – he is a very talented young man! However, it was back in 2007 that Scooter Braun (one of the marketing executives from Def Jam) was flicking through YouTube trying to find a few videos of a different artist, and he clicked on one of Justin Bieber’s videos that his mother had uploaded, completely by accident. He loved it, of course, and tracked down his school, eventually managing to get in touch with his mother who was rather reluctant about the meeting because Scooter Braun’s Jewish religious background. She soon gave in of course, and the 13 year old Justin Bieber was allowed to fly to Atlanta, Georgia to start recording his demo tapes. It was just a week after that that he famously sung for the massive talent that is Usher! It was in July 2009 that his first single was released, and in the first week, it managed to get to a pretty impressive number twelve on the charts in Canada. “One Time” was the name, and you can see the video here:

The Singles

From this point, his career went from strength to strength, and to date, these are the records that he has released:


    • One Time – released in July 2009 and reached number 12 in the Canadian charts, 17 in the US charts and 11 in the UK charts!
    • One Less Lonely Girl – released 2009 and reached 10th, 16th and 62nd in the Canadian, US and British charts respectively.
    • Baby – this great song was probably the one that made him reach heights that he could only have dreamed about before. Featuring Ludacris, this was the first song from his debut album and in fact turned out to be the lead song. Reaching a pretty impressive 3rd in the music charts in Canada, it also reached 3rd in the UK charts and 5th in the American ones.
    • Eenie Meenie – featuring Sean Kingston, this song was released in 2010 and was from the album “My World 2.0”, just like “Baby”
    • Somebody To Love – This is one of our favorite Justin Bieber tracks and was released, again in 2010, from the “My World 2.0” album. Hitting number 10 in the US charts, 15 in the US charts, 33 in the UK charts, it was one of those songs that literally took over the world. It even reached number 12 in New Zealand!
    •  U Smile – One of the cuter Justin Bieber songs, it was released from the same album as the few above and didn’t do greatly in the charts. It only reached number 17 in the Canadian charts, and it didn’t do much better in the US or UK charts either – 27 and 98 respectively. Ooops!
    • Pray – From “My Worlds: The Collection”, this was another song that didn’t really do greatly. It wasn’t even released in Canada.
    • Never Say Never –featuring Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s kid, this song literally took the world by storm and certainly planted Justin Bieber well and truly on the hit music map. Reaching 11th in the Canadian charts and an impressive 8th in the US, it was the first song to be released in 2011 and was from the album “Never Say Never: The Remixes”
    • Mistletoe –This song certainly brings on the Christmas cheer for us here at the HerInterest office and is still one of favorite Bieber songs to this day. Reaching 9th in the Canadian charts and 11th in the US, it was the specially released Christmas album – “Under The Mistletoe” which also featured a funky remix of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” in which he duets with her.
    • Boyfriend –One of the cooler songs from his record collection, this was another song released in 2011 and had a real beat to it that people seemed to fall in love with. Even those that didn’t like Bieber loved this song and it made number 1 in the Canadian charts, and even acme 2nd in the US and UK Charts too! This was from the album “Believe”
    • Turn To You (Mother’s Day Dedication) –This song wasn’t from an album and was specifically released for Mother’s Day, as the name would suggest. Unfortunately, not everyone loved it, and it only reached number 60 in the US charts. In the Canadian charts it still only reached number 33.
    • As Long As You Love Me –featuring Big Sean, this 2012 release was from the album “Believe” once again and reached a pretty impressive 6th in the US charts.
    • Beauty And A Beat –another collaboration, this time with the remarkable Nicki Minaj, Beauty And A Beat reached number 5 in the American charts and again, was from the “Believe” album.
    • Right Here –another 2012 released song but this time featuring Drake, “Right Here” is yet another release from the “Believe” album and sadly only managed to hit a pretty feeble 95th in the US charts. In the UK charts, it didn’t even head into the top 100, topping at a miserable 125!
    • All Around The World – this funky song features Ludacris and was his first 2013 release. Reaching 10 in the Canadian charts, 22 in the US charts and 30 in the UK charts, you can see the video for it here:

Of course, there have been a few songs released that have featured the Biebz too. For example, “Next To You” was one of the best songs to come out of 2011, reaching a pretty impressive 14th place in the UK top 100. There was also #thatPowerwith and Justin Bieber. There’s also the relatively new song by Miley Cyrus and Lil Twist called “Twerk” that also features JB. It would seem that he has been a very busy boy, especially with a new single called “Heartbreaker” soon to be released, and a new studio album on the way.

Of course, we can’t talk about the singles without talking about the albums as well. Here they are:

My World 2.0

My World 2.0

Released in March of 2010, it reportedly sold over 5,000,000 copies worldwide, and three million of those were in the states alone! It even went triple platinum in Canada. This fabulous album contained the following songs:

      • Baby (feat. Ludacris)
      • Somebody to Love
      • Stuck in the Moment
      • U Smile
      • Runaway Love
      • Never Let You Go
      • Overboard (feat. Jessica Jarrell)
      • Eenie Meenie (feat. Sean Kingston)
      • Up
      • That Should Be Me

Under The Mistletoe

Under the Mistletie

This was Justin Bieber’s first Christmas album, although we would imagine there are many more to come! It was also his second studio album ever recorded, originally released in November of 2011. The album sold over 210,000 in the first week alone, and ended up being Justin Bieber’s third number one album. The track listing for this song included:

      • Only Thing I Ever Get for Christmas
      • Mistletoe
      • The Christmas Song (feat. Usher)
      • Santa Claus is Coming to Town
      • Fa La La (feat. Boyz II Men)
      • All I Want for Christmas is You (duet with Mariah Carey)
      • Drummer Boy (feat. Busta Rhymes)
      • Christmas Eve
      • All I Want is You
      • Home This Christmas (feat. The Band Perry)
      • Silent Night



This was Justin Bieber’s third studio album to be released, and first hit the shops in June, 2012. This album was a lot more grown-up for Justin, and he tried to leave a lot of his pre-teen roots behind, instead branching into more contemporary styles of music including dance, rap, hip hop and more. It actually sold more than one million units and was awarded for this, and with a first week sales total of over 370,000 copies, you can see how fast this album literally took over the world!

There were five singles released from this album, and the other tracks (in case you didn’t already know) can be found here:

      • All Around the World (feat. Ludacris)
      • Boyfriend
      • As Long As You Love Me (feat. Big Sean)
      • Catching Feelings
      • Take You
      • Right Here (feat. Drake)
      • Fall
      • Die in Your Arms
      • Thought of You
      • Beauty and a Beat (feat. Nicki Minaj)
      • One Love
      • Be Alright
      • Believe

The Tours

Justin Bieber has had two major tours – 2010-2011 My World Tour and then the 2012-2013 Believe Tour. The first of these tours actually made over $53million, with the first leg weighing in at over $35 million! This must be one pretty rich kid!

Now it’s time to look at the best and most interesting facts about Justin Bieber and his music:

      • Once when he was on stage, he broke his foot and carried on throughout the song without even missing a beat! Awww! Well done Justin!
      • He is currently signed by Usher with Def Jam records but was reportedly going to be signed under Justin Timberlake’s label… You just missed it JT!
      • Justin Bieber is actually the first solo artist to have made and sold an impressive THREE number on albums, all before his 18th birthday! Wow! That is talent!
      • “My World 2.0” was actually the extended version of the first EP by Justin Bieber – “My World” (2009)
      • “My World 2.0” sold a whopping 283,000 copies  in the first week of being on release.
      • The above statistic actually made Justin Bieber the youngest ever solo artist to make the number one spot in the charts since Stevie Wonder managed it back in 1963!
      • The album “My World 2.0” is also responsible for making Justin the first artist to have two songs in the top five since Nelly did it back in 2004.
      • In September 2012, Justin Bieber vomited on stage after drinking milk, which as you can imagine, was not a pretty site! Following on from this, Usher encouraged him to try and go for a more vegan lifestyle!
      • The song “Boyfriend” was co-written by the great star Mike Posner! You remember the “Cooler Than Me” song, right?
      • In the song “Never Say Never”, Justin Bieber repeats the word “never” over 66 times!
      • In J-14 magazine in 2009, he was voted as the hottest star of 2009.
      • MuchMusic actually voted him as newcomer of the year!
      • He can beat box like a pro!
      • JB Usher 1When asked to state his musical influences, he answered – Justin Timberlake, Usher, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown and Craig David.
      • In the song “U Smile”, he repeats the word “smile” over 36 times!
      • He first performed “Never Say Never” on The Today Show.
      • He has had one movie made so far about him – “Never Say Never” and there is going to be the follow-up coming soon, called “Believe 3D”. We saw the first Justin Bieber movie and we CANNOT wait to see the second one!!!

The Love Life of Justin Bieber


Known in the media for his love life as well as his musical talent, we couldn’t tell you all the interesting facts about Justin Bieber without even mentioning his relationship background! Let’s take a look at some of the interesting facts about Justin Bieber surrounding his love life…

      • Justin first started dating girls at the young age of 13. He apparently had his first kiss at this age too.
      • Do you know who Christian Beadle is? Well, Justin Bieber once dated his sister!
      • He reportedly asked Rihanna out once but she turned him down.
      • He also asked Alexa Chung out and she said no too. Are these women mad?!
      • If you want to be the sort of girl that Justin Bieber likes, you are not only going to need to be sporty, but also down to earth. He likes active girls.
      • If he could date any celebrity, he said it would be Beyonce and even referred to her as “gorgeous” Let’s face it though – everyone thinks Beyonce is gorgeous, right?
      • On his first ever date, he reportedly spilled spaghetti all over his date’s shirt.
      • He once said that he would love to have three kids.
      • He doesn’t like girls that wear lots of makeup or big sunglasses.
      • Justin prefers brunettes to blondes.
      • He has also been reported to have said that he likes to date girls with cute and pretty sounding names. That’s why he liked Selena Gomez then…?
      • At the moment, Justin Bieber is apparently single. How many ladies out there gave a cheer for that??

For those of you that are interested, Justin Bieber has had a pretty interesting time of things when it comes to his love life. To as far back as 2011, he was linked to young singer Selena Gomez, who was two years older than him. They were reported to have started dating back in February 2011 when they appeared at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party together, but their relationship was said to have started a few months prior to that. They had a fairly on-again/off-again relationship for the last few months of their relationship until it came to a final end in January of this year (2013). Of course, he has been linked romantically to a few other ladies – Rihanna and Alexa Chung have both turned him down, as we mentioned in our interesting facts about Justin Bieber.


He has also been liked to Barbara Palvin back in 2012 when Justin and Selena broke up for a little while. However, both Barbara and Justin Bieber denied these rumors. Since his breakup with Selena, he has also been linked to Milyn Jenson and Jordan Ozuna, American model, with whom he has reported to have had a “fling” with.

Maybe you could be the next girlfriend of Justin Bieber? He did once say that he would date a fan…

Justin Bieber – Recent News & Up and Coming!


Justin Bieber has been in the news a lot recently. In fact, he has been in quite a bit of trouble over the years for various things, including getting angry and aggressive and making obscene gestures at a photographer. This was back in March of 2011, just before his 17th birthday, and he did, of course apologize for the incident. However, in November of both 2012 and 2013, he was seen doing the same thing to different photographers, which has put a few fans off. Those who are die-hard fans protest that the photographers should have just left him alone… Which side of the fence do you stand on?

Also, in July of 2012, he was driving his car rather fast and got pulled over by California Highway Patrol, and he received a ticket plus two misdemeanor charges. It was originally four but two of these managed to get dropped. At the time, he said that he had been driving as fast as he was (160km/h in a 104km/h zone) because he had been trying to get rid of following paparazzi.

JB 4

Of course, aside from the reckless driving and obscene gestures at photographers, Justin Bieber has also been in the news because of his pet monkey! (Yes – you did read that right!)The capuchin monkey called “Mally” was confiscated when he tried to get into Germany with the little furry creature, and the monkey was later re-homed in a wildlife park after Justin Bieber failed to provide legal documents for his rather unusual pet.

Again, this year he was in the media once more for his bad language and bad-tempered behavior, this time in March when he threatened to beat up a photographer. In his defence, the week had been a rather bad one for him after he fainted, turned up two hours late to be met by angry fans at the O2 arena in London, England, and there was the alleged “spitting” incident too.

And of course, there were those “Dad” rumors! These were promptly sorted out! Just to confirm – Justin Bieber is no baby-daddy.

We guess our little Justin Bieber isn’t quite so little anymore….

JB 2

So what’s coming soon for Justin Bieber then?

As we have mentioned, there is the new movie called “Believe 3D” which is said to be released at some point this year – we’re in August already so it must be coming out really soon!

There is the new single called “Heartbreaker” which is also said to be released in the near future, probably around the same time as the movie for promotional reasons. This would also suggest that a brand new Bieber album is on the way. We cannot wait for that!

So, to finish our Bieber-mania, we will leave you with a few more interesting facts about Justin Bieber. We hope that you have enjoyed them and as soon as we hear anything new and exciting about the Biebz, we will be sure to let you know about it!

JB 1

Random Justin Bieber Facts:

      • He prefers to use Mac computers over Windows one. Clearly, he has expensive tastes!
      • He once said that his favorite shoe brand was Supra
      • If he could have any super power, he would like to be able to fly.
      • In the mornings, it apparently only takes him around twenty to thirty minutes to get ready. And he looks that hot?! How does he do it?
      • If he could go to any vacation spot in the world, he said he would always want to go back to the Bahamas.
      • He doesn’t like Ugg boots!
      • He has a male Papillon called Sam.
      • He uses a tutor to home school himself.
      • He loves both orange juice and vitamin water.
      • Justin shares the same birthday with Ke$ha.
      • On average, he gains around two hundred thousand Facebook fans EVERY week! Don’t you wish you were that popular?
      • If you wanted Justin Bieber to appear at your birthday party, you can expect to pay around $2,000 to $8,000 per hour! Wow! That’s a pretty impressive hourly rate, that’s for sure!
      • His favorite animal is the giraffe.
      • He is apparently one of the most searched for person on the internet.
      • Speaking of the internet, Twitter reported that 83% of ALL Twitter users were Justin Bieber fans. On top of this, to date he has over 43 million followers, and he updates his Twitter, on average, around 6 times per day!
      • He was once reported to have said that his favorite movie was “The Notebook”… Repeat after me – awwww!
      • He refers to his fans as “Beliebers”
      • Back in May 2012, he actually bought a house! In Calabas, California, it is said to be 10,000 square feet, situated on 1.3 acres.
      • He doesn’t want to be a US citizen because he doesn’t agree with the healthcare system, and regularly boasts about the Canadian healthcare system and how good he thinks it is.
      • He said that he doesn’t really like cats because he once had a bad dream about them.
      • According to Justin Bieber, he doesn’t drink alcohol.
      • Once, he hung out of his hotel window and held up a sign that said “Go to McDonalds and get me a Big Mac” – we would have done, that’s for sure!
      • His Dad taught him how to drive.
      • His favorite flavor of ice cream is cotton candy.
      • He loves to travel by bus. In fact, he said that he prefers it to flying!
      • Every city he goes to on tour, he tried to visit the mall of.
      • He never remembers to pack a toothbrush when he is travelling and tends to buy new ones wherever he goes.
      • His favorite British words are reported to be “geezer” and “brilliant”
      • Before he got signed, he was actually thinking of going on American Idol.
      • He tends to swear a lot but he has tried to keep a lid on things when in front of his fans. Bless him!
      • He is a Yankees fan.
      • He can solve a Rubix cube in less than a minute! Justin Bieber – how do you do it?!
      • Madame Tussauds (the wax-work people) actually have five different versions of him! We are sure they can spare just one….
      • Not only can he play four different instruments and solve a Rubix cube in less than a minute but he can also juggle. This guy has talents that we can only dream of, right ladies?
      • His favorite drink is Sprite.


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